Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self

Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self. 

Learning how to see and listen is finest art of living.

Your mind must be very still and quiet to be able to truly observe life around you. Every level of living depends on how still your mind is. We are conditioned to be busy and reactive. conditioned to have an opinion on everything and everyone. This develops into narrow thinking. When you are at ease with yourself, remarkable changes take place.

When you begin to read and listen without projecting your desires. When you let go of need to gratify your need to be heard, a remarkable transformation takes place. It is important to know how to listen. When you truly hear yourself think. When you hear yourself speak. It’s amazing how quickly you realise that you are repeating same habits that don’t serve you over and over again. So when you stop these patterns, you begin to hear the beauty of nature.

Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self. Stop distortion and hear the oceans and mountains speak.

Hear the real voice of your friends and family. greater understanding of quality of your life emerges. You have more vitality and passion for life. Your passion is infectious when directed. When misdirected, it drains you and others around you. At first it’s engaging. But when it does not show up in life physically, it quickly loses its appeal. We deserve a robust and emotionally fulfilled life that truly matters. We choose who we have around us to support the depths of our beingness.

The most neglected area of our lives is our relationship to our own inner wisdom. In reality, this is the easiest to access. However our inner wisdom has been overshadowed by conditioning and programming by outside influences.

Recognising that  Distorted understanding leads to limitations of self is fundamental to self mastery.

When you get that, no one can ever lie to you or lead you away from your inner voice that connects to billions of years of universal wisdom. No computer, no human has equals this capacity.


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