Feeling Separate

Feeling Separate and search for deeper connection.

As a human being living in this world can never be free from feeling separate. This is majFeeling Separateor problem of life. When human is feeling separate he/she begins to seek a group a place to feel deeper relationships with reality. Seeking this reality because there is that empty space. Life has no meaning. Just turning up to work and then what. Is all life mechanical? People going through the paces feeling like a machine. This is the basic reality starts the search for self. What is this relationship. If we don’t find it – life can feel empty.

Living in comfort does not make separate feelings disappear. In-fact it creates greater division.

It is an essential question when feeling separate what and where do I search? We feel we need to be totally involved in our reality. What is human relationship. Is there a relationship or do we continue on in this self centered reality. In a separateness there must be conflict.

Feeling of disconnect begin to seek answers what is love. What is this feeling of love. There is no answer from another. There is only a communion. In communion with self you may find your reality. Is there such a thing as reality.

How do you find out for yourself.

If your do that through analysis you get caught in sea of pieces. Analysing exacerbates feeling separate.  This begins journey of getting rid of problems by seeing therapy that promises to release these problems through emotional release therapy or joining a spiritual group. This goes on for decades, yet the problem remains.

We use way of seeing and feeling in one breath. WHEN THERE IS NO separation; FEELING of ONENESS is instant.

That this feeling separate identity can change in one moment.

To see it is to act in a totally transformed way. This requires honesty and desire to be really present. Not through words and theories. We completely connect with unresolved feelings to finally acknowledge them. These are your feelings you have been hiding most likely all your life You are a stranger to your own unresolved feelings. The spiritual way is to give them attention. It is a way to be totally involved. Quench your thirst for this knowledge. First you need to have the right question to give you the right answer for transformation to occur. How do you ask the right question. The most important thing in love is being present, only then this feeling separate will be transmuted.

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