Black Tantra

Black Tantra is something that you take on board at your own risk.

Black Tantra is manipulation of energy to control another human being. It is control of elements that affect others to take them away from their wholeness. It is used purely for personal gain. That involves manipulating universal energy forces.

Black Tantra is like domesticating a wild animal. It is restrained and trained to perform tricks. It relies completely on it’s master for it’s entire existence. White Tantra brings you back to nature of the self. Pure Loving awareness of totality of universal laws. White tantra must know of the Black Tantrapitfalls of black magik if it is going to of any use to you. It’s not about being floppy and compliant to any energy just because it’s there. You must know the difference. This is what you learn during your session. Highest aspect of self healing is seeing the world for what it really is beyond the sales pitch.

Many people even travel the world in search of sexual satisfaction. The outcome can be frightening. Participating in rituals you do not understand is the danger of black tantra.

You affect every member of your family when you participate i =n orgies. Black tantra main objective is to achieve ejaculation. Or withhold ejacualtion. Also it drains the participants of spirit energies. This also includes female ejaculation. This connects you  to damaging electromagnetic frequencies. When humans souls mix that with higher frequencies, the affects are as dangerous as illicit drugs. Without understanding the underlying energies, the outcome can be like taking psychedelic drugs.

Whenever you engage in pulse of any kind you need to know the level of safety. For example; a stun gun is an electrical frequency. Everything has a frequency. Even the earth has dialectical frequencies that are damaging. These too are felt as an earth pulse. For the uninformed, this may interpreted as pleasurable. Your mind does not know the difference. Your body knows the difference. If only you would listen to your body wisdom. But this is shut off when participating in black tantra arts.

Outcome can be permanent damage immediately or addiction. These can be difficult to recover from. Here is a documentary on the wickedest man in the world and his story of exploring sex magik.

Practice of black tantra can activate cravings without regard to pain and suffering it may cause.

This leads the seeker away from their initial search for healing. Reality is whenever you search for new ways to feel good. This is a sign that you are deeply misaligned. Black tantra always concludes with orgasm. It is a form of black magic. It is phallus worship. Black magic tends to cause misfortune. Consequences can be devastating. As the name suggests, it’s use of negative energies. It is the dark side of energies.

Black Tantra is generally coupled with greed, selfishness, frustration and total disregard for frequencies involved in the feelings.

Our intention is to make your life sparkle with higher frequencies to overcome challenges that come across your life path. Our ultimate goal is to help you experience self realisation. Help release unhealthy emotional ties whether current of even past lives. Sexual abuse often leads the client to get lost in black tantra treatments. This often leads to search for sex magik. This leads to revisiting past pain that reinfects the cellular memory. You do not need to revisit past traumas in order to heal.

Here; we bring joy and bliss to your cells. We activate river of light into your life. New way of living brings with it new healing energies.

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