Remove Suffering

Remove Suffering from the tortured mind. A mind that is seeking is never at peace.

When we practice harmonious states we remove suffering by practising basic simple steps. We have lost our way through careless thoughts and indulgences that feed into our emotions constantly. When we live a life of hardship and denial; these place tremendous stress on our entire system.

The clear defined path to remove suffering includes physical and mental treatments.

Often referred to as the noble path. This can only work if you apply this path daily just as you apply wRemove sufferinghat damages your life daily. When we take full responsibility things begin to change. The reality is that most people have created such a mess that it takes a team to help them out. To remove suffering while your life in turmoil is difficult on your own.

1. We begin with Right Understanding.

Understanding the universal law and the cause and effect on your life and beyond.

2. Right Attitude.

Thought disrupt health and relationships. Stilling the mind and bringing new thought create new attitude.

3. Right Speech.

Everything you say affects the energy around you. Your word is your master. Study the energy of the word.

4. Right Action.

Action and thought go together. What you do affects quality of thought. What you say affect energy available for action. Words can exhaust you or elevate you. Practice right action and right thought. They go together.

When you follow the right path you will begin to remove suffering. The power of speech when used properly brings harmony to every aspect of life. Not engaging in actions that damage heals professional life and personal life. Right mindfulness is focus on truth of what is really happening. Develop strength towards freedom to remove suffering from your life. By understanding right attitude and right action you end all suffering. When you want more out of life come to Open Heart Retreat to remove suffering.


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