Being Present

Being Present and the benefits of being present in your own life.

It’s easy to avoid being present as you get into routine of doing familiar things. Repeating Being Presentpatterns of failed relationship or moving from job to job at part of not being present in your life. Being present means being all of you. Not a single person in general society has had the deep experience of being present in every aspect of life. Relationship breakdowns in family and intimate partners create a deeper gap between the person you really want to enjoy being and the person you a pretending to be. But you do not know you are acting. Because everyone else is acting. When you come across someone who is fully integrated; this often can feel strange. Because they respond differently; you may feel very vulnerable. It is a feeling of not knowing how to be in the presence of that person who seems to know what you need before you know what you need.

In this video a woman talks about her realisation.

Mostly people are acting through every relationship. If you are not fully available to yourself Рthan that hidden part acts as a barrier between you and everything you do. It affects workplace relationships that may even come across as bullying. Both the bully and the recipient of bullying are not being present. An aware person does not make decisions based on external circumstances. They make decisions based on actual events external by connecting to their wholeness. Responding from the space of his/her entire being is when the power of being present felt.

We complicate relationships by separating and analyzing. Words divide us into categories. Mo st people keep to 3 to 10 word descriptions of feelings. You actually have access to 6 thousand feelings. What if you connected to a new feeling every day. What kind of day do you think you’d have. Begin to discover the language of your body. Learn the language of your soul.

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