Tantra Massage Home – Make the connection. Enter into your personal realm of sexuality in a totally different way to how Tantra Services  are perceived and delivered by the masses.

Discover keys points that I believe will change your sexual experience and your life experience. Explore inner depths of human sexuality in a profoundly spiritual and meaningful way.  Sex therapy.  Deeper exploration is available within the Advance Training sessions. Watch the quick videos below for important content on what clients experience & video on Tantric Temples in India. New feelings open us into the new world within, so close the  door, turn off all distractions and make every moment count.  Join me within this video below; switch your brain from expectation into connection while listening to these people who volunteered their experience to be available for you.

Three people share their totally different experiences of Tantra Massage. Tantra for women, as you listen to this lady you can actually begin to feel the feelings she describes arise within your own body.

The vortexes joining sending vibrations from her core center trough the entire body. Next are two men talking about what they felt. Tantra for Men page here.

Explore the difference of Vibrational feelings. KNOW FEELINGS THAT DAMAGE AND FEELINGS THAT HEAL. 

Thought stops action. It perverts it into calculated gesture stripped of grace and efficiency.  – –  Daniel Odier

Come Home to elite tantra is to Free your genius open your mind to pleasure

Free your intellect & your mind so your body can feel pleasure & ecstasy

When you free your brain from your intellect (which is our conditioning) only then can you enter into the intelligence of your DNA. Now you are prepared to explore all your desires.

          “I never teach people, I just provide the conditions in which they can learn.”                   — Albert Einstein  1879 -1955

The way of the genius is ability to access your own knowledge to pleasure feelings from within instantly. Like Albert Einstein I provide the environment for you to access your pleasure and guide you to connect to that part of you that naturally flows. You connect with that part of you that is aching to be connected to you.

You can never create through resistance, you have been resisting & holding back pleasure all your life.

About Katie

Home of Tantra Pleasures takes you on a journey of people experiences

You are the genius access your ecstasy immediately just like these people in the videos on this page and many others in reviews page.

Please don’t just skim through the pages or you’ll miss the most significant experience in your life. Begin by exploring your inner journey your personalised adventure of Tantra beginning with the VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE. 

Initiation into YOUR Mastery of the Art of Love begins in YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT.

Have a listen to Authentic client experiences. Two of them in the video above speak about perpetual orgasm  our reviews pages here; you can actually hear them speak about their different experiences because every appointment is uniquely yours. 

Then take a tour of the most relevant  pages  listed in contact page.

Relationships often suffer simply due to being deeply disconnected from ourselves resulting in rejecting our partner’s advances. I am very excited to present the video above, when you view it the content of my site shall make sense. Welcome I am really looking forward to hearing from you when you have taken the time to embrace true tantra. Feel the feelings of connection perhaps for the first time listen to this recording Bobby cells mother earth being fluid “Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise.” St Teresa of Avila. You have ventured into uncharted territory what is in my websites is unlike other Tantric services and attitudes. Clearly most people have become comfortable with the familiar even when that no longer serves your needs. Some call me saying “I want the same feeling I experienced with that other Tantra service” this is like expecting your current lover to be the same as the one you had 2 years ago - in doing so you are limiting your life experiences to having the same thing over and over again, true Tantra does not provide that as the purpose of Tantric massage it to support you in experiencing new dimensions of yourself and that of the world around you.

If like me, you find the ordinary very boring; as they say DO NOT BE ONE OF THE SHEEP everything about my life has been out of the ordinary, if you love the idea of living a life that is not one of the crowd, you'll love my unique Tantric service and attitude.Quality and personalized attention, this is for you. I’ll support you in understanding your body’s energies by  your personal experience. If like me, you find the ordinary very boring; as they say DO NOT BE ONE OF THE SHEEP everything about my life has been out of the ordinary, if you love the idea of living a life that is not one of the crowd, you’ll love my unique Tantric service and attitude. I shall assist you with your inquiry when you call for everyone who calls me it is their first time they encountered this level of attention. You shall feel as ease in the first few seconds of contacting me.Looking forward to speaking with you when you are ready to meet you greatest pleasures.A new video has been created of client experiencing the full body vibration, have a listen to the experience of the orgasm of the soul you’ll find it here. Yes “Elite Tantra massage is unlike any other Tantric massage service out there. Please do not judge before you explore the background of Elite Tantra Origin. I want to be assured when you call that you have read the critical pages listed on the right to ensure you switch your brain to prepare you for what is written and what the clients express within the recordings. You’ll feel what Katie and her partner felt as they merged with the earth energy vibration. Katie shares her experience here “we were two people yet pulsating as one. Learn easy Tantra practices that activate powerful mind body spirit connections to your body & your partner. read more

  • Learn the Art of Receiving Tantra pleasure the ancient form of Sensual Relaxation as you discover new Feelings. Elite Tantric massage is your doorway to your unique personalized Sacred Sexuality.
  • Would you absolutely love to be massaged by a truly dedicated Tantric therapist you can trust.
  • Is your body stiff all over, you read client experiences within these pages. You would
    love to feel
    what the islanders felt and more.

Steve’s Experience. “It’s like somebody opened the door & let me out of the storm”  to hear Steve speak about his experience click here.

    • My teeth aren’t grit up, shoulders relaxed I don’t know how to explain it.

  •  It’s like somebody opened the door & let me out of the storm.
  • I don’t feel tired I feel more alive is anything yet normally after massage I fall asleep.
  • I could taste the water & the fruit, like putting a drop of cordial into a glass of water. The way it falls through the water.
  • ThSteve's Experience Elite Tantra Tantric  Massage Steve's Experienceat drop of cordial becomes part of the water. The fruit became part of me I could feel the taste throughout my body.
  • Not used to tasting with my whole body. (When all the senses are aroused and blockages released, connection to our taste buds are also awakened – Katie) This experience is not accessible anywhere else, only available at elite tantra massage.
  • You don’t realize that when you are putting up with pain, until you actually get rid of it sometimes.
  • I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing having a high pain tolerance. Just feel all loose, I feel about 10 years younger compared to how I walked in.
  • I feel like I had 2 weeks holiday in the BahamasSteve speaks about his experience click here.
  • Neck feels so good. Usually my neck always hurts.
  • And, I felt the vibrations of pleasures throughout my whole body.
  • I could taste the fruit as if it was a drop of cordial flowing through a glass of water. (This is what happens when true awakening writhing occurs)

Would you like to hear more unique client experiences? Then enter here.

Depths of Tantric Union click here

Depths of Tantric Union

The true Art of Giving is in the Receiving. When you have learned the Art of Receiving then you can support your partner in deeper intimate experiences. Your new gift of pleasure brings out the best in you. Feel relaxed yet energized. The only Authentic Tantric Massage that grounds and strengthens you. A massage that provides long term relief within every cell of your body.

  • Experience the basic principles of Tantra Pleasures that may continue for days after your session at Elite Tantra. For Singles and Couples Elite Tantra Massage can be deeply healing.
  • When you need Someone who can really feel your bodies needs and responses, as well as addressing any concerns you may have. This is the place for you.
  • Your appointment here, shall be greatly enhanced by Katie’s  unique background and training.

This level of Tantric massage is an adventure, a release of all your tension.

Then; your many pleasures can flow as waves of ecstasy throughout your entire body. Katie says;  you’ll feel what I and my partner felt, without question.Connecting with Tantra Pulse deep within you.  You’ll feel your Kundalini. (Power of pure desire) rising pulsating throughout your entire body  how to connect with the blending of  the earth vibration uniting with the body.This site is purely about individual experiences, the promise of pleasures in life you were born to feel. Connecting you with the pulse, the rhythm of pleasures throughout your entire body. Please do not just skip through it. You’ll be so pleased you took the time, to at the very least to read this page content including the critical links. Tantra Massage is an Exploration of all of your Senses, it is a merging of the male and female energies. Beginning with releasing every ache & Pain in arms legs face & the entire torso, balancing, activating the Chakra’ s and many Kundalini vortexes, when you read about  Katie’s background, all shall be better understood. Katie says; “Yes I definitely work with orgasmic Sexual energies, yet very differently. Your feelings flow through the entire body. Feel your personal feelings that are unique to you; every one of us has different sensations.”

Elite Tantric Massage with such delightful heightening of the senses as your body absorbs the pleasure of awakening of the feelings buried beneath the rubble of life challenges

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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.