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Mastering Human Experience

Mastering Human Experience begins with self knowledge. When your mind is clear you cannot be fooled or fool yourself.

Only inner wisdom can guide you to your truth. When it is complicated with sexual energy for sex sake it takes over because sexual energy is the most powerful energy in every living being. It is only in a controlled, contained and restricted environment that it becomes distorted. This has />become the focus of all tantric teachings and schools.Mastering Human Experience begins with self knowledge.

Yet tantra is about life and living fully. This has nothing at all to do with sex or even the heart. When you divide the body into these elements, naturally the body is controlled and divided.

Feeling your entire body as a whole is key to living as complete and healthy human. Your body consists of many elements that communicates to each other. Provided these elements are uncluttered and devoid of all programming instilled since birth.

When you realise that you are manipulated and programmed by the outside world including this tantric sex. This empowers you to make your mark and give this birth the value it deserves.

Mastering Human Experience begins with deep desire to research truth and lies.

In every lie is embedded a truth. This is how lies are able to survive.

Humans seem to have forgotten to research the teacher or the service provider. Humans take the word of a person who has set themselves up as an expert. You need to become the expert and dig not only deeper but wider.

Here we reveal thousands of emotions and life possibilities while most humans live in just one confined reality all their life. Essence of Mastering Human Experience is to overcome the limitation that our brain has and allow our soul and spirit guide us.

Become the living spirit not just good at sex.

Depths of Tantric Union

Depths of Tantric Union is achieved when Satisfaction is felt simply because your ultimate Desire to be all of the universe is fulfilled.

When our physical senses are satisfied our mind can become still, focused, free. When the union of body mind soul is reached, we are suspended in place of exquisite unwavering pleasure. It is where the thinking mind cannot reside because it has nothing to grab onto.

To reach the depths of tantric union, one needs to go through four stages of initiation to reach the fifth stage that is self empowerment.

1. First it’s the Awakening Stage:  

Depths of Tantric Union

The awakening stage is the place of recognising the self. This is where the shell that kept you separate from your true nature falls away. My experience is for everyone that protection is more pronounced in different partsDepths of Tantric Union of their being.

2. Next the Cleansing stage: it’s where you begin to identify the blockages. So instead of identifying yourself with the blockages. These stuck energies are recognised as nothing other than interference patterns that we’ve taken on. These patterns are not us yet we have identified with them almost exclusively that they began to represent us. You are guided to connect with the source that knows where to be and how to be, all you need to do is invite it in.

When our mind is busy we feel stress and sense of divided feelings.

Feelings of separation within our bodies become so strong that we begin to seek solutions and satisfaction outside of us.

3. Absorption stage is the crucial factor:

Depths of Tantric Union

Following cleansing the empty space wants to be filled. Nature doesn’t have void. Everything is filled space, so, the absorption stage needs to be acquired and the same time as the cleansing stage.

4. Completion stage is the merging of all energy centers: This is the place where you become aware of the interdependence of all universal energies. WDepths of Tantric Unionhen everything is connected, the importance of this cannot be overlooked. Then you are just a few steps away from merging with your true self that you were originally born with. You chakras align themselves. Your kundalini moves itself through its own self knowledge.

5. Now you are in Depths of Tantric Union with the Self: This is where you can get lost. You have all the tools all the building materials you can bring in to build the house of dreams. So how do you put that together and what do you order and in what sequence?

Next step is where you begin to create the life you want to live. Designed by you, built by cooperative elements around you.

Depths of Tantric Union fulfils our ability to connect.

Our deepest desire of union is to feel whole in one self. Often this gets confused with merging with collective energies. Your completeness (this is ultimate alchemy) between two people where our desire is to dissolve into one  another begins with the merging with your own soul you were born with. When your soul is absorbed into your own body the next stage can be the merging with your loved one. That loved one can be a living partner or representation of eternal love spirit.

A timeless experience, an escape from the mundane drives us to search for pleasure. To escape from demands and pressures from structure that separates us. At this point any idea of romantic love may feel cumbersome, too much hard work. History tells us that romantic love comes with tremendous amount of baggage.

Depths of Tantric Union Connection Relieves deepest frustration.

Today as you seek, the last thing you want is emotional baggage; after all there is enough going on for you and every one of us. How can you feel complete inside of you while you carry emotional baggage within you. Often intimate relationships are based on emotional baggage.

When you need to feel that there is more to this lifetime, then Depths of Tantric Union Training is for you.

Once you feel relaxed then we can discuss further options. New pages have been added to this website to assist in supporting you at your  pace.  These options are available when that sense of inner peace and satisfaction have been reached. They are shared at your own pace.

Now if we really want to fly a jet we can learn to fly,  foundation training always begins on the ground. These pages are here, more info….

The Five essential pages below are essential read before calling for your appointment.

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Connection Relieves deepest frustration

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