Seeking Personal Path

Seeking Personal Path and it’s challenges along the way. 

Being a rebel while seeking a personal path keeps you safe and untouched by conditioning.

Best way to begin seeking personal path is to realise that the cells in your body have their own consciousness. Your own cells have a consciousness and intrigue of a toddler. toddlers are inquisitive you want to know more. They like to be in charge of their life. They ask for what they want and usually get it.

Our job is to develop the art of listening to ourselves.  Hearing ourselves will always take us in the right direction.

This is the nature of your cells. We need to develop the art of listening.

Therefore it is more important to listen to your cells before you listen to anybody else.

There’s nothing more boring than getting another copy of someone else’s idea of how you should live. You know you know that their life is made up by somebody else. Why would you want to follow them. When you pay attention you will ensure that you were seeking a personal path will find your own uniqueness. Then you can make your mark in this world.

We all have a uniqueness. Greatest disservice that has been given to you is to make you believe you immediately have to be told what to do every step of the way. To perform to every word that has been created for you. You are not a robot. Don’t act like one.

Katie is conscious of the fact that every single human being wants to know their own soul.

Katie tapped into her spirit energy without this disruptive human interventionThis ability is within everyone and she guides you to be able to recognise it and connect with it within you. Your Soul lives inside the human body as well as surrounding the body. Everyone is seeking to feel more complete. In honour of your seeking, Katie helps you to feel your soul body.

Personal PathOn their search they encounter tremendous misinformation marketed as the answer trained by people just as lost and misinformed. Many have been initiated into Reiki system. This means they are conditioned to complying to a system. (do your own research on the dark side of Reiki and you’ll discover what we mean). They are  docile compliant people. the initiation has connotations to us that is something helpful and supportive and healthy. The reality is you can be initiated into the dark or unhealthy forces even though they may have a healing label to it.

Anything from an outside source that is embedded into you cannot be healing for you.

It is a source of conforming according to the initiators idea of who you should be. Initiation into anything from someone else makes you a copy of them. This action disrupts the ability to communicate truly with your honest life-force around you. Katie made the mistake of accepting Reiki initiation early on her spiritual path. That initiation stopped her guides and spirit healers that come with her in this lifetime from working with her. She actually lost her healing abilities for entire six months. 

Then she had to find a way to reconnect with her abilities rather than taking on someone else’s healing system.

She knows that because on her own journey of self discovery, that is what she found. At no time was she tempted because it did not make sense then, nor does it make sense to her now. At no time did she feel she arrived at the answer. She continued to search.

What this did was; uncover her own knowledge without any doubt.

This uncovering is what she offers you. You get to feel, see, taste, know your truth without a doubt just as she did. No one can tell you your life. What they can do is support you in living yours fully if they are willing to be open. On this page Katie talks about that temple. The video of David Icke and Michio Kaku referred to in the video is here.

Katie talks to you about her journey of Seeking personal path challenges that become wins. She is her own woman.

Although while seeing personal path she has encountered tremendous resistance. The gift of that is that she can be sure she is growing, not complying to illusion. Read about her in her own words here….



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