Massage Services

Massage Services for emotional spiritual and intimacy relationship empowerment.

Our Massage services that are intended for purifying the physical and emotions that fill Massage Servicesyour socially educated space. To truly benefit from this level of service – you need to know scientific truth about the meaning of Lingam and that is does not in any way represent the phallus. In the link is source of deeper wisdom. Only the primitive interpretation of the word Lingam is marketed within Tantra therapies. For you to benefit in our Massage Services we need to establish the true meaning first and foremost.

First you must understand that no one in the entire world is telling you the truth about tantra. When you do your own research, you’ll be as convinced as I am. Start with my links that take you to external authoritative websites. I’ve put in hundreds of hours researching to present all the lies and the truths. Stop the sexual exploitation of the TRUTH.

I have done the research for you – these are verified within the links.

Why did I do that. Because I do not wish for my children and my future generation to live in a world that does not do it’s research. The internet is right here. You have as much access to the wisdom as I have. The difference is that I have lived it along with thousands of my client. I want to support you in your truth, not some system that wants to enslave you in set of mechanical techniques.

My service is strictly for the genuine seeker of solutions. Only when you have read about me and listened to various videos. No junk inquiries. You need to shed the lies you have heard before you are qualified for pre appointment conversation. This applies even more strongly to those who think they know. Thinking you know is arrogance and self deception. I am a student and teacher of life mastering every step of the way daily.

First you will learn the difference between Black tantra and white tantra. Because most tantra services are tending to be closer to black tantra. The consequences can be damaging on many levels. How this works is that these frequencies affect your family and your business. White Tantra teaches that everything is a frequency. Frequency and energy travels. That is foundation of competent tantra teachings. I will go as far as to say they will affect your family and business. Often people do not link these events. We are committed to White Tantra only to begin to heal your karma. Karma is cause and effect. Everything you do everything you say has a physical consequence. Life you are living is result of the actions you are taking every day. How this works is; you change the frequency you live in;your actions will change.

Tantra massage services providers just find a teacher who promises them heaps of money. They promise them pleasure with no accountability. They do the course and parrot what they have been taught. They spread the word of how great  Tantra Massage Services are. That turns it into sex trafficking. Lets get clear on that.

There is too much at stake when ordinary people play with energies they do not understand at the core level. Do read these pages. They clearly help define depth of research and quality I am committed to delivering.

Here at our massage services; we actually tap into the Schumann Resonance rhythm within your body. At that frequency all blockages begin to flow out. These blockages are not forced out; they flow out without struggle. Blockages choose to leave. You can hear clients describing their feeling.

  1. Wisdom body  is your inner teacher.
  2. Energy body is your transmitter and receiver.
  3. Physical body is the hardware that sits inside the soul.
  4. Mental Emotional body.
  5. The bliss body that is always present when you let the soul in.

During stresses of life; your soul and spirit disengage from the physical body. The point of being born is to live every moment of your life in integrity of doing what you love. Doing what you love for you and for those you love. During this Tantra massage services all your levels of bodies  and bodies energies begin to interact with each other. This interaction and interrelationship within you body takes all of your life into account. This is only possible when we work with subtle energies and physical energies simultaneously. It is a healing system that treats your body and your connection to your entire life.

In this video we talk about chakra healing and perineum energy awakening; this is what some people feel.

In the videos you’ll hear clients speak about all energies and how that physically feels in the body. The shift that makes in their life. This tantra is not about taking sexual indulgence and using that as a vehicle for joy alone. To do that – it becomes dead knowledge.

For it to be powerful and empowering, you need to understand there are other energies involved. It is essential for all Massage Services providers to thoroughly research the depths of meaning of any training. They must research beyond accreditation. In our research into massage services accreditation we discovered limitations. Mostly massage services training just addresses a small portion of the entire service. Like any subject they are present with limited aspects of the service. True training occurs out in the field and it must be accompanied by competent mentor. Most mentors in Tantra massage services are themselves addicted to sex or they would not be providing the limited level of service and the primitive accreditation that only serves people of primitive desires. That’s fine if you do not want to advance spiritually and physically.

In the right hands and sincere approach; It is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular and soulular and spirit level.

Tantric massage therapy within one session brings together 9 elements;

  1. Connect to your own soul.
  2. Become one with your soul and spirit.
  3. Bring your body soul and spirit in unity.
  4. Open to connecting with your emotions that turn your life into joy for you and for those around you.
  5. develop trust in your intuition. This can only happen when all your bodies are living together interviewing as one.
  6. Emotional detox .
  7. Healing of cellular memory.
  8. Chakra healing and alignment.
  9. Let go of mind chatter.

Our massage services we are using this symbol of power dragon power. This is a dragon the symbol of protection and illumination, wisdom and safety.

Treatment plan is designed purposefully for each individual at the point of the appointment. You are a new being every day. Experienced Tantra massage services therapist has the ability to tune into where you emotionally, spiritually and physically at any given time.

Tantra Massage Services with foundations of 7 key elements.

  1. Develop solid ground between you and me.
  2. This is to ensure you remain grounded even during the intense spiritual feelings.
  3. Your soul chose to be born to feel itself on a physical plane. It cannot have these experiences where it came from.
  4. Soul has come here to develop itself, for that it needs a healthy body
  5. So far you have been living as a human body – ancient cultures used to have ceremonies to bring the soul, body, spirit together.
  6. This ceremony balanced the mind and emotions in the process.
  7. If you are having sexual difficulties or marital problems of any kind; this is due to disassociation from your soul.
  8. Your soul wants to be part of your physical intimate relationship.

During your treatment your therapist is facilitator to guide you in connecting to the new feelings that arise during your healing journey.

This profoundly affects the frequencies of our consciousness and our perception. Everything has a vibration. Any great healer or personal development coach brings emphasis to this fact. Whatever we are exposed to we attract into our life..

When you’re working with the Eastern traditions of the deaths of the soul the Western misinterpretation approach cannot  enter into it at all.

Massage services that specifically designed for you.

Whether you are a sex addict. Sexual function issue. Deep relationship issues. Life overwhelm. Stressed. Business concerns. Some issues may be stemming from Deep trauma, or Sexual abuse. Other controlling factors that continue to mess with your ability to live a deeply satisfying and fulfilling life. If you have had physical injuries of any kind including surgery, the process is all about linking all of you. Have a listen to this video below. Or your just want to explore aspects of you that you are not aware of!

If you want to experience a valued and purposeful session that makes your life count.

As part massage services we actually work with the cellular consciousness to heal your body and yoServices ur life.

Begin by softening the bindings of other people’s influences.

Every cell in your body has encoded in a the truth about your life. every cell in your body is your God. Every cell has its own brain is an lymphatic systems and digestive system. Every one of your cells has its own sex organs even. Imagine all your cells making love to another that is trillions of cells. This is the foundation of our work here.

The quality of your emotions reflect state of  all your internal organs. When all of you is present and happy, loving is easy.  Healthy internal communication equals healthy external relationships. 

  1. Couples Relationship.
  2. Tantra for women.
  3. Tantra for men.
  4. Sexual abuse.
  5. Loss of passion.
  6. Healing after injury or surgery.
  7. Life direction.
  8. Personal Fulfilment.
  9. Business challenges.
  10. Personal frustrations in life.
  11. Direction.
  12. Identifying issues.
  13. Reconciliation.
  14. Other personal issue.
  15. Volunteer training is designed to support you between appointments and  to put your energy connection experiences into practice. You get to see, taste and feel your awakened energies in real life applications, events and expressions. A way of feeling where you belong in this life. Touch through different dimensions comes by being completely attentive during this level of massage services.This video shares the next level of services available after your first appointment.

Tantra  Massage Services originated as your pathway from illusion and disappointment. Your path to way of living fully. A way out of pain of separation. Most people are going through difficult times such as separation, property division or relocation.  Life can be extremely messy. When life is throwing everything at you, making the right choice is almost impossible.