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Embark on a Journey of White Tantra Healing: A Holistic Approach to Vibrational Well-being

Welcome to a space where healing goes beyond the realms of traditional Tantric sex therapy. Here, we offer White Tantra Orgasmic Vibrational Healing – a sanctuary for your soul, spirit, and overall well-being. Before you call, it’s crucial to understand that what we provide transcends the limitations of Black or Grey Tantra. Our intention is to guide you on a transformative journey that nurtures your entire being.

One-on-One Vibrational Healing: Commence your healing journey with a personalized One-on-One bodywork, delving into the vibrational energies that have the power to reshape your body’s frequencies. As you experience this transformation, witness the rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit. Our aim is to refresh every aspect of your being, instilling wisdom, balance, and enrichment.

Private Life Coaching and Support: Our offerings extend beyond the healing session. Benefit from private life coaching and support, fostering a deep connection between your soul and body that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Develop the strength, tenderness, and courage needed to navigate your relationship with life effortlessly.

Private Retreats as Follow Up Immersion Therapies available on request: For the sincere seeker, we present Private Retreats as an immersive follow-up to your One-on-One appointment.

Uncover the secrets that have the potential to transform your life, exploring realms that heal even physical injuries. Host a Weekend or week-long retreat and discover the possibilities when working with both the seen and unseen dimensions.

Client Testimonials: Witness the impact of our work through firsthand accounts from clients who have experienced profound shifts. Gain insights into the transformative power of White Tantra healing and understand the depth of life that can be lived when limiting beliefs are dispelled.


Awakening to Real Healing: Take a moment to watch a video where a client shares the significance of their appointment. This video serves as an introduction to the power of real healing and provides deeper insights into what is possible. Eliminate distractions, immerse yourself in the experience, and prepare for an adventure in genuine life healing.

INTIMACY & LOVE with deeper understanding that heal human challenges

To introduce you to the power of real healing; this video takes you to deeper insight to what is actually possible. This will help make sense of the client videos within this site.

Before you assume that this is similar to what you have heard before please listen and then follow our guidance to your ultimate genuine adventure in healing your life.

Best way to introduce you to my work is to have my clients share their experiences. This way you are virtually in the room with us and in the moment of transition.

Preparation for Your White Tantra Experience: Before making that call, it’s crucial to understand that our approach is distinct from traditional Tantric sex therapy. We offer White Tantra, focused on absolute life healing, respecting your beliefs, values, and challenges. Prepare for a journey into the highest level of life awareness by familiarizing yourself with the provided information.

Connect with the Unseen Aspects of Your Life: At the core of our philosophy is the belief that what you don’t know can impact you. Let us guide you to connect with aspects of your life and body that you may currently be unaware of, paving the way for a transformative experience.

Embarking on a journey with us means choosing White Tantra healing that goes beyond the conventional. Prioritize your soul and spirit, break free from limiting beliefs, and step into a realm of absolute life awareness. When you’re ready to explore the depths of healing, we’re here to guide you on this transformative adventure.

Before you call.

  • Before you call we need you to know that Tantric sex therapy is Black or Grey Tantra  You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well.
  • What we offer is White Tantra, which is absolute life healing that heals your beliefs, takes care of your values and absolutely respects your challenges you may be facing no matter what they may be.
  • Highest level of life awareness.
  • To prepare for that please read about me.  I did not study with grey tantra or black tantra sex schools. But as you see I researched then thoroughly. Remember; what  you don’t know – will hurt you. For this reason everything on this site is nothing like is what is offered out there.
  • Clearly; we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t hear what we can’t hear. I’ll help you connect with aspects of your life and your body that you are currently totally unaware of.

Real Cause of sexual difficulties

Real Cause of sexual difficulties and it’s not what you think.

Get your facts right that could save your relationship. Take control of your health and begin new way of living and relating to life.

Every area of your life is actually affected by this and it’s not what you think.

We are bombarded from every area of life. When are most consistent contributors is your TV screen computer screen lighting and mobile phones. Because these things are every day standards we become used to that. We don’t even think to look lighting as the culprit.Real Cause of sexual difficulties

The blue light that comes from your computer is a major disruptor of hormones which are partially if not totally responsible for your sleep patterns. Also want to almost disrupted you are subject to cancers. Breast cancer ovarian cancer brain tumors testicular cancers are everyday concerns. People these days are not even looking at that. It is considered normal. Suffering is not normal.

These factors can be the Real Cause of sexual difficulties.

We don’t even think of that, because these lights are in a shopping centers in our schools are hospitals a workplace environment. Because these are everywhere we considered safe. The chemicals in our water supply the fluoride and chlorine a very dangerous chemicals.  Because they’re available through every tap no one considers them to be unsafe. But when you think about it and do your research go online type in dangers you will be shocked. Hopefully you’ll do something about it right away.

There are things we can do about Real Cause of sexual difficulties immediately.

At no cost to you you can download a filter onto your computer at your iPhone onto your tablet. This filter will remove the blue light. That’s to my knowledge is up to you to do the research. With the television screens. I don’t know much about that because I don’t have time to research that. But that affects our body and emotions. Currently seeking people who are ready to be trained as volunteers to support me with deep and appropriate research. To qualify; You must be fed up with the current life. Have enough of lies you’ve been told. And ready to support everything I said by verifiable sources. You must know you don’t know everything. And you must know that you been lied to. The only way to do that and don’t just believe me. Do your own research with the points that I just detailed on this page.

We are shut down and are suffering from Real Cause of sexual difficulties that affect our ability to think and relate.

I don’t expect you to believe me. If you do it just being a follower and not learning new skills. I’m seeking people who are really to admit that they realize that there be lied to. Like myself are willing to do the work and the excited about doing the work. You would be committed to turning your health around and that of your family. You’ll also want your children to grow up in a better world than there was now. This is the criteria before even considering appointment with you. The intention of this page is to change your mindset. Here’s a link to proof of how we are shut down and manipulated Deep science kept from you. To have you stopped believing what the authorities tell you. You can recognise that your body actually has the answer is the capacity to access them. I will show you how. In the videos and audio to have my client experiences they demonstrate accessing parts of themselves they never knew existed. You have never been told Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Now we have definable proof.

Real Cause of sexual difficulties and lies about tantric sex revealed.

Throughout the Internet you will find people foolishly telling you sex techniques. The claim to fix your relationships. They will tell you a system that has been set up by authorities. Hopefully you’ll be absolutely outraged that authority is also telling you how to make love. Be outraged as I am. Be outraged that you are cut off from your body wisdom. That they are making vulnerable people into sex workers. And they don’t realize they Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Real cause is us just going along with systems of control.

As you you do your research on Real Cause of sexual difficulties you’ll recognize that birds the trees none of the animals or the living beings on this planet don’t need sex instructions. Why are human beings treated as such idiots. You are being dumbed down. You are manipulated for entertainment purposes. We are puppets when we do as we are told. We need to ask why they are treating us this way. Why has the recruitment process of tantra goddesses have been so successful. Why are seemingly intelligent people sprouting tantric sex. Why are they participating in the lie. Why they cannot see Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Everything stems from not being able to focus and make decisions. Decisions based on personal research.

Real Cause of sexual difficulties is Ignorance and Laziness.

This will be covered next blog. They are compliant order followers. People who cannot use their own brain and do not do their research. I look forward to sharing that with you. He is a link to a video that will confirm what I’m saying about the light on how is affecting your health

Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations.

I urge you to listen very carefully to this video this man really knows what is talk that he has done thorough research but I have. I look forward to hearing from you. I’m gathering the right people to level the team that can support each other and trust each other. A team that is dedicated to learning and bring it to the world. A team that is dedicated to improving their skills. Be dedicated to benefiting humanity. Not just self satisfaction. Sex techniques do not address Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Sex techniques create division. This is for you if you wish to develop life skills in relationships and thrive.

Disclaimer; this is not a medical service. This is result of dedicated research. Research from beyond systems of control. Research of truth from people with deep capacity to see beyond systems of control.

Self Awareness

Self Awareness is Foundation for Fulfillment. You need to know yourself before you can feel complete.

The feeling of completeness is the capacity continue to grow. you can only become we wish to be when you put in the effort into discovering you. when you take responsibility to learn more about you you discover more of what is around you. You become aware what you think you accumulated that is useless that is self-destructive. You become aware of the friends that you have collected are not really your friends. When you begin to grow you, you’ll realize that they can no longer be around you.

Self Awareness for healthy living

Self Awareness is Foundation for Fulfillment when you recognize that you are alone.

We recognize that you’ve moved away from the old habits. Being alone is not natural to humans. So as you raise the standards defined in new friendships and new support relationships, quality of relationships becomes your number one standard.

Not knowing who you are and where you are going destabilized your foundation. Commit to exploring and getting to know yourself. But most of all know what to do. Take action.

Self Awareness is about developing relationships that are critical to your family and your community.

Your Self Awareness checklist.

  1. Is there mutual respect in your current relationships.
  2. Do you feel heard.
  3. Are friends really answering you.
  4. Or are they just telling you what you should do.
  5. when you reflect on the answer you realize they have not at all listened.
  6. This will give you the strength to begin to uncover the real you. The you that you have suppressed simply because you were trying to please the people around you.
  7. Truth is that people do not even know you. They do not seek to know themselves. (they are not wrong. They just do not know they can be more fulfilled.)
  8. They are not ready to grow in self awareness.
  9. You do not need to wait for them. You do not need permission from anyone in order to grow.
  10. When you succeed, they may listen.
  11. While you are one of the pack there is no chance of being heard.
  12. So take the leap and grow.

Everyone is saying “knowledge is power”. Reality is, knowledge itself has absolutely no power. Knowledge has power when put into action. Now you see the result it gives you. You look at the result. See it for what it is. Is what you thought it would be? Does it need adjusting? It’s like any symphony any picture, any book. It begins. Then it grows. Don’t stop at the draft. Stop when it is complete.

Don’t try to be perfect. Perfection will stop you from growing and moving onto the next project where you uncover another aspect of you. End spiritual suffering when you begin to walk your path. Most people are suffering because they tried to fit in to the status quo. You are here because the honest you wants move beyond the mundane normal.

Self Awareness begins when you develop life skills and relationship skills.

Like writing a story or a book, relationships are similar. When you’ve written your story it requires editing. Editing takes out what is not necessary. You take out what does not contribute to the story. In relationships this is foundation of self-awareness. Begin to Heal relationship communication from inside out.

Living to Succeed

Living to Succeed in Life. People cannot be their best selves until they face up to the fact they really don’t know how to give and how to learn new ways of living.

Everyone needs a mentor in life. If you don’t have a mentor there is no chance of change of living conditions. To do that is impossible if you go it alone.

Living to Succeed

Living to Succeed requires absolute change of thinking combined with decisive action.

Authentic self shows up when you are prepared to feel uncomfortable doing things differently. When you do things differently, at first it feels seriously wrong. Because new ways of walking, talking, dancing goes beyond the known. The known feels comfortable. If you are really honest you’ll admit that the known is so boring that you left relationships or jobs because they did not offer enough variety in life. That felt confining. If you are honest; you’ll admit that you also confined your relationships to the known. In doing so, you stifled the people around you.

For that to change we need to begin to help you step outside the known. Only then do you develop courage. New situations build courage muscle. To continue your courage we must have new experiences that build some aspect of life. Not just experiences to talk about. There must be meaning.

Many travel the world for new experiences.

Reality is that; all you do is spend time and money. Travelling needs to be an investment into the future. When we travel it’s essential to travel to a destination not away from problems. When you realise that time is not replaceable, you experience conscious awakening. Then EVERY single THING that you do begins to matter.

My Living to Succeed training module takes you to destinations that build private, intimate, and business relationships.

Self disclosure is foundation of progress. Improving your social skills is foundation for Living to Succeed. Adapting to different personality is basis for personal growth. At the very core is ability to determine who in your life is contributing to your personal growth. And who to remove from your life so you can succeed. To develop life skills in relationships we need to expose ourselves to different situations.

PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality

PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality in this experiment I did. Here’s what I did.

Your body responds in exactly the same way. Anything you say, feel, think affects your physical reality. All I did was label the tubs. A few times I spoke the labelled words to the tub. Most of the time it was just the label that did this. Watch this video. Here’s proof. Youtube is filled with other people doing this experiment.

In my case I want you to know how this affects your health and how your mind works.

Proof Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality

Personally, I do not wish to know anyone who has not had a personal experience. When someone has an opinion with now experience to back that up, that is called wishful thinking. Or even deception. Life being so limited in the context of how much we can explore and grow, why waste it on hearsay?

My clients consistently share in these recordings in my site the changes that can best be explained by this experiment. PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality is not just about thoughts. It’s about thoughts that are followed by action. To change current reality we need to have a new experience. Physical experience that is transformation is achieved in first session.

To do that we need to be aware of resistance.

Resistance to PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality cannot be questioned when you researched different search terms. When we don’t have knowledge of what to ask for this limits what we can see and hear. With this in mind it’s important to take the time to replay videos until new possibilities are felt in your body. Proof of higher consciousness is evident in this video.

Receptivity is a vibrational reality that you want to realise.

Begin with accepting that there is a new pathway to feelings receptivity. This pathway has never been opened. You will experience resistance at first due to conditioning. Most people translate feeling to the known experiences. This stops growth. Naturally high pure positive vibration is represented in this video. PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality is in observing without interpreting. First step is to identify that you are resisting. Then feel how to let go of resistance.

End Spiritual Suffering

End Spiritual Suffering By Taking Care of Your Body First. Then by helping at least one other person achieve what you have achieved.

In the meantime you continue to expand beyond your five senses. Where most people make End Spiritual Sufferingthe biggest mistake is that they stop at just one level of achievement. it is just like a baby lifting its head and says yep, I’ve lifted my head. I only did you another thing to the rest of my life. In case you find the baby to be retarded. So in reality when you achieve once they stop at that level you are a man of retarded adult. There is a dumbing down of society. I’m sorry to be so blunt. That is what most people have done. Particularly in the line-up tantra.

Therefore to End Spiritual Suffering we need to look at the same way. We are beginning like that newborn is trying to lift its head. as you continue to grow with in the other dimensions as well is physically and mentally and emotionally, you have access to all the knowledge embedded in your cellular memory. Your spirit has embedded programming.

In our upbringing due to immunisation toxic food toxic clothing air and human interactions we lost. Personal development mentor skilled in this area can help you move through this stage of detoxification efficiently.

We put an End Spiritual Suffering when we share with others our personal journey.

Sharing is the highest level of personal growth. Sharing is the highest level of personal satisfaction. When we give and receive tenfold. When we give we are energised. When we give we receive energy rather than lose it.

Mostly, our spiritual suffering as a result of competition and lack of creation within our lives. it is result of division and being manipulated by the system. Whether the system is spiritual of the church will support if we let that affect every aspect of our life and we suffer. In fact many experts professional footballers actors don’t know where their work stops in how to have their personal lives flourish. We hear of most professional sporting people actors musicians of brilliant at what they do. Why, that’s because they put so much time into it. Within condition to put time into our profession. We have gone to school at 10, 12 maybe the 20 years if you got universities. Therefore we been trained to do brilliantly at work or at our profession. But there has been absolutely no time to develop  our life skills in relationships. This is why you hear a lot of the problemsof abuse including sexually abuse in the work environment. Because these are personal relationships that we have not mastered. We’ve chosen to overlook that.

The Only way to End Spiritual Suffering is to begin to be very aware of how we treat our environment. 

by that I mean the air we breathe. Our air is also a spirit. The water we drink is also spirit energy. The food we eat with a with animal plant or milk these carry spirit energies. Everything has a consciousness. We have only divided ourselves from the consciousness of everything that keeps alive. In doing so will also divide ourselves from our partners and families and communities. It is within these are spirit energies. End Spiritual Suffering we do in our volunteer training or in a private retreats as a follow-up to one-on-one appointments. On Going Mentoring to End Spiritual Suffering is adapted to your past history and lifestyle challenges. Then may extend to business Spirit energy mentoring.

When the news tells us about these transgressions we get angry. Why should we be surprised.

To End Spiritual Suffering Right now today we need to begin to talk about it. When we don’t have the skills where all we do is talk about the problem, then we do not create warm caring yet respectful relationships in the workplace. Understand the difference between anger management and healing the source of your anger.

People who have been inappropriately treated need special support. People who are continuing in inappropriate behaviour need special attention to. If you are having special challenges in your behaviour contact me immediately to stop right here right now and help you grow. You can End Spiritual Suffering Right now. Because if you are participating in inappropriate behaviour you are suffering deeply from this association. I’m here to help you.


Spiritual Healing Crisis

Spiritual Healing Crisis begins when we begin our Spiritual Search. More we search more confused we get.

We realise how vulnerable we are to all suggestions and to what is popular. The danger is that we just go to the nearest spiritual center. Just as you would go to nearest shopping centre. Nothing in that decision changes your life.Spiritual Healing Crisis

There is no transformation in just joining another group. This is the start of our Spiritual Healing Crisis. For true healing to be experienced there needs to be a transformation from our thinking process. A complete turnaround from every other human on the planet. Not just turnaround in belonging to another group.

We are in a Spiritual Healing Crisis when we begin our search. All we seek is a safe place to belong. A place in this world that is safe from judgement. A place where we are not exploited. Sexual exploitation is first thing to look out for. In deep Spiritual Healing Crisis we need direction. A path that leads us beyond this life. A place beyond just instant gratification. A path of honor, self respect and self worth.

There are many teachers who take advantage of the vulnerable by saying “if you have nothing to hide – then take your clothes off.

We are so vulnerable that our critical mind that is designed to keep us safe is suddenly at the mercy of their persuasion. Everyone else is doing it mindset sets in. And before we know it, we are one of the sheep following the rest of the vulnerable broken souls gathered together to comfort each other in the very trauma that is recreated in this group. But we are in this Spiritual Healing Crisis. In a crisis we cannot think for ourselves. Sadly, only years later you recognise the abuse of power.

Be careful, stop. Don’t just go for what the masses are doing. That is never the right path. We need to have someone who can help us change our feelings. One who has come through this maze of broken . One who identifies the Elephant in the Room immediately.

One who knows all the dangers. And one who absolutely knows that not all healers are healthy minded. Not all healers have your best interest at heart. Most are disconnected and broken. They need your hugs more than you need theirs


Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research confirms that there is life after death.

A division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at University of Virginia Health System. the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences is internationally known for their integrity in investigation of nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.

It’s important we consider where we are going when this life on earth comes to an end. By giving this lifetime meaning. We begin to give new meaning to all relationships. Quality of relationship becomes priority. We stop just filling in time. We begin to value the time we have on earth to live life fully.

When Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research supports spiritual beliefs of reincarnation we prioritise quality of friendships.

We recognise that we have limited time to understand our  place on earth. Everything Mind and Consciousness Scientific Researchwe touch now has different texture. Touch has new depth. We feel what we have never felt before. This new awareness takes us in a completely new direction. Taking new direction does not necessarily mean a new profession. Our profession is like any other tool. When we use that tool differently we can get superior results. But remember on the way, you correct. Using a new tool often begins with trial and error. Or with correction. Why? Because we a aiming for a different outcome. This means we are adjusting our perception as we view the result of our effort. This the becomes our meditation. Meditation means expanding our focus. Meditation as a means to a new reality. It is not an escape from reality that most people experience. When you escape reality you shut yourself off. Shutting ourselves off from consciousness results in stagnation.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research found that these are not just some isolated anomaly. 

We just cannot ignore these findings. Or quarantine them out of you reality. In my work people frequently connect with spirits or souls. Some souls of those who passed on. Others of their living or family and friends. Some with their own soul that caresses them. Indigenous cultures have initiations to connect people to their spirit.  Spirit consciousness gives meaning to all aspects of life including relationships with one another and the environment. We have lost that. We have taken that away from indigenous people. this is why they suffer so much. When our spirit hurts from separation, we hurt. We suffer mentally and physically. They even become aware of the presence of their living friends in the room with us. For some they see them as physical beings. Others reported thinking of that person over and over again while experiencing phenomenal feelings. Still other see their friends supporting them in the session by providing their energy. All this influences my depths of research. Yes on the way I come across fluffy versions of interpretations. Very quickly we know what to identify as ignorance on behalf of the poster. Remember – opinions and beliefs are founded on someone else’s beliefs. Don’t be a follower of someone’s beliefs. Be supporter of validated experiences. Go outside the general social conditioning. 95% of the world in state of amnesia. The other 5% are in state of self exploration and appreciation of neverending expansion into joy of awakening. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research did just that with actual data. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research interviewed children who reported remembering their previous lives. Internet is filled with quick fixes from tantric sex to devoting yourself to a guru. These are sold as stairway to heaven. This attitude perpetuates amnesia of entire human population.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research are rethinking how the brain works.

Our everyday consciousness ankers our brain. Brain conditions mind but it does not generate new ways of living. When we realise this we stop being careless about our physical life. We consider our eternity. We decide to grow into our human kindness. My experiences with my clients led me to do deeper research. If it wasn’t for them I would just believe the status quo. Or would just accept any guru who would manipulate my thoughts to have me follow them. Never be a follower. But be an appreciator of people who offer their skills and wisdom while enhancing your skills and wisdom. University-based leading edge research group is the most devoted exclusively to investigating survival of consciousness after death. One of the books “Evidence of the Afterlife : The Science of Near-Death Experiences” is a good place to begin if you at all serious about knowing. My personal near death experience was also a catalyst to continue searching so you don’t have to wait for your near death experience. Learn from others so you don’t have to go through trauma you are not prepared for. As I dig deeper. I am never disappointed. In my childhood I thought everyone could see. Feel feel what I could. Comprehend what I could. It is a natural ability in all of us. At that age I did not understand how most people were repressed. How they were prevented from accessing that part of themselves. Mos of the world is in state of amnesia. This is create by trauma of being conditioned. By systematic education. By chemical in our food that suppresses our consciousness. By lack of nutrients in our soil. By religious beliefs. By Social and family environment. It took many many years of experiences with my clients to refine my work to where it is now. Im grateful of Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research conducted by credible scientists.

Science of Non-duality.

Now, often I can often connect people to that aspect of wisdom within them in the first session. With the ones who struggle to do so, I set them on a program. Designed to cleanse the embedded toxins that interfere with their ability to connect. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives people confidence. It helps validate their suspicions of fake teaches and unaware life coaches.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives our suspicions credibility. Gives us strength to step out of the flow. Get of the train that’s locked on it’s tracks and broaden your horizons.


Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Temples in Sacred Books and on many Sacred sites is a Skill that can be learned by anyone who applies themselves.

Much like one  does in becoming an Archaeologist, Doctor or Scientist, Layer, a Musician, a Dancer. Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Nature and in the Universe. In Humans Hidden Messages Encoded in texture of their skin, and their energy is a skill very few have  applied. Yes there are healing schools, but they teach just surface stuff. A great master learns their entire life. Often under guidance of a Higher master.

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded

In the past century we have become a flip society. We flip properties, relationships, children, pets like disposing of garbage. We swipe dates.

Very little depth is felt. Yes we feel pain. But by comparison its superficial pain.

If we truly felt deeply, we would never discard people and property so indiscriminately. Mostly, people are so self absorbed that the slightest thing upsets them. This they call feeling.

True feeling and caring happens when you look at a problem and find a solution that takes care of everyone involved.

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in pain for instance is something we can all begin to develop.

First to uncover pain within ourselves. And be with it with no judgement. Just be with the pain like you can be with your pleasure. They are both a part of you. Why reject what you do not understand.

What you do not understand is your greatest teaching.

It is something you need to learn about. Do not be ignorant of what’s inside you. Only when you feel more connected to damaged parts of you and learn to care for them do you value that for others. To care for nature to care about your life. To care for the life of others.

Reality is that we have been disconnected from our inner being. Displaced over and over again. Managed by systems that are just that, systems out for themselves and their profits. A system has no heart. We even invited systems into our love making. Think about it. You believe that someone can teach you how to have an orgasm. Yet you cannot embrace your own pain and sorrow without judgement. Millions die of Cancer. The suffering of Alzheimer’s both for the sufferer and the people around them. All these we seem to have accepted as normal. We did not have  so much disharmony in our bodies 50, 60 years ago. People smoked heavily, they ate as much. But they did not have junk food as we do. Now we have junk sex. The tantric sex is California neo tantra. It is not even the real thing. I don’t care if some gurus in India teach it.

People seem to have forgotten that gurus in India are mostly opportunists.

They see an opportunity and they provide it.  Just like people all over the world have for millions of years. Why put so much faith in someone who repeats same words over and over again and calls that spiritual. That is self hypnosis. You have put yourself under a spell of rhythm of repetition. This is how you life. Same boring day one after another. Not much change. We no longer eat with the seasons. We are too sophisticated for that. All the while our bodies are deteriorating through neglect of variety we need. Through requirements of the seasons. Makes us vulnerable to promises of quick fixes. This creates ,

. Westerners and ordinary people fall for it. Yes many life coaches have picked it up as well. Clearly they did not do adequate research.They just bought the sales pitch.

Develop the skill of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Social trends.

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Society is also a skill. Remember if everyone is doing it run the other way. This has always been the smartest thing to do. To develop the skill of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in social consciousness you need a master who is not under social consciousness hypnosis. If they are doing what is popular they are not a master. They are an imitator. You cannot learn the skill of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in world around you from one who is just another copy cat. Your body has all the wisdom. Tap into the wisdom of your cells. A great master would connect you with your wisdom. The master shall also learn from guiding you to that connection. The master would not just give you what they know. They use their ability of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in your body to instruct you.

That is the gift of a great master.

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

When you Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness you leave the trap of compulsive nature of sexuality. You don’t have to huff and puff your way to ecstacy. That is a trap of the lower dimensions. Lower self is being expressed by tantric gurus who offer tantric sex healing. This is because that is the highest level of experience they have every known. Life itself is orgasmic and not confined to sexual expressions. The mystery of not knowing ecstasy in life begins the spiral of never-ending search for pleasure that is temporary. One cannot have sex all day and every day without suffering from delusion. It is not natural. That results in burn out that we see in many tantric sex teachers. Yet they don’t know what to do.

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

One of my mentors taught levels of how to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

You cannot see the next level until you’ve attained the foundational level. Much like seeing what’s behind a house or a mountain. You have to go to the other side of the house to see. You have to go around the mountain to see what’s on the other side. Better still; climb that mountain so you have full uninterrupted view. The thing is, that it takes help from someone who has been there before you to help you understand what you are looking at.

This remarkable teacher taught us how we are numb to anything else when trapped in lower chakras. This is the focus of sex tantra. They work with lower chakra believing that it connects to heart chakra. This cannot happen.

First there has to be links to every chakra between base chakra and heart chakra. These links will not respond to manipulation from lower levels of consciousness. But they put you in a trance of believing that you have connected.

Within each level there a seven levels of openings to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. 

Only Spirit connected Soul Conscious person can take you there. Otherwise you get trapped in the lower levels of sex, survival, fear and reliving past terrors. That is referred to as shadow work which has you analyze past pain. In doing so you do not learn new ways of behaving. When you experience new levels of living – then you can go back and fix what is broken. Like being physically injured. When you heal that physical injury you have full function of your body.

So we first remove numbness from body and mind. Stop numbing out and wake up to your life. When we do that – this releases great deal of estrogens into the body. Creating tremendous sexual energy. There is high level of sexual energy one feels before going back to normal level. If you don’t know there is another level, a frantic search for satisfaction becomes the normal. Remember this is just the foundation level. It is still at unconscious level. This level of unconsciousness goes through seven distinct levels.

This unconsciousness you must understand exists at the gonad level. The level of unconsciousness. There is a loss of full memory. This will all come back. All of this is recorded in the body.

Most people are in lower levels of consciousness. The only thing they are interested in is sex and reproduction. This is demonstrated by many dating sites such as Tinda or Adult services. Including Tantric Sex. Remember this is the lower level of consciousness. Walk through your levels of consciousness spiritual. It is still consciousness. So engaging in conscious sex means simply that you are following instructions from someone who sets themselves up as your sex guru.

In Order to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, you need to know that there are many steps.

Like building a house. First you must have foundation slab or Posts to place a floor upon. But it is not a house yet. Then you make frame for the roof. To make a frame for the roof you need to have frames for the roof frame to rest upon. Then you put the roof on. But you cannot live in that. You cannot call that a completed building. build walls.

Tantric teacher are like people who do not know what it takes to build a house. But a true builder knows the steps and what order these steps are in. Or they face collapse. Our bodies and minds need similar foundations. It’s fallacy that you can do away without foundation and frames. This huffing and puffing that takes people into unconscious reaction that they mistakenly call ecstatic bliss is just that. That is another form of conditioning or hypnosis.

Hypnosis is altered state of consciousness and must be applied with care. It is the disruption of links to understanding that perpetuates mental illness that is prevalent in most tantric sex experts.

Addiction to adrenaline rush eventually result in burn out. Many Tantric sex gurus have bipolar disorder. Do your own deep thorough research. Bipolar is a mental illness that shows up as sexual misalignment. When we Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, many mental disorders just disappear. When we Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness addictions just melt away. There is no struggle. Just like getting out of a rip in the Ocean. When you are back on shore. You are no longer struggling. You are on solid ground.

Any mental disorder is the dissociation from the Soul. To Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness we link soul body with Physical body and other vibrational energies to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. This level has embraced sexual energy to take it to another level. It is however thought of as sexual energy because on the lower level of consciousness there is no awareness of another dimension of consciousness.  And remains on the only level of pleasure the human has ever been able to reach. For them they Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. It’s like believing that there is nothing beyond the horizon just because you cannot see beyond it. When you want to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness look at what that person is doing. If it is a sex service under any label it is just that. Lets not believe the label. Look at truth of what is happening. Humans are so easily conditioned into doing as authority demands. You are the authority. To know that we need to learn to look and listen for we are not aware of. This is why people spend lifetimes with masters. I’ve spent over 20 years studying one master. Many years studying others who are masters of different areas of life and spirituality.

Better still. Imagine there is fog and you can only see ten inches away from you. Or you’ve only ever known the four walls of a dark room. This is all you can see. Then this can become your reality. But when you become bored with the darkness or the limits; you seek a way out of this limitation.

This is when you Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

In some ways; you are like a baby – constantly learning new ways of getting around. First you strengthen you neck so you can hold up your head. Then the arms and legs by crawling.

There are some advanced babies who stand before they crawl. That is an indication of advanced soul. But it must be nurtured and supported. If not – the person will eventually find the way themselves That is another level of mastery.