When the mind lets go of control

When the mind lets go of control it frees you and itself. The mind is in fear of letting go because it’s afraid of being discarded.

The only thing that happens when the mind lets go of control is that the mind becomes more relevant. This it needs to know before it allows itself to let go. When it lets go your mind realises it’s limitation when trying to control reality. It recognises it’s conditioning and pWhen the mind lets go of controlrogramming to only see truth from the social programming embedded over the years. When the mind lets go of control it recognises freedom of living fully without the restraints. Free to create and life the life you’ve only dreamed of. How often have you looked at a relationship and said “I wish I can have this level of happiness at home”. Or visited a home or seen it in a movie or read a story. And you said to yourself “I’d love to have this level of warmth and abundance and flow in my home.” Have you looked at someone and said to yourself “I’d really love to have a job or a business that is thriving”. This is what you can create  when the mind lets go of control and begins to cooperate with all inner wisdom. You stop living in survival mode and prosper in every area of life.

Some of the benefits when the mind lets go of control.

Your begin to develop healthier relationships. This activates clearing negative energies.

You recognise that you have been brainwashed into submission to comply with social rules that make you bland. This often results in rebellious behavior or into conformity without questioning the source. this questioning sets your mind free. You’ll find courage to leave or heal the relationship or friendships and flourish. To heal a current relationship takes both of you letting go of control. But this can begin with just you. As you begin to live your life fully, this often influences your partner in choosing to join you in self development and self improvement. This makes for s. You’ll begin to grow just like you did as a toddler. Life becomes exciting, filled with exploration of fresh mind. When the mind lets go of control, the fog lifts as you begin to live life from a different perspective.

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