Elite Tantra Living – is a method of stillness grace and non-duality well beyond the five senses – Linking Universal heartbeat directly to your connection to your soul on earth.

We offer White tantra. It is essential you read Black tantra page to understand the difference of what is typically offered and what we do. Our content does not reflect tantric sex cults. Most people are hypnotised by the tantrix sex cults and have fallen victim to it’s message. Time to realise how vulnerable we  are. We have been traumatised by stresses and the systems designed to control  us. 

Specialising in Trauma Therapy for recovery.

For me to be available to support you I really need to introduce you to original tantra that takes you beyond just the physical/ emotional drama. Here we involve Your spirit, soul and body including past and future. This video will help you want to listen to my client recordings that are throughout this site.

I want authentic clients who genuinely seek help in this life and future lives. This is best done through this video I have put together that includes one of my mentors. He talks about the 15 year Kahuna shaman training which has now been reduced to a massage that in just a weekend one supposedly can call themselves a Kahuna. The same is with tantra. Now it has been reduced to sex techniques and can be done on line for or just a weekend. Masters are forgotten and cheap marketing trick have taken over and the vulnerable are drawn into it.

Generic tantra was rehashed for quick sale; that does not help people genuine need and damages the vulnerable bringing tantra teachings into disrepute. So listen to this video if you really wish to receive healing and understanding of sacredness that nurtures relationships.

  • We identify where within your body new feelings are expressing themselves.
  • This is the most exciting part of original Tantra, because we are not just repeating what we know. We explore new dimensions within you.
  • Stress distorts connections to feeling through events within your personTantra Massageal environment.
  • Elite Tantra brings understanding of how these events affect every aspect of your relationships.
  • These are interactive sessions.

We begin by addressing deep issues such as;

  • Seeking new ways of living.
  • Recovering from Betrayal from authority figures including tantric  therapists.
  • Sexual abuse that is going on in  tantric  cults,  yet people do not recognise it as sexua abuse.

  • Sexual abuse by family, friends  and  other authority figures erodes your ability to make healthy  life decisions. It  destroys ability to know a  genuine healer.
  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • Physical injuries,
  • Feelings of disassociation,
  • Relationship issues.
  • Break up concerns.
  • Infidelity; yours or your partners.
  • Disillusion with options.
  • Welcome to depths of Tantric mastery that empowers every aspect of your life for singles and couples.
  • Outcomes are all relative to your intention. 
  • Not all Tantra Massage therapists come from the sex industry. Few of us have deeper understanding of life.
  • You are guided and supported as you reach deep into your soul for definable intentions.

When you can feel this spaciousness of inner peace, every aspect of your being is touched. 

  • Learn to feel this energy as solid as human body.
  • Learn protection techniques.
  • Understanding karma and how Tantra Massage may be affecting you now. And what to do about it. Know that tantra is all energies good and bad. Learn how to define the path you need to take for best outcome for everyone.
  • Beginning by awakening human energy systems connections in first appointment.

River of Love intended for use in everyday living, at home at work at play.

    • Higher frequencies are your river of love that begins to heal your life on all levels.
    • Blockages in you body that creates separation are clearly identified.
    • During Tantra Massage You are guided to feel them.
    • We work with your pain mind and your pain body.
    • When your separate bodies feel supported, they come together in harmony.
    • Most people are dealing with some form of trauma, yet they are having to pretend to be OK. 
  • Trying to fit in and staying under the radar creates relationships of disconnect.
  • We access the secret from within your body to unlocking flow of energy that heals your pain and disappointments.

Past events influence every relationship and our body.  Self Empowerment Session in this Video Recording. Please listen to it all the way through.

This video showcases 5 clients who describe a wide range of of approaches. Every person is unique. Your session is absolutely personalised. Not one single person has identical experience. Advanced cellular connection experiences are available for clients who desire progress.

For progress – new experiences are critical. Life force is a different kind of energy that affects our material world and all elements of consciousness and awareness.

Primal energy is the original force energy.

The fist step to Tantric massage awakening is to pay attention to areas of the body that are typically asleep. To recognise the areas of disconnect between the mind, emotions and the self. This cannot be achieved through emotional release, or reliving the past.

Self awareness is a state of recognising where you are.

Merging without interrupting the flow of connection with the higher and lower states of consciousness. It is in the link that expansion and growth happens. It is essential that during Tantra Massage you have guidance or you will repeat old patterns of slipping into altered state of consciousness into the darker realms much like illicit drugs do. They feel amazing at the time, but have devastating side effects.

As J Krishnamurti says; “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

True Tantra is path of relationship to your life.

It is the ultimate path to growth. Using the mind to balance the demands of body and spirit rather than lose the mind into reactive pleasures. Recognising the tantric approach to life is in every moment of your life.

When you become fully present, sexual issues disappear.

Relationships become meaningful. Lovemaking becomes spiritual joy. You do feel like you are tender loving god caring for your  beloved. You learn how to ask for what you really want. You learn to give what is truly asked for.

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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.

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