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Raise your vibrations for self healing

Raise your vibrations for self healing. On this page I share with you true story of self healing in one of our healing sessions.

today I want to share with you a session that is truly with a remarkable. This lady came in to deal with her emotional and personal life so she could move on with the business and make it a success. Separated from the husband with two children she needed to start a new business because the income prior to separation was from a business that she and her husband had founded. Now it is time for her to go it anew.

In this video you would hear the woman speaking about how you too are  able to raise your vibrations for self-healing.

So we began a session with grounding and connection at the level that she is at upon her arrival. With dedicated preparation we moved into the next level that is the connection within the body and the wisdom of her body. I personally get more inspired by personal stories than scientific date.

In this video I share with you the power energy my healing energy has. This is shared with you by a friend of mine where she relates the healing energy left behind in her home that remained for two weeks and how her daughters bathed in it. Consider this level of energy available to everyone who really wants it. And how you can maintain and grow it yourself. We came from high source energy and are capable of bringing into our lives in this lifetime.  Right here on the earth plane. You don’t have to wait to get to heaven to feel this level of bliss.

Discover what it takes to sustain and maintain higher frequencies and why we are missing out. It’s simple. Humans have made life complicated.

In first appointment well connect you with basic frequencies that you can begin to cultivate as foundation for life.

When a person gets results, that is real. When a system is designed in a laboratory that to me needs to be proven to work in real life. If you are going to believe that you too can Raise your vibrations for self healing. I know you’d want to hear this from someone who has already done it.

In this video we talk over what transpired in our session. This gives her clarity as she travels home.

In order to raise your vibration for self healing we need to access the wisdom of the cells which contain the wisdom of the universe.

Universal Wisdom is available at each one of us in this session it manifested as your healing energy that flowed through her and adjusted in aspect of the body. As she left she could feel her body gate to be changed. She will definitely as if in the body of a brand-new person who was carrying in no trauma. Whole body vibrations need to be supervised by a person who is deeply connected to their soul and spirit.

We go through the depths of separation and every cell our being seems to question the purpose of that relationship which eventually hurt so much.

We question the reason why we make that decision to be with our partner who finally is regarded as so much that we needed to separate our lives. The interesting thing in the session is; you Raise your vibrations for self healing and live in self knowledge.  is that the body mind emotions soul and spirit healed simultaneously. And in a moment you have all the answers and no more questions. Questions are often about second-guessing yourself. Mistakes are made within clear on what to do and what is involved. This is when we have the questions. When you actually on the par with a great Olympic athlete in questioning why you’re there you just go to the goal.

As you raise your vibrations for self healing this affects your Relationship with yourself. Your confidence rises. You are aligned with your soul and spirit. As a whole being you can now trust your intuition. When you raise your vibrations for self healing, you regenerative aspects are now activated. They are programmed to function automatically. You stop having questions and just live in the answers. You are just in perpetual healing mode that takes you to a place where you are perfect being. You are no longer seeking to heal. Because there is nothing to heal you. You are already healed.

 Want to know how you can Raise your vibrations for self healing and how I can support you, it’s vital you know more about me. this way when we talk even in our conversation you may feel as many have that you begin to Raise your vibrations for self healing in just that one conversation.




Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human

Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human. Beyond sensual gratification are relationships that hold the secrets to healthy fulfilling and trusting relationships.Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human

Without relationships we really do not exist. Everything you touch, eat, drink. Every breath you take.  Every thought  is expression of your relationship with the world. Your relationship between your coworkers, your children, your significant other, your pets. Relations with extended family. Relations to quality of life regardless of your financial status.

All these relationships are under extreme stress and division constantly occupied with problems, pain and loneliness. This often leads to making decisions based on problems rather than solutions.

As you begin to seek to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human, choices you make will take you further from connection or closer to your inner wisdom.

Superstition affects all decisions we make. Superstitions are beliefs that  influence you without being aware of intentions behind the old beliefs that bind us to seeking in wrong direction.

To develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human takes a great deal of intelligence.

Intelligence is the accessed through connection to your soul, body. mind, spirit as one. You cannot learn to develop deep safe relationships from a book. You cannot learn that remotely. Relationships are about being open about who you really are. This ability the world lost thousands of years ago. Ability to recognise genuine relationships is almost non-existent. Removing barriers begins with letting go of old habits and culture. These habits make you robotic and subject to status quo.

When you actually observe people – they are conforming to principals that have nothing to do with real life. People are conforming out of fear.

Fear stops you from your ability to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human.

Fear perpetuates a cluttered mind. Your mind processes up to 18 thousand thoughts per minute. Is it any wonder you have difficulty in sticking to your truth or finishing a project. Living life with unfinished tasks is what keeps you from making real connections. Finishing tasks is not a one man job. Ask someone to help you.

Ask for help from a human if you seek to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human.

On line help is remote. Human connection will reveal where you are in life. When you ask for someone’s help – you’ll then discover true nature of your friendships. You’ll find who will take the time to be with you in your moments of real need. When you stop filling in time with friends and start creating with friends, your life will change.

If you finally discover how unsupportive your so called friends are contact us so we can help you through it. Or find an organisation set up to give you support in your area.

Two years ago I mentored a man. He needed to Develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human.

Recording is to be uploaded soon.

He discovered that not one of them was available. They were all immersed in their own stuff. Too busy for anything but social stuff. Just hanging out and talking. None were there to walk the talk when we actually looked honestly at the quality of his friendships. When you honestly observe what is going on around you, you’ll see truth. Truth of your how your mind has been manipulated by the latest gadgets, beliefs, systems. These systems turn you into robotic reactive non-being. This perpetuates avoidance of real human connection. Clouds your ability to see your life for what it truly is.

Reality is that everyone seeks to fit into what is marketed as the real answer to misery. But in the process you become more divided against each other. This makes you totally reliant on systems designed to control. Soften your heart towards each other if you want to develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human. This can be scary at first.

You have developed a thick skin to protect yourself in these challenging times. This divides people from their own intelligence.

The whole world is a make-believe world, created by some other human. This human has set themselves up as authority over you and your entire life. When you subject yourself to authority, you deny yourself. But this humans have done for thousands of years. Nothing has changed but the way authority has strengthened with it’s use of technology. This further divides humans.

Lets turn to each other to begin to develop deep safe relationships as foundation of being human and learn how to work together.

Sacred Spot Massage

Sacred Spot Massage Varies From Person to Person.

Over 20 years of Tantra Massage experience, I’ve discovered that location of Sacred Spot Changes.Sacred Spot Massage

When we involve our soul, spirit; our body goes into the no mind state. This is the state of bliss. At this point your entire body becomes your erogenous zone.

Simply because for that time, all time stops. When time stops, there is no division. We as fractured human beings feel the separateness from various parts of our body because we are not connected to our soul. A deeply spiritual man once said that the roots of a tree have a sound that is distinctly different to the sound of the trunk of a tree. Since everything is a vibration, it makes sense that these vibrations emit sounds. Everything in life is a massage of varying degrees. The way we caress our clothes, our face, our pet. All these are forms of massage. Massage is touch in motion.

What if you discovered a massage that has no movement.

When an energy touches you, it continues to caress you inside and out. Like ocean waves or like sitting on the edge of a running stream with your feet being caressed by the movement of the stream. this is also a sacred spot massage. The ripples of this stream flow through your entire body. Because it is not trying to change anything about you. Because the stream is just being the stream.

When all of your body is as one with itself – the Sacred Spot Massage is everywhere.

Stay with me through this new way of being. Remember – All of you is in bliss because there is no separation of your body, soul, spirit, mind and emotion. You are a whole vibrating beautiful being in absolute bliss. Any form of stimulation would bring you out of this bliss. To stimulate you would be like being disturbed out of a deep sleep where you feel you are in heaven.

This is what is in most of my video/audio talks with my clients. this is why my clients want to share. This is why there is a variety. Because each one of you is different. Therefore each person has their unique experience. This is also a healing session, not just tantric sex therapy. And there are many. Why? Because, occasionally – that would be a fluke. But consistently, that becomes a skill that can be relied upon.

In this video above a client talks about having that caress without being touched. And I’m not waving or stirring energy. It’s about having you connect with what is already within you, but you do not know it’s there because you have not tuned into your own frequency.

This Sacred Spot Massage tunes into your frequencies. The sacred Spot massage is the key to accessing this frequency. And it must be external and sometimes completely off your body. But you will feel it as if the touch is inside your body.

Your body is your planet. Much like sacred sites around the world, your body has sacred sites. The sacred sites around the world have become sacred because focus and energy has been focused on these areas. What if you gave your body the same reverence as sacred places around the world. What if you treated your body with the same regard you are treating any sacred object. There are various parts of your body and your life you are avoiding and even ignoring. In our session we access these areas that have been forgotten and bring them together. Your cells have their own soul. Cells have their own kundalini. Each cell has its own chakras. Each cell has its own brain.. Specific sacred spot massage makes these parts important enough to pay attention to. How deep do you think you will be able to connect to the bliss of acknowledgement?

Your body, your life, your world.


Empowerment of speech mind body is Knowledge of life empowerment initiation.

This empowerment ceremony awakens the depths of benefits of Tantric practices.

  • It is imparted by involving you.

Empowerment Initiation Training

  • Involving you in the practice of awakening to your awareness.
  • Connecting you to your expression of this module of your soul birth.
  • Without knowing, remembering why you are born in this lifetime in this social environment everything is just self delusion.
  • Most of all this empowerment initiation is designed for you to see everything around you for what it is.

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