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Transforming Damaged Cells

Transforming Damaged Cells through Inner Sound Therapy. This vibrational therapy is foundation of Awakening of Infinite Wisdom within your own cells.

Let go of the past by Transforming Damaged Cells. The only way to let go of the past is to get out of the head. Inner Sound Therapy does just that. When this vibration begins, the vibration frees the brain from recirculating thoughts. Our consciousnessTransforming Damaged Cells resonates from the vibrabration of microtubules inside neurons of our brain. These vibrations connect brain processes. The quality of connection and number of connections determine how our brain processes information and intention.

When my clients began to experience regeneration in the first appointment I began to research why my unique ways worked. I’ve heard of quantum physics but never in this context. I’ve always been fascinated with the nature of reality. My family history and childhood determined my destiny in this field. Having incurred numerous physical injuries and emotional, mental abuse while growing up I searched with profound determination.

Let your mind just take this video message in before you form judgement.

Pay attention as you watch. Close all other browsers. Turn off all other devices. Better still move them to another room where possible. Now allow yourself to be present with this powerful revelation.

Here in advanced Transforming Damaged Cells Session I took my student to the beach. His experience is one of  creating new cell signaling. This creates physiological (meaning physical changes) changes. It’s what we feel during the fight or flight response. Turning these feelings into trust rather than fear. Trust suggests that we know what to do. Fear is a level of ignoring our potential.

His experience of Transforming Damaged Cells is in this video. Hear him describe pain & toxins leaving.

Only when we uncover our own truth do we benefit. My role is to support you in recognising where you are during the session. This ensures you don’t fall into the groove of comfortable discomfort. Familiar no matter how dark is often the place we gravitate. For this reason you must have the right mentor who can steer you to a new path. Science refers to this as Neuroplasticity.

This new path is gateway to your soul and soular resonance.

Over time I applied this to my own healing. Transforming Damaged Cells was my personal journey.

If it wasn’t for discovering the power of inner vibration this would never have become a reality. I know there are numerous courses that offer accreditation on vibrational healing. These vibrations are coming by use of instruments, or electrimulation. These are  from outside the human body. My work in Transforming Damaged Cells comes from resonance activated from inside the body. You are actually participating rather than being a passive recipient of sound or pulses.

Transforming Damaged Cells from inner vibrations sets foundation for Self Mastery.

Clients throughout my pages share their feelings. All have been result of inner vibrational resonance. Chakra and Kundalini begin to interact as they participate in Transforming Damaged Cells. It is when the healing of sexual abuse begins. Healing of other trauma and the disconnect. This is empowered process of clearing negative energies.

Every thought is either Transforming Damaged Cells or creating them.

These thoughts are often result of events in our life whether conscious or unconscious. Some may be coming through from past lives that you have come to master in this lifetime. When revising the past we enter into that vibration. Many therapies have been set up for revisiting the past.

In my experience, this only leaves you flat. Humans have been conditioned to immediately go to the bad place. To relive events that are running in the background. This creates a vibration that feels familiar. This is why people are drawn to that. However this does nothing towards Transforming Damaged Cells. It’s similar to advice we have been given for decades; “go to a remote place and scream” they say. Let it out. It’s similar to throwing up. You feel better for a bit but soon nausea comes back. Unless you take the next step. This may be in a form of food, fresh air, rest, bodywork, or just getting outside and connect with nature.

When we connect with nature this sets of vibrations in our own body.

We vibrate in harmony of frequencies  of our environment. Rarely do people vibrate to their own frequencies

In advanced therapies I’ll connect you to your superpower that remains. Initially however you will begin to resonate with the vibrations I link you to. These links shall be the pathways to opening your awareness of vibrational frequencies that heal. Make a time for your awakening to Transforming Damaged Cells. Begin your journey of Awakening your mastery.