Take Refuge

Take Refuge when you’re ready to care and be cared for. A life that’s safe and strong.

Take Refuge And he could feel the awakening of the merging of the cells in the ecstasy that brings of the interaction that is pure consciousness. People live unskillfully in bodies they do not understand. These deliver painful consequences to relationships and to the health of the spirit and the physical body. People say things they do not understand everything you say affects your body and the programming of your cells. Here we take refuge in paying attention to what we say and what we do in the consequence of hands on our body.

When we take refuge in honesty; the body begins to let go of the burdens has been carrying.

As we continue to take refuge emotions let go of the struggle and you can see things clearly. If people say that supposedly when you die you see everything before you could be done whenever you want to do pass before your eyes. When you take refuge you to prepare yourself to know which had been doing before you pass onto the plane so when you die you don’t have to wait and see the judgement. When you take refuge you begin to identify with what you really love to do and be in life.

In this training as you take refuge we intend to purify verbal actions purify mental actions in train ourselves to live in that purity without restraint.

Live the organic life of being in the body fully by letting go of robotic life that has been created for us that we conform to. When you take refuge you welcome agreeable pleasant world and heaven on earth. We speak words that are soothing and genuine with or reconcile those broken parts of us.

Hear words that create collaboration Corporation and abandon divisive speech that you’ve heard over and over again since you’ve been born. We speak Words worth Treasuring connecting with actual goal. Are you ready to leave behind the quarrelling in the disharmony of your life. You have experienced stress losses and dispassionate life and made that normal. It is so normal that your body craves for it because it is addicted to disharmony. Why you say you want love and harmony there is a disconnect inside you craving the continuation of heart disharmony. Tormented and weeping and afraid of yourself is your daily life. We invite you to take refuge we can share in your skills and your desires for better life and build a remarkable community that takes care of each other. We live daily in an environment that supports awareness and successful living for all within our group. We want you to learn how to take care of each other. Create your piece of paradise while you are alive. Live as one with your soul here on earth.

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