A Couples Story

A Couples Story – Follow a  journey of a couple  exploring their relationship. In 1997 this couple came to me to improve their relationship on all levels.

After twenty five years of marriage Sarah had lost interest in sex.

Paul began his search in Tantra Sexuality, TaA Couples Storyntra Love, and most of all Sensuality. The problem in this relationship was that they were great friends. They had wonderful family relations. Both were very happy in their jobs. Their life was great. 

But the sexual intimacy, makes a marriage a marriage was non existent. They were living as friends. Sleeping as sibling.

  • They wanted their intimacy back, the intimacy that bonded them for life when they were much younger. Raising children and many other responsibilities and issues began to drive them apart sexually. These things can go unnoticed until the children begin to live their own lives.

When nice no longer cuts it. It becomes boring. Boring feelings lead to inflamed explosive reactions.

  • All other aspects of their life were rather nice as they put it but the deep connections were missing.

A Couples Story; New couple – New Video Dec 2015 of a couple deeply in love. 

But every conversation is a struggle. Never ending arguing and hurting each others feelings. This is typical of many couples. This does not have to continue. My conversation in the video below showcases the horrors many couples live in. These sessions go beyond sex techniques. Until the underlying issues are addressed the sexual aspect remains just a symptom of deeper issues within the relationship.


Here A Couples Story begins.

Paul called first. He told me the situation and that they had tantra sex session that had not made any difference to there relationship. Then I asked to speak to Sarah to form a foundation for A Couples Story. Tantra they tried was just sex. The focus there was on positions breath and sex techniques. Their experience there was not sustainable. From sex tantra they had, was no change in Sarah. Paul continued to search.

We begin our Couples Story.

I personalised Tantra for their lifestyle and relationship needs that involved connecting with their life’s personal needs and desires.

Between their session, they kept a diary of their experiences and their progress. They are delighted  to share all of their experiences with you, this is their story.

Following up with A Couples Story.

  • Sarah & Paul’s story with commentary from Jay & myself (in the PDF). Paul’s body was in total pain when he arrived for his first appointment due to the demands of sporting  commitments and training. In the beginning of each appointment, I met with both of them.They shared their situation with disarming honesty. After a deep discussion Sarah had her Tantra massage first this is Sarah & Paul’s Diary. Paul took time out while I worked with Sarah. When this ses sion as Sarah integrated, I called Paul for his session. Sarah went off on her own with my instructions on practising what she had learned. Followed by bringing them back together for their couples bonding session.

 A Couples story here reflects almost every man or woman who comes for therapy here.

This is significant – rarely do I see people who do not wish to be a couple with somebody.

Most often they want to be a couple with the person they know best. Often once they are married to or they have a longing to form a relationship with someone they can relate to and who truly relates to them.

First we begin with one person to bring out the beauty of vibrant self contained confident individual to do this we connect with our bodies first. Our body is our filter of what goes on around us. In our search we have absorbed so much of other people’s idea of what we should do and be that is not us anymore. We begin to repeat things we have heard about but not tested for it’s truth or origin.  This can leave us are rather lost and at times even desperate to live a better life. This energy is obvious to others although they do not realise they are actually responding to that energy part of you. We need to strengthen the parts that feel vulnerable so you body feels the freedom to receiving truth that is the reality not the story spun to sell a virtual reality. A Couple’s Story reflects almost all of us as we seek safety within our bodies.