Elite Tantra Living – is a method of stillness grace and non-duality well beyond the five senses – Linking Universal heartbeat directly to your connection to your soul on earth.

We offer White tantra. It is essential you read Black tantra page to understand the difference of what is typically offered and what we do. Our content does not reflect general tantric services promoted by many tantric schools.

Specialising in Trauma Therapy Tantra Massage.

For you to benefit from this website and client experiences sharing their precise inner journey. This video is critical to ensure you will read about who I am rather than just a generic service provider. We want to ensure you are not reading from the conditioned mind. When you know that the Lingam is your DNA, then the client videos make sense.

  • We identify where within your body new feelings are expressing themselves.
  • This is the most exciting part of Tantra, because we are not just repeating what we know. We explore new dimensions within you.
  • Stress distorts connections to feeling through events within your personal environment.
  • Elite Tantra brings understanding of how these events affect every aspect of your relationships.
  • These are interactive sessions.

Tantra Massage

We begin by addressing deep issues such as;

  • Seeking new ways of living.
  • Betrayal.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • Physical injuries,
  • Feelings of disassociation,
  • Relationship issues.
  • Break up concerns.
  • Infidelity; yours or your partners.
  • Disillusion with options.
  • Welcome to depths of Tantric mastery that empowers every aspect of your life for singles and couples.
  • Outcomes are all relative to your intention. 
  • Not all Tantra Massage therapists come from the sex industry. Few of us have deeper understanding of life.
  • You are guided and supported as you reach deep into your soul for definable intentions.
  • When you can feel this spaciousness of inner peace, every aspect of your being is touched. 
  • Learn to feel this energy as solid as human body.
  • Learn protection techniques.
  • Understanding karma and how Tantra Massage may be affecting you now. And what to do about it.
  • Beginning by awakening human energy systems connections in first appointment.

Throughout life people either grow or become trapped in different stages of their awareness. Tantra Massage is no different. You may be physically awakened, Yet mentally asleep. This is the trap many people seeking and offering tantra massage have fallen into. Much like sleep walking. The person’s eyes may be open. They may be doing normal awake things, yet be actually in deep sleep.

River of Love intended for use in everyday living, at home at work at play.

    • Higher frequencies are your river of love that begins to heal your life on all levels.
    • Blockages in you body that creates separation are clearly identified.
    • During Tantra Massage You are guided to feel them.
    • We work with your pain mind and your pain body.
    • When your separate bodies feel supported, they come together in harmony.
    • Most people are dealing with some form of trauma, yet they are having to pretend to be OK.

  • Trying to fit in and staying under the radar creates relationships of disconnect.
  • We access the secret from within your body to unlocking flow of energy that heals your pain and disappointments.

Past events influence every relationship and our body.  Self Empowerment Session in this Video Recording. Please listen to it all the way through.

This video showcases 5 clients who describe a wide range of of approaches. Every person is unique. Your session is absolutely personalised. Not one single person has identical experience. Advanced cellular connection experiences are available for clients who desire progress.

For progress – new experiences are critical. Life force is a different kind of energy that affects our material world and all elements of consciousness and awareness.

Throughout life people either grow or become trapped in different stages of their awareness. Tantra Massage is no different. You may be physically awakened, Yet mentally asleep. This is the trap many people seeking and offering tantra massage have fallen into. Much like sleep walking. The person’s eyes may be open. They may be doing normal awake things, yet be actually in deep sleep.

The world is insanely seeking tantra massage for spiritual awakening, while all the while they are just getting off on stirred up energies. This can lead to extreme anger and frustration. Feelings of guilt. For some this may not show up for a few days, weeks or months. You will not link it to tantric massage, because it felt so good. The practitioner were so skilled at providing sensual massage and making out they are providing a sacred service, that it’s impossible to link that to unhappy life that continues.

The world is too asleep to notice when they are being manipulated. They are getting by through existing from one day to the next. From one experience to the next. Keeping on seeing escape through pleasure.

Remember there are many types of pleasure. When you continue to seek the same pleasure  over and over again; that becomes a neurosis. Same can be said about Tantra Massage. Every tantra school teaches set techniques. You do this, then you do that. It’s a script.

Robotic sensual tantra massage is a trap.

At the time of your Tantra Massage it may not seem robotic. In your  Tantra Massage you do not know the practitioner does the same routine with everyone. Because during your Tantra Massage you get caught up in your own world of seeking pleasure. You feel separate from all your challenges of your life, just for a moment. This may feel like bliss. Euphoria takes over. The endorphins flow. You feel you have all the answers. And it’s possible you do. Just for that moment. Then the door closes. When the Tantra Massage is over, reality of mundane life comes back.

How do you make that feeling of all knowing last?

Isn’t that the promise of tantra massage? Why did it not deliver?

Because it is sold as a quick fix. A quick fix is like a drug. It gives you a shot of energy, visions that are out of this world. Then it drops you dramatically.

Tantra Massage by tantra massage sacred sex practitioner is designed to finish you with sexual connection to that practitioner. That is only possible with the fake tantra. Most people relate to touch as first step to intimate touching.

That is a primitive aspect of man. Not to be confused with primal.

Primitive reaction is not what spiritual awakening tantra massage is meant to be. You cannot begin with heart centeredness ritual only to end with lower chakra satisfaction.

Primal energy is the original force energy.

The fist step to Tantric massage awakening is to pay attention to areas of the body that are typically asleep. To recognise the areas of disconnect between the mind, emotions and the self. This cannot be achieved through emotional release, or reliving the past.

Primal energy  can only be reach through conscious integration between the self that is always awake and the mind.

Releasing emotion and suppressing emotion are one and the same. They are both primitive reactions. Releasing and suppressing can become an energy war within yourself. That can become a pattern of suppressing the self that is awake. Connection to the higher aspect can only be reached through mindfulness. When you are in reaction, you are in mindlessness. We are referring to a different mind here. Not the one you function within on a daily social basis. It is a mind you are not aware of. It is a universal mind that knows which aspect of self needs to function at any given time.

Much of tantra massage that is around is a manipulation of delusional or malevolent forces. A temporary feeling of stress relief.

But that is inappropriate for spiritual development. People are becoming hardened. For a moment there is an experience of trance like moment. You are susceptible to suggestion that you have entered into a spiritual experience. All that happens is that you become a mindless puppet.

Self awareness is a state of recognising where you are.

Merging without interrupting the flow of connection with the higher and lower states of consciousness. It is in the link that expansion and growth happens. It is essential that during Tantra Massage you have guidance or you will repeat old patterns of slipping into altered state of consciousness into the darker realms much like illicit drugs do. They feel amazing at the time, but have devastating side effects. The guidance that sacred sex Tantra Massage provides is only giving you guidance to sensual pleasures. That is only good for the moment. That form of Tantra Massage does not merge all of life. The life you live within every day. That life can change to one of fulfillment in the hands of integrative Tantra Massage therapist.

New age Neo Tantra referred to as sacred sexuality is not tantra. Neo Tantra completes itself with sex. It is a sensual focus on your partner. Slow road to climax.  This is interplay of bodies, but that is not tantra. Tantra massage practitioner does not make him/herself available to every caller who wants a lingam massage. A genuine Tantra practitioner prepares clients to discover a completely different world. The world within that has never been touched by human. They cannot conform to a technique. A technique designed for all is a trap. It is mechanical. But when you are in reactive sensual energies, you cannot tell that you are just reacting. If there is a script, you are in danger of becoming robotic, yet know be aware of it.

We are a union of universal energies. When connected to source you discover your distinct differences.

Universal energies are like your body. Universal energies are made up of different elements, like your body is made up of heart, liver, spleen, lungs, brain. It is a mistake to view the universal energies as collective mind. ‘Imagine all the people’s minds in one computer. Look at the quality of thoughts, worries and discontent most people live in. Universal mind is a consciousness beyond reach by an ordinary mind. However, beneath the cover of the ordinary mind is the universal mind. This mind is accessible to anyone who is willing to let go of the image they have created. Let go of the image of who you think you are.

As J Krishnamurti says; “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

True Tantra is path of relationship to your life.

It is the ultimate path to growth. Using the mind to balance the demands of body and spirit rather than lose the mind into reactive pleasures. Recognising the tantric approach to life is in every moment of your life. Not escaping to sensual pleasures with a tantric massage sacred sex worker. To know tantra is to bo beyond the spiritual sexual gratification.

When you become fully present, sexual issues disappear.

Relationships become meaningful. Lovemaking becomes spiritual joy. You do feel like you are tender loving god caring for your  beloved. You learn how to ask for what you really want. You learn to give what is truly asked for.

Most Tantra Massage connected to sacred sex teachings encourages you to ignore the dark side as they place unreasonable emphasis on purity of the sex act alone. Understanding what love is, is the first step to understanding tantra. There is great denial of what they are actually engaged in. If your tantric massage places emphasis on orgasm, it is neo tantra which is fake tantra. There is little meaning in just sexual satisfaction when in truth you are seeking to integrate all of you. 

You want to stop suffering from the demands of the world. Want to stoop worrying about your sexual performance. Want to talk to a real person who engages in all of life. Do not engage in tantric sex goddess worship. You’ll end up in a very dark place yet no know it. Just like a drug addict cannot stay away from drugs no matter how bad life becomes. They seek that high over and over again regardless of circumstance.

Getting clean from the influences of urban tantra and neo tantra craziness is the first step toward sexual healing.

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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.


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