Elite Tantra Living – is a method of realising the depths of living, interacting from unconditioned reality as pure conscious awareness . 

People are being confined a moulded they are looking for authenticity within themselves and the people around them. looking to bring forth consciousness continuum where you can be your mind, soul, spirit; fully interacting with your embodiment of all creation.

Free you from bonds that deny your self expression of higher levels of consciousness.

Elite tantra therapy has been set up as a lifeline to your unconditioned reality. A reality that has been pulsating deep inside-you. A living that is real and you know it exists. You search because without it and you feel lonely.

Viable, Rich foundation for Self-Empowerment.

When people feel confined to social norms and conditioning they begin to search for meaning. Elite Tantra was established to build the bridge between where you are and what you seek. You begin discover what you’ve  adopted and thrust upon yourself. The peaceful and  vengeful dynamics. This begins the process of uncovering your personal potential that is available to you in this lifetime. Much like when a baby begins to explore his/her world. Baby meets the world in stages. Baby masters one stage for example – holding it’s head to playing with it’s feet – rolling over.

As much as the world wants to sell you the idea that it has the answers for you, it has not succeeded in making healthy happy humans. The series of rules and techniques that promise to make you a better lover, healthier relationships or more successful in business.

There is a common way of living, Or a fluid and complete complete tantra way of living. In a Tantric way there are between 3,000,000 and 33 million god and goddess ways of interpreting life. To fully appreciate all feelings that are available to us on earth we would want to live millions of years. When we step out of the enforced structures society has placed upon us; our eyes are open. For twenty, fifty or even seventy years you’ve been compelled to do as you were told. By following set rules and techniques that stand alone. Seemingly unrelated to earth, your body, your soul. This has created a barrier between your cellular intelligence and your soul consciousness. You’re not just a bag of bones and flesh and a computer they called the brain. The actual massage here is designed to bring all your souls together. They envelop your entire being by merging with your soul. Your realisation that you have been living outside your soul and spirit is the foundation for further healing. This realisation opens the doorway to deeper relationships and friendships. This is a divine Shakti the people speak about. Shakti pouring into their body is the feeling that described in the videos.

Life as we know it has removed from us the memory of the spirit in the soul that came in with us. Time to reclaim the spiritual side of you so that can join your body.

Or you can never be a complete human being. By removing jealousy, arrogance, prejudice, hatred, anger, selfishness and greed is what sexual healing is really about. When we remove the physical and mental and emotional worldly problems this is when pleasure energies pulsate through your body. Goddess Durga is combination of all the gods. This is why the therapies here are so powerful.

Humans are in a really desperate place right now and seeking solutions for their pain and relationship misery. 

Because of the higher standard of our service – we cater for people throughout the world,  please be patient as you read this website. We are currently in search of good people to help us update it so you can have a better experience in the meantime our apologies.

Honest feelings are amazing they vibrate and radiate throughout the entire home of elite tantra your body lifebody. But there needs to be trust between you and you spirit guide.

This is for you. You, who want to be really heard. You who want to ensure that people around you are hearing you, not interpreting you. True mastery comes by asking better questions and demanding better solutions. This is not a step you take in the same frame of mind as shopping for a manufactured object. It is a process of setting foundation of trust between me and you first. You will begin to recognise between the truth from false manipulations. You are not on your own.

The impact of past events have on life, and relationships and our body.

Your feelings have been distorted by events  and  your environment. Truth and self empowerment has been kept from you long enough. To establish trust we need to identify different levels of tantra and what level we provide at Elite Tantra. Whether you have deep issues such as;

  • Seeking new ways of living.
  • Betrayal.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Sexual dysfunction,
  • Physical injuries,
  • Feelings of disassociation,
  • Relationship issues.
  • Break up concerns.
  • Infidelity; yours or your partners.
  • Disillusion with options.
  • Welcome to depths of Tantric mastery that empowers every aspect of your life for singles and couples.
  • Tantra for healing video. Tantra offers different dimensions. It all depends on intention..

The word Tantra means a way of life you are choosing to live.

This video accurately describes how I help you feel fulfilled because when people seek tantra; they are actually feeling empty and alone within themselves. Are you feeling empty and alone in your relationship with yourself or with your partner.

We begin with connection that is intended to fill you. By connecting you with your own spirit and soul. Help you feel whole again.


My work is about you making connection to fulfilling life. When you feel empty it’s a sign you need to recharge. Fill up this empty space.

  • At 1.20 minutes; lady describes how she can feel an invisible spirit hand inside her body beneath the skin on her stomach.

This energy is  moving with the hand that was massaging her stomach and Solar Plexus.

  • in the world has learned only the Red and Black Tantra method. This includes many that are now using the word White Tantra yet coming from same school.  This website will challenge your consciousnessWhen you hear clients speak you’ll have the knowledge to define white tantra from red or black. What you get here is White Tantra. White Tantra supports your ability to see yourself in totality and in full truth of who you are. Your entire being in this lifetime brought together.

Including challenges that most couples face in their intimate relationship.

  • Many people are suffering with deep relationship issues.  White Tantra that empowers can help.




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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.


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