Intentional Creative Living

Intentional Creative Living is Key to Physical and Relationship Health.

Translating to Stress free life in every area of life. Everything in life that we experience begins with intention. For example if you want to go to the forest but drive to the ocean, your mind and emotions are immediately in conflict. When what you say to yourself is not shoeing up in your life is because you do not know the feeling of getting exactly what your ordered actually feels like deeper in our wisdom consciousness.

If you want to develop trust for yourself, you need to discover what Intentional Creative Living actually feels like to your soul and your spirit.

This means that we need to cultivate our relationship within us first before we can be present in Intentional  Creative Livingany relationships outside ourselves. We have been conditioned to compromise every aspect of self. This word should removed from our vocabulary.

What we need and must have is everything we desire to be present in our life. When this becomes a reality, we begin to live in honesty. Whenever we are denied organic truth, our soul and spirit disengage from us a little more. For example; when you accept a person into your personal space as a relationship partner,make certain you are not seeing a relationship before you actually see the truth of who this person really is. For example, one of my students so needed human contact that he was willing to take on a partner who was an engaged in an escort service. Then she switched to providing tantra with a happy ending.

His problem was that he no longer wished to go it alone. Instead of Intentional Creative Living, he compromised.

Because tantra sex is marketed as spiritual truth, he was willing to accept her level of ignorance. As it turned out, when she arrived from overseas to join him, she put him through tremendous drama. She just wanted to have fun and party. Fortunately, he already began to feel the benefits of his training. To his credit he let her go; but not before his training with mme took a significant toll on his progress. Had he not stated his training, they would have had a flimsy social time. This would not have shown up their strengths or weaknesses. The two of he made an agreement to support each other in their growth. Clearly their individual interpretations of growth were in conflict. She meant it by just words but not putting Intentional Creative Living into physical reality. The moral of this post  on Intentional Creative Living is; look at the actions, not the excuses or explanations. Stop all this mental noise that comes with justifying and perpetuating lies especially when presented under a spiritual banner. If you want to know what intentional living feels like; enter here.


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