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Not the supermarket prepackaged version of Tantra that other services provide

Not the supermarket pre-packaged version of Tantra that commercialised prepackaged services provide.Not the supermarket prepackaged version of Tantra that other services provide

I need to make this very clear. All Tantra is scripted.  You look at tantric training; they all say “I will provide you with step by step process in writing so you can begin to make get a return on your investment”.

They are just in a business to make money — nothing else. Deeply damaged disturbed people are being recruited by United nations of sexual deviants. They all tell you they love sex and have chosen this lower level of tantra as a way to get around the law claiming health benefits and personal development. Nothing sacred about presenting your genitals to a person who themselves have been exploited but so dumbed down that they do not know that. If it’s common then there is no value in it. It’s manufactured for them not you.

Secret to true intimacy is feeling that you are the only one present with your significant other. Time and space stop.

  • Seemingly society expects us to conform, to fall in line as an insignificant body as one of the pack.
  • We are conditioned not to want what we desire but to turn up and do as we are told.
  • Tantric techniques that follow a set system reinforce our insignificance.
  • Separation is reinforced when you participate in Neo Tantra.

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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction often is a result of blockage of forward moving energy that is your masculine energy.

Premature ejaculation  feeling spine tingling ecstasy Masculine Energy is within both male and female energy. Premature ejaculation often is result of some unresolved trauma.

  • When we judge masculine roles and functions this can result in Premature ejaculation.
  • For some men this can be result of sexual abuse.
  • Any sudden trauma can affect our connection to ourselves.
  • For men this can express itself as Premature ejaculation.
  • For women traumatic events can result in inability to orgasm or avoiding sex completely.

  • When we are in orgasm there is no self judgement. 
  • We seek sex to escape these thoughts and by escaping we come face to face with self judgement and resistance to embracing pleasure.

Premature ejaculation halts pleasure of Orgasm.
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