Tantra Massage the journey Home making connection to loving, fulfilling life by connecting with your ownOrigin of Elite Tantra soul.

Intentionality is most powerful aspect of your being and is foundation of Tantra training. 

  • Important – Get comfortable so you can absorb this new powerful approach.
  • What you’ll hear from clients shall begin to shift your consciousness.

At 1.20 minutes; lady describes how she can feel an invisible spirit hand inside her body beneath the skin on her stomach  moving with the hand that was massaging her stomach and Solar Plexus. Please read more in Body De-Armouring.

Truth and trust are most valuable element of  real Tantra. 

Whether you have deep issues such as betrayal, sexual dysfunction, physical injuries, feelings of disassociation, disillusion with options thatTime to go deep into who you really are you have seen or read about tantra.

Welcome to depths of Tantric mastery that empowers every aspect of your life for singles and couples.

Including challenges that most couples face in their intimate relationship.

  • - I know a new approach to tantra can seem unreal when everyone in the world has learned only the Red Tantra method from the perspective of applying it as a series of rituals in the bedroom and manipulating sexual energy.
  • - Elite Tantra is only for people who have had enough of being manipulated and seek connection to inner knowledge that I guide you to uncovering.
  • - That is a very narrow view of the most powerful tool available to you.
  • - Through my site I help you make sense of how I support you in creating focus and fulfilment in every aspect of your life.
  • -This is available for every hu man regardless of circumstance.
  • - Connect to your truth through your experience in the session and learning to live in your personal capacity of your deepest and expanded feelings. 

At the heart of every human being is desire for happiness in every area of life.

Elite Tantra is a powerful and safe way of accessing joy and happiness by connecting with the unconscious patterns that are the causes of unwanted life situations and unhappiness. Elite tantra techniques are a bridge between mind, soul and body. Solutions are bridge between Emotions and relationships.

Your emotions are often a catalyst for all your difficulties, identify them and master them through understanding their origin. Your awareness of your physical cells and your energetic being is a transformative process. For every one, it’s different.

Here are some of conditions that run your life. These feelings keep you from living in pleasure.

You are here for Tantra because there appears to be something missing. 

  • Your perception is about to change. 
  • Constant feeling of being on edge.
  • Loss of passion and purpose is often motivation for seeking a tantric solution.
  • Numbness of connection to purpose.
  • Feeling lost or lack of self-confidence.

Here are some examples of conditions my clients may present.

Everyone is different and your situation may be represented in one of my other pages or videos or voice recordings on my conversations with my clients.

  • Feeling of disconnect. Relationship challenges where sex is missing in life, painful secouple home A LIFE FILLED WITH MEANINGx, premature ejaculation. Feeling trapped in a situation whether it be intimate relationship or regret about events from the past that continue to play in your mind. Unfinished or unresolved feelings with a loved one. Unhealthy relationship patterns.  
  • Past relationship trauma for men.  Whether it be relationship with parents or past intimate relationship where you felt insignificant. These include sexual abuse or other forms of abuse. Breakthrough to solutions and forming healthy relationships for men
  • Past relationship trauma for women. For many it can be birth of a child or a spouse who is often absent either physically or emotionally. For some surgery has had a significant impact on connection to the body and forming healthy relationships
  • Childhood trauma. These can continue to affect every relationship including work and personal, family and intimate relationships. This can often make you feel separate from the world you live in. Often people then avoid relationships or end up in codependent or even abusive relationships

Truth and trust are most valuable element of  real Tantra.

  • These truths are depicted on the temples of India; where Tantra Philosophy was born. You have not been given the true message; all the ordinary people have is the word of tantric sex providers. What really makes Elite Tantra unique is the emphasis on deep research and hundreds of client experiences beginning with reviews here. and on current page.
  • The foundation of my work is connecting you to the invisible spirit of who you really are.

Once connected to your soul you can connect to entire being of your partner and your life.

  • This Tantra Massage connects you to unlocking your body’s natural healing power and bringing new energy and focus into your life. 
  • Highest level of Tantra healing is liberation from ignorance.
  • Ignorance means ignoring the obvious. If you want to wake up and live. Listen to the videos attentively an follow my links on contact page.
  • Within the first video below are two men followed by a lady talking about what they experienced here.

Nothing here is a copy of what you’ve read about in almost all tantric sites that offer sex techniques for better loving.

I want to ensure that we a deeply supportive conversation when you call me, so be sure to acknowledge that you can tell the difference between what I have on offer before we continue our conversation.

Current New Age Sex Tantra world wide is built on sand

Install the protective software of discernment before you permit installation of anybody’s ideas into your life. Be thorough with your options. Let’s connect to your soul first, that is you automatic defence/discernment system you can trust and grow and expand.

  • Better Loving brings sexual connection and life fulfilment.
  • Sex technique and lasting longer services focussing on genitalia cannot create a loving relationship.
  • You’d have to be an idiot to believe that.
  • Don’t expect this site to foolishly present general mass marketed rehashed mis-interpretation of greatest teachings ever presented but unexplored by majority of the world.
  • Remember this brings you closer to your own soul so you can close the gap and truly live.

Unfortunately trust and true spirituality has been lost  through focus purely on just the sex aspect of Tantra. Finding true tantra teachings is like sifting for gold. Gold and diamonds are rare; you really need to dig deep to get to them.

  • Many so called therapists are trained in just one day or a weekend on bedroom activities.
  • These trainings were also once taught in every massage parlour. That is not Tantra that is sex service.
  • That approach leaves therapists (who are not therapists at all because they are performing a sex service alone) and receiver very vulnerable and unfulfilled.
  • This keeps people seeking the next thrill and next fix. 
  • Frustration continues to build and false sense of self is introduced. 

Inside the the quick video above hear clients POWERFUL experience & GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON TANTRA.

After the ecstasy, the realisation of participating in just a spiritualised sex act sets in and people begin to doubt themselves. Too late, you’re hooked on the story that has been created by very clever marketing and people become addicted to the repetition of the ritual that results in loss of your soul. 

Connecting to pleasures flowing as waves of ecstasy through your entire body.

A LIFE FILLED WITH MEANING begins by identifying emptiness within the body and filling it through connection.

  • Everybody has this problem of emptiness, so we focus on connecting with feelings of fulfilment not just pleasure.
  • Pleasure is fleeting and temporaryFulfilment expands and touches other people around us.
  • Our problem is that most have never known the feelings of satisfaction beyond gratification Self gratification does not last.
  • Fulfilment however satisfies up to the depths of our sou and connects us to our most significant person first.
  • Through feelings of fulfilment we expand.
  • Fulfilment is expression of being heard and being present.

Tantra Resources page has been created for clarification of my service; this is the best place to begin, just click on the link.

Here is the link enter here.

This gives clarity of what is going on in this world of Tantra and what to look out for so you make the right choice for you. A choice you cherish or regret, it’s all presented in the Tantra Resources page.

Tantra applied on purpose fills every crevice of your body including mind, emotions, Spirit and Soul.

  • We multidimensional beings having relationships with the world around us whether it’s in business or sexual intimacy.
  • Most people are surprised that it’s the same energy and that energy gets bigger and feelings become more profound. 

Understanding what’s in it for you for your long term results.

To have successful relationships it’s essential to develop a fresh new relationship with your own body first. That results in naturally extending your inner understanding to connection to your partner and in every aspect of your life. 

Begin to use these skills immediately.

  • Exercises to Develop the right kind of Certainty with how your body communicates.
  • Certainty that heals or damages relationships.
  • Skills when Facing Challenges. 
  • Creating healthy balance In every aspect of your life. 
  • Meeting expectations both yours and your partners. Identify reacting versus responding. 
  • Identifying what’s contributing to your Relationship difficulties and replace things that nurture you and those around you.
  • Begin by Being honest with your problems. 
  • Develop new perspective on your life and expectations

Q? How do you become a better lover? Intimate relations are at the core of every area of success and that begins with you first then your partner.

Home of Elite Tantra on purpose

Answer; it’s how you connect to your own soul – then you make love  with soul and body combined.

Purpose gives relationships meaning therefore we begin by identifying your purpose.

  • When you know where you are going, every element within you cooperates.
  • What you experience can be incorporated into your daily living. 
  • Check out new video on healing Birthing Trauma here.

Balanced Energies in your body take you out of technique into natural flow.

This is available for both men and women with the right training as you learn to cultivate compassion for yourself. This practice develops your heart.

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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.


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