How do you know you are ready for Real Tantra Massage When the feelings are stirred,

Real Tantra Massage and How do you know you are ready for Real Tantra Massage When the feelings are stirred.

So you love Massage – When the feelings of desire to receive are awakened through reading my site, feelings to receive, feelings to connect with your own body and you realize you have been neglecting yourself.

How do you know you are ready for Real Tantra Massage When the feelings are stirred

Men carry the burden of holding back pleasures

Men carry the burden of holding back pleasures.  The burden of having to think of something else when intimate. thereby completely disconnecting, compartmentalizing thinking planning how to please this is a lot of pressure and you are so used to that.  That true connection continues to elude you keeping you separate. This habit also contributes to stress, both physical and emotional.

How do you know you are ready for Real Tantra Massage When the feelings are stirred and you do not want an adult service version of Tantra?

Real Tantra Massage connects your words and feelings. It is not an adult service.

What you really need is someone who takes into account every aspect of life. Why focus on all your life. Because the person you are in sexual encounter is all of you. Separating loving from life is delusional. You would be acting. Acting divides truth.

A client called a few days ago.

His question was “how do I know I am ready for this level of Tantra, I love what I have read so far, but do I know I am ready. I am used to knowing exactly what I am getting, that which is familiar.

He continues;

We men are simple creatures he said – we are drawn to same thing.

  • I do want to know, yet the conditioning continues to take me to the same old services.
  • I would love to feel the feelings of vibrations that you describe is it really possible? 
  • If you are still seeking this means that what you have been experiencing until now is still leaving you empty. 
  • You love what you have read, then  please call me I’ll be delighted to assist you to remember feelings of pleasure that most of us have experienced at least once in our lives.

Another gentleman shared that he had been premature all of his life, often upon first touch, when he arrived I found him to be in his late 50’s this is a long – long time to be without pleasure of receiving. Throughout his appointment which lasted at that time 2 hours. Not once did he feel that he needed to hold back or that he would lose it despite the fact that orgasmic pleasure energy was vibrating through his entire body. Normally he would have ejaculated the moment his body was touched.

Let me make that clear, as soon as a woman touches any part of his body he would ejaculate. I mean, even if the touch is non sexual.  Within the first minute he would have a sexual response. This is where all tantra services have got it wrong.

His condition is rare. Despite that for the first time in his life he was able to feel the feeling of receiving, 

The biggest mistake people make is assume that it has to involve every centimetre of you in the session. That makes the person a sex service provider. That is not Real Tantra Massage.

How do you know you  are ready for Real Tantra Massage. You need expert guidance for when the feelings are stirred, spontaneous new feeling emerge.


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