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Know what Matters to you to know you

Know what Matters to you to know you. Truth comes out when you know what is important.

Know what Matters to you to know youYour personal world is locked away from you until you know what is important in your life. This is not an intellectual knowing, it’s a deep cellular knowing that rises from inside you. When the spirit you were born with rises from within you and speaks is the most profound moment in your life. For many this is frightening. We have been condition to have someone from outside of ourselves tell us what to do.

Almost robotically, in a programmed fashion we just follow the prompts. Never considering that we are just reacting mindlessly yet confused in mind and body.

When Spirit is heard, then you to “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

When you follow instructions from an external source, just check for the feeling inside you. Depending on the level of your awareness of Your Spirit Presence the feeling can be confusing. For some this can be frightening. We have not been taught or guided to remember our soul and spirit who are our link to universal wisdom. This wisdom is available to every living being, animal, plant, sea, rivers, mountains and every creation of universe.

Connecting to Nature is links your organic body to earth body to open gateway for you to “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

This “Inner Knowing” brings you to earth frequency vibrations that heal every area of your life. “Bring Order Into Your Life” and stop multitasking. When multitasking we are living by default, and that clouds our judgement. When Multitasking – you are not present. You are just going through the motions on automatic. On automatic there is no soul.

When Soul, Spirit, Body, Mind, Emotions are aligned. We flow. Automated living and living in harmony of your entire being are entirely different feelings. Living in harmony is energising. Living automated is exhausting.

When Know what Matters to you to know you, you open link to your soul and spirit that you never had access to.

For some people this is most comforting and liberating feeling. For others it is most frightening feeling. Knowing what to do with these feeling is key. How to live these feelings in everyday life is key so you actually live what you “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

Watch your family, friendships and work life transform when you actually live by the principles of what matters to you. These feelings come  from the very depths of your being. It’ll soften your heart and vision of the world around you. You become more giving. Most of all, you are more receiving of the world around you. The world around you tells you the truth.