Dual Cultivation

Dual Cultivation, its Meaning and its Origin.

In search of personal identity, people have formed a habit of separateness that comes together only during times of need. Why do we divide then seek to come together to become one? In desperation of living in emptiness that fills us with fear. Out of loneliness we create reasons to come together. For that to happen we create reasons. These reasons always come from pain of separation.

In search of oneness we create rituals to cover up our real vulnerability. Human needs deep down continue to be buried.

The pain and sorrow never get addressed while you seek ways to heal the huge divide. People created Dual Cultivation meaning and ways of escape from truth of deep pain of conforming to some ideal system. These  Dual Cultivation systems someone created. To satisfy the emptiness of human In search for Dual Cultivationmeaning to life on earth authorities created spiritual ways to stop the inquiring mind from seeing the truth. Some spiritual centers created their version of dual cultivation meaning. Remember, some human created beliefs systems that they call spirituality.

Being so divided inside and from each other, the human just accepts the authority that deems itself authority in god. The tell you what it means to be with god. They created a system that enslaves you by creating a following. Whenever you follow a person who claims to be the spokesperson of god or some spiritual entity, you become a slave to another system of control. While we continue to seek meaning in dual cultivation we step outside of ourselves by accepting the authority that created this dual cultivation system.

First it’s essential we uncover the real question. Because the answer is in the question.

If you ask ‘where can I get a meal, I am hungry’, then the person asked of this question will direct you to a place to eat. If you ask for a rest room, the person will direct you to a rest room.

But on a spiritual search we do not know what question to ask. Because we divide spirituality from actual life, we are easily deceived. Because we have not lived a spiritual life. We are condition to accept spirituality at birth, marriage, christening and death. At these times a representative of god facilitates our spiritual connection. People have been conditioned to seek approval from some authority. We even leave our departure from earth to a person who studied from a school of spirituality to tell us how to move on to our life beyond the grave. We also are programed even after our death. We have been told the spirits of the dead look down upon us and guiding us. So we believe in the spirit hanging around waiting. Truth is that most spirits have moved on. However part of their spirit remains as a link between earth (you) and the universal consciousness.

What we need to know is that spirit that leaves to live in another dimension is actually living in your body right here and now.

This means that your own spirit has access to answers for it’s life right here on earth while you are alive. Your spirit does not get wiser because the body is dead. That spirit is just as dense when the body dies. it is imperative we connect with our own spirit here on earth. We have created a life of abuse. Punishment and reward. So Dual Cultivation was created to have you believe you are separate. This is a form of violence. Dual cultivation is a form of violence. We actually claiming to be separate beings that need to come together through rituals. Rituals divide our mind to be focussed on the ritual. While you are immersed in your ritual, you remain separate. Your mind is directing your body to do things according to some system. What you are saying then to your body is that you need someone else’s authority to tell your body what to do. This makes you a slave to a system. When you are subject to a system, you are not free. When you are not free, then you are a slave. I’m appealing to your intelligence that you have never been permitted to use. You are so well conditioned to do a authority dictates that you have lost the ability to listen to your own body cells. To ad to that, your body cells have been polluted by the environment that authority has created. Environment that puts toxins into your body. Environment that has conditioned you to only listen to teachers outside of you. These teachers have been trained by authority to make you comply to a system. You have never had the freedom to be who you really are.

Fo dual cultivation to be effective, first we convince ourselves that we are separate. To do that we must divide our truth. We must accept that we have no choice if we are to conform to a syste. Then we must make this system work in our body. When we do that, we conform to some gurus idea of coming together means. When we say dual cultivation, we are actually saying that duality is the end result. When you practice dual cultivation you remain in duality. When we begin to pay attention to truth around us, duality disappears. There is no separation, there is only one-ness. In these videos you can hear people talk about the merging of all their being. Study these videos to get an insight into truth that is in your physical being.

To stop the pain of seeking and come together with your real world. We need to begin to heal our mental and emotional needs and emotional separation. First we need to heal the division and misunderstanding. To get clarity of what you are seeking contact us.


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