Chakra Consciousness

Chakra Consciousness is foundation for human evolution.

Health of Chakras are reflected in the health of your body. the most beautiful emotionChakra Consciousness therapys you can experience are the mystical. When you experience them often, this becomes more permanent way of self expression. Traditionally we are taught about seven chakras. The chakra above our head is the chakra has a link within our heart. It resides both above our head and within our heart. That is the place of enlightenment you feel when you did something extraordinary.

In our lifetime we regularly connect to our Chakra Consciousness spark. Because we have not been  taught about this profound capacity to access these feelings – even when they are present, they go unnoticed. There are a lot of things going on inside us that we are completely unconscious about.

Working with Chakra Consciousness is a daily expression of right action.

How we awaken and the first though in your mind will connect you to either the higher or the lower state for your entire day. There is talk of spheres and orbs that make up chakras, in life it’s about how we live the wisdom. Philosophy is just speculation until you see it in action. True awakening of chakras shows up in how we live our life. Shows up in our health and our interpersonal relationships.

When your first chakra is awakened; a person who experiences it feels like they have just awakened to life as it really is.

In this video you can hear a client’s clarity and his waking up to the life he had been leading

They simultaneously recognise that they have been sleepwalking through life. In self protection; we shut off many of our energy centers. This dulls our mind, limiting how we see our friendships an how they have been affecting us. When we work with Chakra Consciousness, it’s vital that we pay attention to the realisations these links us to.

When the base chakra is over-active; the person is not conscious. An unconscious person acts as a know it all. this can be further reinforced by having your base chakra stimulated through unconscious therapy that focuses purely on physical pleasures. that is a trap. It feels great but like a drug it also creates separation as result of the euphoria. Eventually you need more of that stimulation until life gets our of control. We need to be very careful of the environment that you access these chakras in.

Right approach to Chakra Consciousness is recognising the predominant chakra you are currently living within.

For example if you are and IT person, it’s likely you live in your head. If you have had trauma in your life again you are probably living in the loop of that trauma in your head. This displaces your connection to the world and your chakras would not be linking. Connection is key to all fulfilment and happiness in life.

In Chakra Consciousness therapy we link these elements. When linking is successful; the mind lets go of control and self protection. When your mind lets go; your mind can rest. Your mind that has rested makes better decisions. You behave in a more receptive way to people that really matter. You don’t have to go into mental analysis in every situation. Intuition takes over. When intuition is activated, all burdens are lifted and life takes on a natural flow.

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