Decision Making

Decision Making runs all our lives. Our ability to follow through our decision making process is partially controlled by our sleep patterns.Decision Making

In this fast paced 24/7 world we have created along with unnatural lighting from lights to computer screens. From television screen, ipads, mobile phones we constantly bombarded with artificial lighting. These element disturb our body functions on such a profound level that most people are not even aware of it. Most of us now live in an artificial world created by technology. We make decisions dictated by technology. Whatever the technology says. It must be true. Technology sells us ideas and belief systems. Technology has taken over our decision making process. We are no longer engaged in our life. Our decision making is result of what someone on this shiny object told us to do.

Shiny objects that control our mind speech and actions. All the way to how we perceive love.

These days even intimate decision making is controlled by the media marketing. Taking us further away from interactive feelings to reactive actions. Now days someone on this shiny object tells you they are running a workshop on how to have sex, you take it. Because someone is effecting you decision making process. The do that by arranging the delivery in such a way that you do not even question it’s source. Even when you check out the source you don’t intention of the source.

Take an honest tour of your life.

When we reassign our time to nature and natural light, our sleep rhythm begins to bring our body into harmony with the earth resonance. You begin to identify more with the living breathing organisms than that shiny screen. In fact you’ll drastically reduce your reliance to the shiny screens as a result of different pathways of decision making being activated.

Nurture in Nature.

Nature is your smart pill. When your body clock restored emotional challenges reduce or even disappear. Naturally all this is combined with other health and happiness habits such as natural foods, light, air etc. Sleep rhythm is reportedly a factor in ADHD individuals. Get your sleep Rhythm right; mental emotional physical sexual life is improved. There have been significant studies done in this area.

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