Tantra Massage the journey Home to make the connection to what we seek. Enter into our personal
realm of freedom from stress and anxiety. Discover how Elite helps you in your day today living, after-all this is the real reason we seek new experiences and expressions of living a full-filled life.

Free your life force energies and Develop Dynamic Attitude that eliminates resistance through Body De-Armoring bodywork. In Search of the Wisdom of why we live.

When Spirit is within our bodies, love making is automatic. Deep and meaningful, filled with the

Spirit of connection. This is real Level of Tantra that connects, awakens, excites body mind spirit soul. Genuine clients what to know that their therapist is coming from deep knowledge and life experiences.

Lady speaks how vortexes joined sending vibrations from her core center trough the entire body.

Within the video above are two men talking about what they feltWhat you feelTantra for Men page hereThree people  AND their totally different experiences of  Elite Tantra Massage. Tantra for women CONNECTS YOU TO YOUR POWER OF TRANSMUTATION, as you hear this lady; you too can actually begin to feel the feelings of vortexes merging into a pillar of light.  By joining the vortexes vibrations link from her core center. All this is possible for both men and women. Inside the the quick video above hear clients POWERFUL experience & GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON TANTRA WITHIN the video on Tantric Temples in India (this is on this page below.) Fear creates multiple lifetimes of regret & darkness. We’ve done the research for you within the recommended pages above just under the header. Read all of them thoroughly to prepare you for the call.

Our Focus is to Take you inside the temples beyond limitations of vision.

Linking all the frames of the carvings on the Temples of India. then taking you inside the temples where all the answers are revealed. Here the focus is on Massage for  women & for Symbols & energymen & Couples for life challenges & connecting to your purpose. Welcome to exploration of your adventure through passionate living. Explore inner depths of human sexuality in a profoundly spiritual and meaningful way. New understanding of  Sex therapy. Deeper exploration is available within the Advance Training sessions. New feelings open us when we explore the new world within us. So close the  door, turn off all distractions and make every moment count.  Join me within this videos below; Switch your brain from expectation into CONNECTION as you listen to clients  who volunteered to share their experience within this page and here.


Steve’s Experience. “It’s like somebody opened the door & let me out of the storm”.

    • My teeth aren’t grit up, shoulders relaxed I don’t know how to explain it.

  •  It’s like somebody opened the door & let me out of the storm.
  • I don’t feel tired I feel more alive is anything yet normally after massage I fall asleep.
  • I could taste the water & the fruit, like putting a drop of cordial into a glass of water. The way it falls through the water.Tantra Massage; Steve's Experience fruit became part of me
  • That drop of cordial becomes part of the water. The fruit became part of me I could feel the taste throughout my body.
  • Not used to tasting with my whole body. (When all the senses are aroused and blockages released, connection to our taste buds are also awakened – Katie) This experience is not accessible anywhere else, only available at elite tantra massage.
  • You don’t realize that when you are putting up with pain, until you actually get rid of it sometimes.
  • I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing having a high pain tolerance. Just feel all loose, I feel about 10 years younger compared to how I walked in.
  • I feel like I had 2 weeks holiday in the Bahamas.
  • Neck feels so good. Usually my neck always hurts.
  • And, I felt the vibrations of pleasures throughout my whole body.
  • I could taste the fruit as if it was a drop of cordial flowing through a glass of water. (This is what happens when true awakening within occurs)

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 Tantra Massage restores heightening of the senses. Pleasure of awakening of the feelings are restored where normally they are buried beneath the rubble of life challenges.

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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.