Body De Armouring

Body De Armouring therapies can either empower you or lead you to ritualistic support group.

Here we work on ensuring you embrace your resistance anBody De Armouring is a process of linking your connection to your core elementsd your armour. Armour is your natural defence system. What has happened is that it has been infiltrated where it is actually going against you. Very much like autoimmune disorder where body’s own defence system attacks itself.

Deep research has uncovered body de armouring therapies that focus primarily on self gratification are seriously damaging to spiritual connection to universal wisdom. This universal wisdom is here for you right now. Soon, in anytime between now and just short 10 or 20 years you’ll be going into that cosmos and the point of death. In this sensual search for gratification you’ll foolishly be tempted by some other fake energy in the spirit world. We  are bound for real Spirit World when we leave this world. For this we need reality, not fantasy. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, make the most of this life. Don’t waste it. If you believe in life after death – then respect this life. Because you’ll pay for your actions. Stop the disregard for depths of life.  Some of the most popular sites are promoting absolute ignorance under the name of spirituality. Spirit Energy can be felt physically. But only when allowed to stay full time. Humans are obsessed with genitals as a healing agent because it gives them an excuse to fondle each other under the label of spiritual healing. Nothing more. Best way to control people is to cater to their addictions. You are being controlled and manipulated.

I won’t’ do this to you. I want you to know who you really are.

You miss out on real feelings that are far beyond physical orgasm.

Responsible body de armouring brings all elements together simultaneously.

Self Responsible body de armouring is the only way to heal your past, the now and future.

Once experienced then you are taught how to express this freedom in your life. What stops healing is inability to see future. This requires someone who is aware of this and can hold the space of safety for you. Hold safety space until you can feel safe on your own journey.

Filling the space that has been released is critical. If that space is left to it’s own devices it’ll just attract old patterns that created the imbalance in the first place. Filling this now vacant space with empowering content is the link to reconnecting with your inner core you born to live.

Body De Armouring is specific bodywork that works on the soulular level as well as Spirit, Body, Mind and Emotions.

Approached correctly body de armouring raises your frequencies that provides a direct link to your willpower.

Your willpower has been suppressed by conditioning and tBody De Armouringhe environmental factors such as family dynamics and the influences of people around us.

When you carry unfinished business in your head and your emotions. This is when your body begin to shut down affecting all your relationships particularly within yourself.

  • Many people have the separatist idea that they need to be independent. This is part of relationship issues. It is very difficult if not impossible to do anything alone and do it well. No one is expert in every field and it takes a village to be successful. When you need support to move towards unity.
  • Another point of view brought together with a skill to make it happen opens new options and unique concepts of understanding.

Body De Armouring body work begins by working with your life-force energies that were interrupted by certain procedures. When the energies are left to their own devices that leaves us vulnerable to manipulation.

We came to this life to grow and discover who we are in every circumstance that is presented to us whether it be pain or pleasure. Strengthening when  Body De Armouring is essential element of self empowerment

Pain of separation, family difficulties, body challenges, financial and relationship challenges. Every situation is about relationship. Meaning; how you view the situation determines the options that you perceive as available. Or the range of choices, a menu list if you like. Most people only see one or two options. That in reality is no option at all.

To understand Body De Armouring on a deeper level click on the photo below for details.

Beyond Receiving De-Armouring therapy

There is a basic fallacy that humans fall into as they discover a small part of the truth then fill up the space with ordinary stuff. Therefore most Tantric methods are not suitable because they use just tiniest part of the whole which they fill as a complete truth. This ends up hurting people with the very truth that was designed to heal. To book a session and to find out more  go to this link or click on the website image above.

Body De Armouring enhances your connection to your well-being emotionally spiritually physically mentally and sexually. When you connect by raising to higher vibrations, you can choose to continue to explore your soul journey of inner exploration. For further details visit my other site just click the image above.



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