Tantra Levels Mystery

Tantra Levels Mystery unveiled. As there are levels of consciousness there are levels of interpretations of tantra.

A person in survival mode would interpret Tantra Levels of Mystery as sexual union. This is because that is their level of consciousness. No matter the training, these people actually believe that enlightenment is achieved through tantric sex. At that level there is no transformation. There is however pleasure of stimulating the five seTantra Levels Mysterynses. Believing does not make it real. Seeing life for what it really is changes our belief systems.

Tantric temples represent levels of consciousness of human on this planet. This has not changed in thousands of years. This diagram of Maslow’s pyramid of needs demonstrates clearly the levels. The survival base is predominant in this chart reflecting the majority of human consciousness.

Tantra Levels Mystery is clearly represented by this picture.

Tantra sex was created to hold people back from enlightenment. Because going from base chakra directly to heart chakra skips the safety level. When that is overlooked, there is a chasm created. Energy needs to solidly travel through each level. The way to do that is to master the safety level in it’s entirety. Only then can a human know love.

In a healthy body Tantra Levels Mystery is revealed. This means that a person coming from physiological level of awareness cannot possibly feel love and belonging. They can only be in reaction much like taking a drug. The drug takes over where the body and mind cannot enter due to lack of that level of consciousness.

Tantra Levels Mystery is revealed however when a person is willing to feel their destiny and to live all aspects of self simultaneously.

During the sessions, and for some – over the phone; many clients describe new levels of consciousness. A presence of a pillar of light pouring over their body. An awakening of truth that is gentle on the soul. This tender awakening is the dearmouring process. Gentleness from within you disarms the mind that has been conditioned.

“Simplicity of humman soul shames for all time the pomp and pedantry of pontiffs and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramakrishnapundits”

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