Become a Coach

Become a Coach Becoming Elite Tantra Relationship & Sexuality Coach.

People wonder what it takes to become a relationships sex-coach.  Like anything you take on, you have to really do your research. ask yourself what level you wanted to achieve. What area of relationships you want to master. I for example, wanted to ensure that every aspect of relationship was covered. Everything in life is relationships. The average person only looks at the aspect of sexual relationships. Sexual relationships are actually affected by every relationship in every aspect of your life.

The ancient art of Tantra LiEmpower yourself become a coachving is about relationships with all things.

Everything on this planet is relationships. As a result of deep research going beyond being boring normal, we created the becoming a coach program. Making sure that you’re not just following a script that is set up by a business. Understand that everything in India every single human being there is a business person. So they have created a simple God  system. in India do is over 33 million gods. And that is what tantra is really based on. Real-time share is based on real life choices in them in and to the best of your ability.

To become a Coach of this calibre we want we will bring you to the highest level of consciousness of what the world is really about.

First of all the reason for the temples is to display every single option of life. Here you learn how do your research differently. You will commit to be really useful. To care for human beings and every aspect of this planet. Not just for a job like every other becoming a coach school does for you. This training is based on my life experiences and training I received by remarkable Masters that are rarely available to the public. And by applying these skills to my life.

In the become a coach program you will receive training in the Lakshmi lifestyle. And live it to qualify.

Nothing is separate from you. Your specific needs will all me met with all aspects of longing and bliss of fulfilment. Until the coach realises that in him/herself they are not ready to coach.

Become a Coach & Advanced Tantra/Tantric Training

A coach can only teach that which they actually experienced in their life, not just learned it as part of curriculum.

This experience is available in every moment of connection within your training to become a coach. True experience is in the connection of who or what is directly in front of you. Whether they be in the mind or in the physical. Do you desire to do something truly meaningful in your life. Commitment to helping others lead a happier life is a prerequisite to this course. Whether you make that your living or use it for personal benefit, friends and family. This is that stillness the bliss of being absorbed of absorption into the source. Then you are present with who is before you.

First Module Immersion Program in Become a Coach training

To Become a Coach; first module of unique three month mentoring immersion program.

This assures your personal commitment to your success. First three months are focused  on who you believe you are as a result of your upbringing. Now discover who you really are. Until you live your authentic life you cannot help another. Deep personal development is integral part of this course. All skills you will be absorbing will be applicable to your current employment. You can also choose to make this a full time personal lifestyle commitment. To Become a Coach; in training changes begin from the first day. Often within the first three hours. Results often become evident from the first day. Each day builds on the previous day. This Become a Coach training is an integrative expansion process. First module is one week of intensive life re-connection as foundation of Become a Coach training.

  • To Become a Coach – Full training is a twelve month commitment.
  • In your twelve month course your Tantra skills would have every opportunity to enhance your current skills. Coaching Program is Designed to complement the lifestyle you prefer. Become a Coach training links to excellence ensuring minimum distractions.

 Become a Coach training and Learn the language of your body.

Grow as an individual. Grow as Couple. When you succeed in relationship you are on your way to Becoming a Coach.

Become a Coach training Ongoing benefits.

  • Practice skills you have defined as first priority.
  • Learn new life skills.
  • Learn the language of your body.
  • Learn the language of your partner or your friends body.
  • Identify obstacles before they become problems.
  • Interact with other participants, students ensuring your are not alone on your journey.
  • Personal Development.
  • Confidence.
  • Become a person who lights up the room with their presence.
  • Spoil yourself every day.
  • Know the feeling of being valued.
  • Dignity.
  • Self Respect.
  • Increase Self Esteem.
  • Become a better lover.
  • Remove self doubt.
  • Be around like minded people.
  • Bring more joy into your life.

Become a Coach training Who should enrol?

All modules require completion.

  • Learn how to complete each task. Bring awareness to what that looks and feels like in real life.

Who Should Enrol to Become a Coach training?

  • Those who love people or would love to learn how to love them.
  • You who want to love yourself more.
  • You who wish more love in your life.
  • Therapist.
  • Counsellors.
  • Massage therapists.
  • Doctors.
  • Nurses.
  • Caregivers.
  • Those who have an establishes business or practice as all services & business involve relationships.
  • Every move you make is a relationship. Everyone has sexual challenges at various stages in their lives. Clients lives, our staff and business associates are all interrelated.
  • Anyone who would love to improve their own relationship status.

Become a Coach training are held almost weekly often booking out by Wednesday every week

Become a Coach Enrolment process.

First ensure your have read the recommended pages. Let us know you wish to learn a new way of living. Request introductory dynamic training event date. Book a private session. We shall advise you of upcoming dates held regularly often weekly. These training are held almost weekly often booking out by Wednesday every week. We’ll advise you of availability. The introductory training is $250.00 per person p.w. – minimum of 6 people in group, (conditions apply) .

Become A Coach training and What you'll practice

What you’ll put into practice.

Put into practice the connection with your own body. Fast track to success in your personal life. Improve relations with friends family. Nourish your body skillfully. Begin basic techniques to incorporate in everyday life. Take a peek at the new you. See others change before your eyes.

Feeling your changes as you become a coach.

Tantric Coaching Become a Coach training meets the Highest Standard in Professional Excellence

Vision statement for Become a Coach training.

Elite Tantra Tantric Coach training begins by establishing  the highest standard of professional excellence. Maintaining high standard is  consistent with the content within Elite Tantra site. True life experiences are foundation of this level of training. You’ll participate in supporting our events where you get ‘hands-on’ contact. Majority of your Tantra Relationship Training shall be fully experiential. All theory is tested and practised regularly. Theory is useless without experience.

Become a Coach training Tantric Coaching

Become a Coach and explore your relationship  as part of becoming a coach.

  • Our experiential foundation courses provide you with personal experiences.   Encompassing the whole life principals incorporating life experiences.
  • To become a coach is a life skill blended with essential relationship skills and health science.
  • At all times enhancing your powerful hidden potential that benefits you and your future clients.

Become a Coach training involves Becoming Successful.

Becoming a successful Relationship Coach requires skills in many aspects of your life.

Our training program is designed to your readiness ready for most situations you encounter in everyday life. training is living your Tantric Relationship Coaching. You will be using that in your daily living. This is designed as Support Services in business. Our training delivers remarkable results in your personal life and understanding of your own needs and desires. This prepares you to respond with confidence in every situation. You’ll be involved in problem solving. You’ll have every opportunity to put your knowledge into daily activities. Majority of the course is about attitude and developing your unique lifestyle. You immerse yourself in a new way of moving. Explore living, thinking and responding to everyday events differently. This is an integral part of living.

Become a Coach training and Ongoing Support

Become a Coach and Ongoing Support.

Consistent Ongoing Support is the central focus our training. Ensure you take advantage of every moment of your life. People these days are deeply disassociated due to the fast paced technological environment. Society has a tremendous need for skilled caring lifestyle helpers. We need to make accessible to every individual.

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