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Understanding Lingam Consciousness

Understanding Lingam Consciousness as the beginningless form an endless pillar of light.

Lingam is pillar of light is felt when the union with infinite spirit is experienced. Here in my videos many clients describe this level of light and timelessness.

Linga is representation of the infinite; where time stops and access to all universal wisdom is simultaneously available. It is the light of inner experience that pours all over the body meeting with the earth energies. This is the experience my clients share with me.

This experience intensifies bliss. But the key is having the guidance of what to do with that bliss.

To access the Understanding Lingam Consciousness.

It’s necessary to have a very experienced advanced tantric practitioner who has had many lifetimes developing this level of awareness.

Understanding Lingam Consciousness comes through uniting your inner world with the outer reality. It is your personal journey between you and your soul/spirit/body and the source. You feel like you have been bathed from inside out. The clarity that comes with that is extraordinary.

In this video this man describes his experience in connection and instant connection to Understanding Lingam Consciousness.

LIsten to his awakening of how he had wasted much of his life and the options that are clearly presented to him.

In this article the description of shiva linga takes us to the truth of what my clients have expressed in their experiences. they state that “the linga by nature is a “crossing place” where the worlds are knit together by the shaft of Shiva. ( A tirtha- kshetra means a place of pilgrimage, where one might cross into the other world).”

That is what the weaving is about. It is not between the human man and woman during sex.

It is the blending the seen world with the unseen world. With clear intention and cooperation with your inner world you can touch this deep truth that is being expressed within the temple symbols.

Remember – the depiction of humans in embrace is a symbol that only the genuine seeker will ever touch.

This is why you need a teacher who knows the meaning. Not someone who interprets it into basic human survival mechanical reaction.Understanding Lingam Consciousness

The Jyotirlinga is the brilliant light that my clients describe. Please be sure to listen to their words all the way through the videos. Be assured that it will not make sense while you are in the early stages of your search for you. You cannot know anything until you actually experience it. Wisdom is not intellectual knowledge. Wisdom is actual expression of inner reality into outer reality. These must match.

In transition it’s vital you do not react or jump to conclusions that relate to the world you know and everyone else knows. The outer world is illusion until you really know you from inside out. This realisation occurs in an instant – then the Understanding Lingam Consciousness becomes reality. That is the Shiva dance. The dance and the merging between the seen and the unseen. Wisdom comes when true Merging of seen with unseen. This connect soul body with physical body with spirit body.


Shifting Consciousness

Shifting Consciousness and why it’s vital that we shift consciousness to bring new dimensions to our life and relationships.

New experiences that can surprise us. Who are you meant to be. This is the journey we are all on. We are all seeking to to be happy and have pleasure and fulfillment in this lifetime. Understanding sensuality and sexuality and how that belongs in your relationships.

In this video we share together as my client and I, the depths of consciousness we live in and what is possible when we reach the deeper aspects of our soul and spirit bodies. Our body is not just our five senses. When we go beyond the five senses we connect to the universal elements that live within us. This is not outside of us. Our wisdom is accessible through Shifting Consciousness.

To reach our inner being we need to access it through Shifting Consciousness that takes us beyond our physical senses.

Spirit guides are always around us. The only thing we need to do is reach this level of shifting Consciousness in real timeconnection that links to our awareness of our healing tribe we have come into this lifetime with. We are not alone on our journey when we recognise their presence.

At first the unknown can be daunting. But remember that is all you. It is not part of the robotic life we have come to be associated with as normal. What is normal is our connection to our senses that serve our five senses. What we nourish on and what we hear is part of our conditioning.

Here you connect to new levels of Shifting Consciousness and new levels of connection to your spirit family that looks out for you. This video gives you new insights into what is possible.

And that there is no time. When time stops the mind stops interfering. Our mind, being the conditioned mind puts a filter over the truth of how life really is on this earth. Conditioned mind misrepresents life according to our social structure. Our belief systems have been set in place for as at birth.

We are not bound by social norms when we access new dimensions of awareness. Life simply flows. End spiritual suffering by shifting consciousness.