Tantra Massage the journey home. My work is about you making connection to desire a fulfilling life. I work by connecting you with your own soul.

When you hear clients speak you’ll have the knowledge to define white tantra from red or black.

What you get here is White Tantra. White Tantra supports your ability to see yourself in totality and in full truth of who you are. Your entire being in this lifetime brought together.

There is absolutely no room for contradiction or manipulation here

  • Throughout this website clients share with you.
  • They share how they received deep healing by connecting to their own wisdom from their own soul.Home
  • Here, you are self empowered. You are supported completely in your connection to who you are.
  • Many people are suffering with deep relationship issues.
  •  White Tantra that empowers can help you with.
  • Let my people tell you what that feels like.
  • This is not theory or lectures.
  • These are actual experiences by real people.
  • You get answers from your own source that you can trust but has been kept from you.
  • Unaware people are telling you who you are and you are conforming to their belief.
  • With right support from experienced trustworthy source.
  • Everyone can be connected to your own wisdom.
  • That personal knowledge that is connected to your resources.
  • Intentionality is most powerful aspect of your being and is foundation of Tantra training. 
  • Important – Get comfortable so you can absorb this new powerful approach.
  • What you’ll hear from clients will shift your consciousness into new possibilities.

  • At 1.20 minutes; lady describes how she can feel an invisible spirit hand inside her body beneath the skin on her stomach.
  • This energy is  moving with the hand that was massaging her stomach and Solar Plexus.

Truth and trust are most valuable element of  real Tantra. Time to go deep into who you really are

Whether you have deep issues such as;

  • Betrayal.
  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • Physical injuries,
  • Feelings of disassociation,
  • Disillusion with options that you have seen or read about tantra.
  • Welcome to depths of Tantric mastery that empowers every aspect of your life for singles and couples.

Including challenges that most couples face in their intimate relationship.

  • This does not come from perspective of applying same robotic techniques as a series of rituals in the bedroom and manipulating sexual energy. 
  • Elite Tantra is only for people who have had enough of being manipulated.
  • If you seek connection to inner knowledge that I guide you to uncovering your deeper nature.
  • Through my site I help you make sense of how I support you in creating focus and fulfilment in every aspect of your life.
  • This is available for every human regardless of circumstance.
  • Connect to your truth through your experience in the session and learning to live in your personal capacity of your deepest and expanded feelings. 




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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.


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