Tantra Reviews

Tantra Reviews is from real people who share what they personally felt. Their stories are in these videos.

These tantra reviews are mostly in videos and voice recordings. People share what ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN THEIR APPOINTMENT. And they are all different. What they have discovered about themselves and what serves or messes with their lives and their relationships. 

Transformation video; from pain and resistance to total awareness of every man and woman. But mainly of himself.

  1. In these recordings you’ll hear people being empowered to feel advanced levels of spiritual connections. Some even feel my soul caressing their soul. So please listen carefully.

In this video a man with life challenges describes how time, stress and anticipation stops and flow of healing energy begins.  He is just like you; a person seeking answers to the complications that arise in everyone’s life at some time. Your journey of what is possible and even probable.

Take a unique journey of a woman and unravelling of her cellular wisdom.

These Tantra reviews prepare you to meet your soul often in your first appointment. But first you clearly want to know that this is available for you. We only get what we are open to receiving. For this reason please watch these videos. They’ll open your heart and your mind.

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This video here, takes you deep into embrace vs reaction and control.  How suppression stops expression, living a person living in a void of no power and no purpose. This happens when you reach a plateau. Despite being very successful financially he felt empty. Have a listen to his realisation.

  • Something had to be done as he began to feel a disconnect with his relationship and generally in life He had reached his major goals and now was at a dead end, no passion. As he says ” feeling of plateauing because he had stopped growing after having achieved his goals. He Lost passion. His upbringing, university and further education based on logic. He now seeks to integrate all that with emotion. Passion for life for a man is connected to attaining new dimensions. Listen to his story.

People habitually suppress everything. In these Tantra Reviews you can hear how people have realised how they have been conditioned to suppress pleasure and pain.

*** Fourth video; a woman who wanted to reconnect with her husband in this video she shares in our tantra reviews. Prior to our conversation she always struggled with feeling beautiful.

In this video a woman recovering from physical injuries that created a disconnect to her lower and upper body – be sure to take the time to watch. When a woman with devastating injuries can have this amazing change, imagine what you can feel. Going beyond the problem. You’ll find it in last quarter of this page following voice recordings. I recommend you listen to them.

People habitually suppress everything. We have been conditioned to suppress pleasure and pain.

  • Suppression stops expression, leaving a person living in a void of no power and no purpose.

We begin directly at advanced level where this level of experience is applicable to every aspect of your life. 


Tantra Reviews In my life I've been to hell and back

Tantra Reviews First time I felt myself“Pain in the body gone, everywhere you touched me I could feel the energy flow, I can honestly say I love myself. This is the most relaxed I ever felt in my life, I’ve been through hell and back in my life. Right now I am so happy”.

Tantra Reviews aaaahhhhh how do I describe that

  • My teeth aren’t grit up, shoulders relaxed I don’t know how to explain it.

    • It’s like somebody opened the door & let me out of the storm.
    • I don’t feel tired I feel more alive is anything yet normally after massage I fall asleep.


    Tantra Massage; Steve's Experience fruit became part of me

    • I could taste the water & the fruit, like putting a drop of cordial into a glass of water. The way it falls through the water.That drop of cordial becomes part of the water. The fruit became part of me I could feel the taste throughout my body.
    • Not used to tasting with my whole body. (When all the senses are aroused and blockages released, connection to our taste buds are also awakened – Katie) This experience is not accessible anywhere else, only available at elite tantra massage
    • You don’t realise that when you are putting up with pain, until you actually get rid of it sometimes.
    • I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing having a high pain tolerance. Just feel all loose, I feel about 10 years younger compared to how I walked in.

      Reading and listening to these Tantra Reviews takes you beyond your expectations inspiring  you to quest for deeper meaning.

      • I feel like I had 2 weeks holiday in the Bahamas.
      • Neck feels so good. Usually my neck always hurts.Tantra Reviews
      • And, I felt the vibrations of pleasures throughout my whole body.
      • I could taste the fruit as if it was a drop of cordial flowing through a glass of water.
      • This is felt when true awakening within occurs.

When cells begin to open up, true communication begins. When cells are aware and awake, we begin to feel connected to the very earth we live within.

Feel Nature touch you without fear, that is the most fulfilling feeling. That type of orgasm that nourishes you fills you and helps define you as a spiritual being.


  • The feeling in Tantra Reviews is so overwhelmingly pleasurable that clients describe it beyond the best orgasm they ever experienced.
  • The pleasure feeling if knowing that you are no longer alone even when physically you are alone.

You can define the difference between lonely and aloneness.

  • Aloneness time is essential time.
  • We need to train ourselves to be alone with our world around us. Then we would not feel lonely.
  • And every one of the has their own experience that is relative to their current level of awareness.

There is a time to apply resistance and a time to flow with the current. the secret of connection in Tantra Reviews. 

One of my Tantric teaches came from the American Indian Tantric teachings as well as the Taoist teachings; in fact he grew up in a Taoist Temple. We  were taught through the Medicine wheel because deep Tantra energy is also healing energy. 

Stuart’s experience.

“As I sat down at the end of the massage, I could feel the pulse of pleasures continue throughout the whole body. I could feel this pleasure feeling still with me days later”. “Then this connection to pleasure lasted for the next three years, all day every day.”— — Stuart