How to eliminate dead cells from the body

How to eliminate dead cells from the body and why we should all know about this to prevent diseases.

For example, kidneys have the ability to repair themselves.  The key functions of the kidney have the capacity to receive healing energies. But we need to address this issue as soon as possible. Learning how to pay attention to changes in your own body is essential. Don’t wait for the professionals to tell you about that. It may be too late by the time this is detected.

Professor Joseph Bonventre of Harvard Medical School explains how this works.

Changes in your body are constant. When you notice changes, that is the time to have your overall health tested by a qualified health professional. Your body is changing all the time.

When you learn How to eliminate dead cells from the body, the burden of dead cells is removed.How to eliminate dead cells from the body

Your body is constantly renewing itself. for example the liver has amazing capacity to regrow in 3 – 5 months. Liver’s job is to flush toxins out of your body. However heavy drinkers can damage the liver that results in condition known as cirrhosis. Healthy liver regenerates itself regularly. Learn how to take care of your liver so it can regenerate. Dr David Lloyd (liver surgeon) says that he can remove 70% of a person’s liver and most of it will grow back within 2 months.

How to eliminate dead cells from the body and why should you know how this works.

You receive a completely new body every 7 – 10 years, including bones. Our intestines renew themselves every 2-3 days.

Some aspects of Lungs renew every two to three weeks. Other areas of lungs renew in about one year. Heavy smokers are compromising the regeneration of lungs by abusing them, this interferes with natural regenerative cycle of the body.

Different parts of your body are renewing themselves at different rates. It’s vital that we are vigilant about our health or the body suffers from inability to discard the old cells. This compromises your health.

How to eliminate dead cells from the body.

Good air, organic foods, pure water is best place to begin.

Sometimes Healing can be counterproductive that covers up lack of understanding

Sometimes Healing can be counterproductive that covers up lack of understanding of human emotions.

Living in challenging world when broken from past events can leave you vulnerable to people who do not mean well. Dr Phil on his TV program stated the people who have been abused are a thousand times more likely to become victim of predatory behavior. Tantra is one of these areas. Don’t just take my word for it, take Dr Phil’s word for it. Decent therapist end up cleaning up the mess the general public has no idea about.

Great marketing has promised vulnerable people a job in the sex industry. They convinced them that it is a sacred service provided to humanity. None of that is true.

Vulnerable people who have been abused are now convinced that Tantra sex therapy is the quick answer. Whenever anyone wishes to access your private parts has to be a red flag. Run in the other direction. I cannot say this often enough. Sex addicts have turning up in droves tin trainings.

How do we know that Sometimes Healing can be counterproductive that covers up lack of understanding?

We need to brings ourselves into unity. Place no expectations that are programming. Expectation are not your expectations. These expectations have been programmed into you. When you realise that, you become master of your choices.

Learn to be purposeful without competing. Competition against established principals can drain your energy. Competition is separation. We need to bring ourselves into unity. When we stop resisting or releasing emotions we do  not understand yet. We begin to take construction action for highest good of all mankind.

Many people have misinterpreted eastern philosophies. They lovingly and willingly accept everything presented. And often endure tremendous pain. But they have never learned to take action of responsibility. It is the responsibility that shows up every day to continue to pay attention to outcome of our actions.

This we have to learn how to do if we are to recognise that Sometimes Healing can be counterproductive that covers up lack of understanding.

You must learn what to look out for. Know direction to take. When to go with the flow. How to recognise dangerous currents that flow can take and move out of harms way. This is where humans are vulnerable and have been for millions of years. You know you are making progress when like a skilled martial arts master you know when to walk away and when to deflect.

This mastery saves tremendous energy. You need energy to see your life with clarity. It takes a different source of energy to put your thought into action.

Thought energy and action energy come from different sources. Knowing how to merge these energies is every human’s right of passage. To do this we need to move through new levels of consciousness and awareness.

Initially, you need to be in the presence of a master who can see what you cannot see. Often we think we are making progress when in fact we are going backwards. You will know you are going backwards when you are doing what everyone else is doing. Masters are not part of the general flock and they do not encourage blind followers. However the master will be very clear on his/her instructions so you can recognise what you are doing rather than mechanically following.

Sometimes Healing can be counterproductive that covers up lack of understanding when someone else does the healing for you.

Healing is best done cooperatively. When you are actively participating in your own healing.

Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self

Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self. Learning how to see and listen is finest art of living.

Your mind must be very still and quiet to be able to truly observe life around you. Every level of living depends on how still your mind is. We are conditioned to be busy and reactive. conditioned to have an opinion on everything and everyone. This develops into narrow thinking. When you are at ease with yourself, remarkable changes take place.

When you begin to read and listen without projecting your desires. When you let go of need to gratify your need to be heard, a remarkable transformation takes place. It is important to know how to listen. When you truly hear yourself think. When you hear yourself speak. It’s amazing how quickly you realise that you are repeating same habits that don’t serve you over and over again. So when you stop these patterns, you begin to hear the beauty of nature.

Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self. Stop distortion and hear the oceans and mountains speak.

Hear the real voice of your friends and family. greater understanding of quality of your life emerges. You have more vitality and passion for life.

Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human

Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human. Beyond sensual gratification are relationships that hold the secrets to healthy fulfilling and trusting relationships.Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human

Without relationships we really do not exist. Everything you touch, eat, drink. Every breath you take.  Every thought  is expression of your relationship with the world. Your relationship between your coworkers, your children, your significant other, your pets. Relations with extended family. Relations to quality of life regardless of your financial status.

All these relationships are under extreme stress and division constantly occupied with problems, pain and loneliness. This often leads to making decisions based on problems rather than solutions.

As you begin to seek to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human, choices you make will take you further from connection or closer to your inner wisdom.

Superstition affects all decisions we make. Superstitions are beliefs that  influence you without being aware of intentions behind the old beliefs that bind us to seeking in wrong direction.

To develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human takes a great deal of intelligence.

Intelligence is the accessed through connection to your soul, body. mind, spirit as one. You cannot learn to develop deep safe relationships from a book. You cannot learn that remotely. Relationships are about being open about who you really are. This ability the world lost thousands of years ago. Ability to recognise genuine relationships is almost non-existent. Removing barriers begins with letting go of old habits and culture. These habits make you robotic and subject to status quo.

When you actually observe people – they are conforming to principals that have nothing to do with real life. People are conforming out of fear.

Fear stops you from your ability to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human.

Fear perpetuates a cluttered mind. Your mind processes up to 18thousand thoughts per minute. Is is any wonder you have difficulty in sticking to your truth or finishing a project. Living life with unfinished tasks is what keeps you from making real connections. Finishing tasks is not a one man job. Ask someone to help you.

Ask for help from a human if you seek to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human.

On line help is remote. Human connection will reveal where you are in life. When you ask for someone’s help – you’ll then discover true nature of your friendships. You’ll find who will take the time to be with you in your moments of real need. When you stop filling in time with friends and start creating with friends, your life will change.

If you finally discover how unsupportive your so called friends are contact us so we can help you through it. Or find an organisation set up to give you support in your area.

Two years ago I mentored a man. He needed to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human.

Recording is to be uploaded soon.

He discovered that not one of them was available. They were all immersed in their own stuff. Too busy for anything but social stuff. Just hanging out and talking. None were there to walk the talk when we actually looked honestly at the quality of his friendships. When you honestly observe what is going on around you, you’ll see truth. Truth of your how your mind has been manipulated by the latest gadgets, beliefs, systems. These systems turn you into robotic reactive non-being. This perpetuates avoidance of real human connection. Clouds your ability to see your life for what it truly is.

Reality is that everyone seeks to fit into what is marketed as the real answer to misery. But in the process you become more divided against each other. This makes you totally reliant on systems designed to control. Soften your heart towards each other if you want to develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human. This can be scary at first.

You have developed a thick skin to protect yourself in these challenging times. This devides people from their own intelligence.

The whole world is a make-believe world, created by some other human. This human has set themselves up as authority over you and your entire life. When you subject yourself to authority, you deny yourself. But this humans have done for thousands of years. Nothing has changed but the way authority has strengthened with it’s use of technology. This further divides humans.

Lets turn to each other to begin to develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human and learn how to work together.

Tantra sex is for lonely people

Tantra sex is for lonely people. Happy people in healthy relationships have great sex. Learn how to connect to life you love, then sex shall be great.

Secret to great sex life is great love life. When you learn to give and to share, your relationships come alive. Every area of life is affected. Doing things together is secret to great loving. The internet has gone insane in tantric sex training. Lonely humans are soft targets. Vulnerable lost people are connecting with other lonely lost souls. Together they are getting more and more removed from reality of life.

Humans are designed to live and thrive together, not compete against each other.

Stories of love and caring are about sharing and giving to another. We need feelings of safety to allow ourselves to feel genuine pleasure. Pleasure that arises from deep within as a result of seeing our loved one get what they asked for. Tantra sex is for lonely people who have deep wounds that sex of any kind cannot heal. Lonely people cannot be fulfilled by sex. So forget tantric sex and learn to live a giving sharing tantric life.

That begins by seeing life for what it is. The good the bad and the ugly.

When you know the reason you are lonely is when your life begins to change. When you are are ready to face the truth – you are ready to connect with real people. Tantric sex separates you from people who genuinely seek to advance their spirituality. It is said in Hindu religion that it would take hundreds of lifetimes to advance spiritually at that pace.

In 2016 !8.3 million women were affected by sex trafficking in India yet the world has embraced sex work as sacred under the name of Tantra. This is to cover up the truth. Schools have sprung up to teach people how to provide sex services legally. People have become conditioned to seeking help from experts not from humans. The more tantric sex the more domestic imbalance and lack of joy.

Take a look at my videos and see what real tantra offers. When the body is in harmony and is healed you cannot have sexual difficulties. Tantra sex is for lonely people and for those seeking to make a quick dollar from the soft targets. Don’t fall for the lies.


Watch every movement of thought and feeling

Watch every movement of thought and feelingWatch every movement of thought and feeling. Watch without negating the truth that is unfolding from within you.

Beyond the robotic mechanical reaction within you is life pulsating, communicating with you. But you cannot feel, hear or see it because you are trapped within your conditioned intellect. Because – everything you touch and talk about is a problem. A problem to complain about or to fix.

When you begin to become aware of and watch every movement of thought and feeling, your entire being takes on new life.

The energy of life gives you significance, purpose. Not theoretical significance but real peace when your mind is completely free from expectations. Free of repeating same thing over and over again. Expectations are repetitions of the known. Then your entire life is repeat, repeat repeat. Boring conditioned line of repetition and parroting what someone else has said today or a thousand years ago.

So you have to become keenly aware as you watch every movement of thought and feeling.

Become aware of your tendency to default to staying on script. A script written by someone else. You even begin to take this script into your bedroom and get into a routine, then call that conscious spiritual sex.

Want to go beyond repetition and be authentic? Then Watch every movement of thought and feeling.

When you do that – you begin to realise that all that scripting is just an escape from your true feelings and desires you’ve never had the courage to share with anyone including yourself. Conditioning, culture and social restraints restrict your love for life because you have never been able to express yourself from you inner being. You have been condition to quote other people. For that you get a certificate, or accreditation.

That is fine for technical skills. But what about the living being who wants to explore his/her life.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy can help clients suffering from trauma such as death of a loved one. Can be due to accidents or result of personal trauma.

For some this may go back to previous lives or early childhood. People who have suffered mentally physically and emotionally often suffer from hormonal imbalance. Can also manifest as digestive issues, sexual dysfunction and a wide range of personal relationship issues.

Our bodies hold on to past traumas that are reflected in our word patterns which in turn can show up in inappropriate life choices.

Somatic Therapy works in harmony with body and mind connection. The mind affects the body and the body influences how the mind functions. There are different approaches to somatic therapy. While many if not most of the therapists focus on taking the patient through traumatic experiences, we choose to direct the patient beyond the trauma. This lays the foundation of higher expectation. In this state the body sees through self-deception and no longer follows the path of pain.

What we aim for is authentic self expression free of past traumas that the may have been trapped within.

Our aim is to access “tacit Knowing” that is knowledge that is not initially definable. This is due to to brand new information and wisdom hidden within our own body. Best way to Somatic therapyaccess this is through shared experience between yourself and the therapist. An experienced therapist can walk the walk with you so you can begin to integrate your new knowing into your life. This is beyond intellectual knowledge. This knowledge comes through cellular intelligence.

For this knowledge to be expressed, there needs to be interaction between the known and the unknown. This way the unknown can be expressed physically. Therefore it becomes reality in our current life.

Programmed knowledge is what we receive at school and social interaction. That when relied upon become automatic and robotic leading to dissociation from true self.

There is the original self and the socially programmed self. The gap divides people because everyone receives it at the level of their own dissociation. Transforming inner knowledge into the known or the physical reality takes us beyond somatic therapy into living from inside out. Bringing the inner world into the outer reality.

This makes you more authentic and definitely unique. In that place we create new possibilities that may lead to better relationships and even financial success.



Understanding Lingam Consciousness

Understanding Lingam Consciousness as the beginningless form an endless pillar of light.

Lingam is pillar of light is felt when the union with infinite spirit is experienced. Here in my videos many clients describe this level of light and timelessness.

Linga is representation of the infinite; where time stops and access to all universal wisdom is simultaneously available. It is the light of inner experience that pours all over the body meeting with the earth energies. This is the experience my clients share with me.

this experience intensifies bliss. But the key is having the guidance of what to do with that bliss.

To access the Understanding Lingam Consciousness it’s necessary to have a very experienced advanced tantric practitioner who has had many lifetimes developing this level of awareness.

Understanding Lingam Consciousness comes through uniting your inner world with the outer reality. It is your personal journey between you and your soul/spirit/body and the source. You feel like you have been bathed from inside out. The clarity that comes with that is extraordinary.

In this video this man describes his experience in connection and instant connection to Understanding Lingam Consciousness.

LIsten to his awakening of how he had wasted much of his life and the options that are clearly presented to him.

In this article the description of shiva linga takes us to the truth of what my clients have expressed in their experiences. they state that “the linga by nature is a “crossing place” where the worlds are knit together by the shaft of Shiva. ( A tirtha- kshetra means a place of pilgrimage, where one might cross into the other world).”

That is what the weaving is about. It is not between the human man and woman during sex, it is the blending the seen world with the unseen world. With clear intention and cooperation with your inner world you can touch this deep truth that is being expressed within the temple symbols.

Remember – the depiction of humans in embrace is a symbol that only the genuine seeker will ever touch. This is why you need a teacher who knows the meaning. Not someone who interprets it into basic human survival mechanical reaction.Understanding Lingam Consciousness

The Jyotirlinga is the brilliant light that my clients describe. Please be sure to listen to their words all the way through the videos. Be assured that it will not make sense while you are in the early stages of your search for you. You cannot know anything until you actually experience it. Wisdom is not intellectual knowledge. Wisdom is actual expression of inner reality into outer reality. These must match.

In transition it’s vital you do not react or jump to conclusions that relate to the world you know and everyone else knows. The outer world is illusion until you really know you from inside out. This realisation occurs in an instant – then the Understanding Lingam Consciousness becomes reality. That is the Shiva dance. The dance and the merging between the seen and the unseen.



Tantra Levels Mystery

Tantra Levels Mystery unveiled. As there are levels of consciousness there are levels of interpretations of tantra.

A person in survival mode would interpret Tantra Levels of Mystery as sexual union. This is because that is their level of consciousness. No matter the training, these people actually believe that enlightenment is achieved through tantric sex. At that level there is no transformation. There is however pleasure of stimulating the five seTantra Levels Mysterynses. Believing does not make it real. Seeing life for what it really is changes our belief systems.

Tantric temples represent levels of consciousness of human on this planet. This has not changed in thousands of years. This diagram of Maslow’s pyramid of needs demonstrates clearly the levels. The survival base is predominant in this chart reflecting the majority of human consciousness.

Tantra Levels Mystery is clearly represented by this picture.

Tantra sex was created to hold people back from enlightenment. Because going from base chakra directly to heart chakra skips the safety level. When that is overlooked, there is a chasm created. Energy needs to solidly travel through each level. The way to do that is to master the safety level in it’s entirety. Only then can a human know love.

In a healthy body Tantra Levels Mystery is revealed. This means that a person coming from physiological level of awareness cannot possibly feel love and belonging. They can only be in reaction much like taking a drug. The drug takes over where the body and mind cannot enter due to lack of that level of consciousness.

Tantra Levels Mystery is revealed however when a person is willing to feel their destiny and to live all aspects of self simultaneously.

During the sessions, and for some – over the phone; many clients describe new levels of consciousness. A presence of a pillar of light pouring over their body. An awakening of truth that is gentle on the soul. This tender awakening is the dearmouring process. Gentleness from within you disarms the mind that has been conditioned.

“Simplicity of humman soul shames for all time the pomp and pedantry of pontiffs and”

Pain no Pain

Pain no Pain knowing that pain is resistance to truth.

This page is dedicated to people who are struggling with physical and mental and emotional issues that don’t seem to go away. In this video a man shares his experience of no pain for first time.

Emotional issues play havoc in every area of our lives, in this video my lady client share actual experience of her anxiety and the shift she experienced through her session of connecting to removing those filters that give distorted signals.

This one on getting out of the head.

We are conditioned to live a synthetic life. All our food is mostly grown all year round. This takes our life out of harmony. This man shares his new understanding of where he needs to be.