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Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research confirms that there is life after death.

A division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at University of Virginia Health System. the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences is internationally known for their integrity in investigation of nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.

It’s important we consider where we are going when this life on earth comes to an end. By giving this lifetime meaning. We begin to give new meaning to all relationships. Quality of relationship becomes priority. We stop just filling in time. We begin to value the time we have on earth to live life fully.

When Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research supports spiritual beliefs of reincarnation we prioritise quality of friendships.

We recognise that we have limited time to understand our  place on earth. Everything Mind and Consciousness Scientific Researchwe touch now has different texture. Touch has new depth. We feel what we have never felt before. This new awareness takes us in a completely new direction. Taking new direction does not necessarily mean a new profession. Our profession is like any other tool. When we use that tool differently we can get superior results. But remember on the way, you correct. Using a new tool often begins with trial and error. Or with correction. Why? Because we a aiming for a different outcome. This means we are adjusting our perception as we view the result of our effort. This the becomes our meditation. Meditation means expanding our focus. Meditation as a means to a new reality. It is not an escape from reality that most people experience. When you escape reality you shut yourself off. Shutting ourselves off from consciousness results in stagnation.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research found that these are not just some isolated anomaly. 

We just cannot ignore these findings. Or quarantine them out of you reality. In my work people frequently connect with spirits or souls. Some souls of those who passed on. Others of their living or family and friends. Some with their own soul that caresses them. Indigenous cultures have initiations to connect people to their spirit.  Spirit consciousness gives meaning to all aspects of life including relationships with one another and the environment. We have lost that. We have taken that away from indigenous people. this is why they suffer so much. When our spirit hurts from separation, we hurt. We suffer mentally and physically. They even become aware of the presence of their living friends in the room with us. For some they see them as physical beings. Others reported thinking of that person over and over again while experiencing phenomenal feelings. Still other see their friends supporting them in the session by providing their energy. All this influences my depths of research. Yes on the way I come across fluffy versions of interpretations. Very quickly we know what to identify as ignorance on behalf of the poster. Remember – opinions and beliefs are founded on someone else’s beliefs. Don’t be a follower of someone’s beliefs. Be supporter of validated experiences. Go outside the general social conditioning. 95% of the world in state of amnesia. The other 5% are in state of self exploration and appreciation of neverending expansion into joy of awakening. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research did just that with actual data. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research interviewed children who reported remembering their previous lives. Internet is filled with quick fixes from tantric sex to devoting yourself to a guru. These are sold as stairway to heaven. This attitude perpetuates amnesia of entire human population.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research are rethinking how the brain works.

Our everyday consciousness ankers our brain. Brain conditions mind but it does not generate new ways of living. When we realise this we stop being careless about our physical life. We consider our eternity. We decide to grow into our human kindness. My experiences with my clients led me to do deeper research. If it wasn’t for them I would just believe the status quo. Or would just accept any guru who would manipulate my thoughts to have me follow them. Never be a follower. But be an appreciator of people who offer their skills and wisdom while enhancing your skills and wisdom. University-based leading edge research group is the most devoted exclusively to investigating survival of consciousness after death. One of the books “Evidence of the Afterlife : The Science of Near-Death Experiences” is a good place to begin if you at all serious about knowing. My personal near death experience was also a catalyst to continue searching so you don’t have to wait for your near death experience. Learn from others so you don’t have to go through trauma you are not prepared for. As I dig deeper. I am never disappointed. In my childhood I thought everyone could see. Feel feel what I could. Comprehend what I could. It is a natural ability in all of us. At that age I did not understand how most people were repressed. How they were prevented from accessing that part of themselves. Mos of the world is in state of amnesia. This is create by trauma of being conditioned. By systematic education. By chemical in our food that suppresses our consciousness. By lack of nutrients in our soil. By religious beliefs. By Social and family environment. It took many many years of experiences with my clients to refine my work to where it is now. Im grateful of Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research conducted by credible scientists.

Science of Non-duality.

Now, often I can often connect people to that aspect of wisdom within them in the first session. With the ones who struggle to do so, I set them on a program. Designed to cleanse the embedded toxins that interfere with their ability to connect. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives people confidence. It helps validate their suspicions of fake teaches and unaware life coaches.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives our suspicions credibility. Gives us strength to step out of the flow. Get of the train that’s locked on it’s tracks and broaden your horizons.