Tantra Massage the journey Home to make the connection to what we seek. 

A LIFE FILLED WITH MEANING is what my clients seek;-  “I PROMISE YOU that you’ve never seen this approach to tantra that fills every crevice of your body, mind, emotion and soul, anywhere in the world.

Intentionality is most powerful thing.

Begin with watching the first videos below. 

Nothing here is a copy of what you’ve read about in almost all tantric sites that offer sex techniques for better loving. Better Loving brings sexual satisfaction and life fulfilment. 

 This is the highest level of Tantra healing. Within the video below are two men. talking about what they felt.

Followed by a lady sharing her experience.

Q? How do you become a better lover?

Answer; it’s how you connect to your own soul – then you make love  with soul and body combined. Listen to how clients share their experience of coming together with their own soul power. When you become your own soul-mate then you feel complete from within.  When become aware of you; your inner consciousness brings greater life choices.

Most therapist would choose differently if they were aware of the choices available to them and were willing to put in the effort. Let me introduce you connecting to your most powerful energy to your day to day living that is often overlooked.  Purpose gives relationships meaning. What you experience can be incorporated into your daily living. Check out new video on healing Birthing Trauma here.

Balanced Energies in your body take you out of technique into natural flow.

Genuine clients what to know that their therapist is coming from deep knowledge and life experiences. Come into your power by returning to authentic self.

When our own Spirit is powerfully felt within our bodies, our lovemaking begins to flow automatically.

Break through the unconsciouosnessWhen you break through the unconsciousness you’ve been trapped in, you begin to see through false presentation of the world around promises that lead you away from purpose. This is real Level of Tantra that connects, awakens, excites body mind spirit soul.
Fear creates multiple lifetimes of regret & darkness. We’ve done the research for you.
Within the recommended pages above just under the header. Read all of them thoroughly to prepare you for conversation.

All this is possible for both men and women.

Inside the the quick video above hear clients POWERFUL experience & GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON TANTRA. 

At 1.20 minutes; lady describes how she can feel an invisible spirit hand inside her body beneath the skin on her stomach  moving with the hand that was massaging her stomach and Solar Plexus.

This is the highest level of Tantra healing. Within this video are two men and one woman. talking about what they felt.

Tantra for Men page here. Three people  AND their totally different experiences of  Elite Tantra Massage. Tantra for women CONNECTS YOU TO YOUR POWER OF TRANSMUTATION, as you hear this lady; you too can actually begin to feel the feelings of vortexes merging into a pillar of light.  By joining the vortexes vibrations link from her core center.

For more unique client experiences enter here.

 Tantra Massage restores heightening of the senses. Pleasure of awakening of the feelings are restored where normally they are buried beneath the rubble of life challenges.

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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is. It is the same with the body. The more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantra Massage and Kahuna massage. As a consequence of life, we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.