Putting Aside Filters

Putting Aside Filters Brings Communication to Life. When the filter of desire is removed, you hear what is being said.

It’s important to hear what is being said. The tone of voice and placement of words tell you more than just the words themselves. Practice putting aside filters so you can hear the vibration of the communication. Communication has nothing to do with words really. Nature communicates it’s honesty constantly, but we cannot hear it.

Until we master putting aside filters of judgement and conditioning we cannot ever have a relationship with another human being.

Every human is an environment of pure nature. Every organ every cell in our body is part of aPutting Aside Filters community. They each have a unique frequency. We know that because medical equipment relies on frequencies to detect abnormalities. We ha this level of awareness thousands of years ago. Over time we have been programmed out of this awareness. In doing so we surrendered our humanity. From that time on people have been unable to be in the same book let alone the same chapter. Being on the same page is just our wishful thinking. In conversations, I hear people talking. But none of them are aware that they are just talking from their filter. They are not even talking about the same subject. What they are doing is using some words that are similar. Each has a different interpretation of the meaning of that word. They do not even hear the fact that the other party is not even responding to their story. They are responding to their own story.

When you begin consciously working on putting aside filters soon there is no working at it.

The putting aside of filters becomes even frightening. You hear what is really being said.

We become keenly aware that no one is really listening. The only thing that remains is systems. People are so used to systems that when there is no system, such as private conversation, that people are lost. No new ideas are shared or expanded. Taking action on words spoken needs to be practiced daily.

What if you committed to yourself to only speak about what you are willing to follow through with immediately? How would that conversation go? Would you talk as much?

Perhaps you’ll take quiet time out with nature and allow yourself to feel it without putting words to it. Labels ¬†tend to limit the experience. So next time you are in a conversation, don’t think of an opinion. Just listen. This will show the true nature of your place in that conversation. You’ll begin to hear what is really being covered up by words. You’ll hear the intention of the person speaking. You may even hear your own soul participating in the conversation.

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