Chakra Therapy for Relationships

Chakra Therapy for Relationships, their function and to refine their relationship with your own body. Major chakras are the nine chakras that I work with. These blend with your physical.

  • Everybody is talking about seven Chakras, they are the major ones.
  • Within these major chakra spectrum’s are dozens of supporting Chakras.
  • As most are meditating on seven Chakras, two major ones are left out.Chakra Therapy for Relationships

Chakra Therapy for Relationships has become the latest thing.

  • Everybody feels all knowing about Chakras because they know the word.
  • The latest therapies involving opening Chakra Therapy for Relationships can potentially do tremendous damage when you are vulnerable.
  • Chakras are entryways into your body mind emotion and soul.
  • Be aware that when you open them you open doorways into your entire system to any vibration. 

Many therapist are offering to balance Chakra Therapy for Relationships very powerful centers.

First check for yourself; what is the purpose of these junction points and how do they affect our life?

  • Can you get it wrong; yes.
  • Can you get it right; definitely.

How do you do that?

  • By asking better questions and by paying attention on your progress.
  • Ask yourself “am I feeling more engaged with the life I have and my growth.
  • Or am I feeling disconnected am I back at square one?
  • What I do first and foremost is establish meaning and relationship I have with anything I do.

Chakra Therapy for Relationships is designed to affect all your relationships.

  • That includes chakras, nadis, and anything that I engage with I want to know the level of relationship I have with that person, event or function.
  • Whenever I look at any service I first consider the relationships it has to my life.
  • The relevance of what I am about participate in.
  • This needs to become everybody’s mantra.
  • Don’t just do stuff because everyone else is instincts.

So when you consider any service, determine whether it takes you towards achieving your dream or away from it.

  • Asking this question puts me in a place of consciously participating with the event and with my life.
  • Otherwise the whole point is just us filling in time.
  • Time is as gift we have here on earth. Once that’s gone it’s gone.

I love to know what I am doing and why I am doing it so it has meaning to me.

  • This strength I shall impart to you by helping you define your center and the feeling of being centered.
  • More importantly you’ll be aware of when you’re not centered and just going along with someone else’s perception of life.
  • When you’re going along with someone else when you don’t know you, you’re not you.

When Chakras are functioning properly, our connection to our body and spirit expresses itself with confidence.

  • It at any time they slip out of balance, it’s as obvious as tyres on your vehicle being out of balance.
  • And if you have been paying attention to your life, you would actually notice that they are out of balance.


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