Lingam is pineal gland

Lingam is pineal gland that affects all our body functions. It is heavily calcified in the modern society due to our treated water and many food additives we now ingest. when the lingam is pineal gland is functional it is said we have access to universal knowledge. Our emotions can be stabilised as we begin to re-experience our true nature. secrets and never commonplace, therefore you have never been told that the secret to enlightenment is through connecting to your lingam is pineal gland. Lingam is the smallest aspect of you to the highest aspect of you and that is your lingam. What is being held from you is the fact that Lingam is Pineal gland. over thousands of years manipulators have been cherry picking wisdom. In order to manipulate humanity they cannot give you the absolute truth of how life really is in your capacity to live it. They have to give you part of the truth which is universal law. It is up to you to make sure you don’t buy into the bullhit. Spirituality has been withheld from you by making promises of the afterlife when you get your reward. Spiritual centres have been set up to drain you all your energy including a money because money is energy. Including skills because your skills and energy. That will tell you nothing and that your spiritual leaders everything have to bow down to them. Every time you honor some idiots penis you are degrading yourself and being an idiot ignorant self. The thought of how ridiculous this is? the people to go out and tell you that sex is the stairway to Heaven. Human beings are desperate to feel authentic and genuine. The reason that you have fallen for this lie is that you have been used to being lied to and abused. You have been programmed just to do as you were told without question. A whole bunch of your soldiers take orders from the commander. When you discover that lingam is pineal gland. Now you know; of course do your own research just Google this simple. You will uncover the biggest lie in the has ever been handed down to you to make your complacent. they want to stroke your little egos. Because of the reader will give into that you want a bigger ego. Wake up your lingam is pineal gland. To let people stripping off your ego better survival shield. You will be nothing on this earth without the survival shield. Your ego protects you from creeks were going to use you as a sex toy. The going to use you to watch you have sex. they get off on this watching you release emotions that they have planted inside you. Your past is your strength don’t let them strip it away from you. It’s something you have lived knowing that when you touch fire you will get burnt. If past experience is like that fire that brings the memory but it has to be brought up without fear of it. Those spiritual teachers are telling you that mean abuse your genital are instilling fear into you. The best way to control a human being is to make them fearful. Then market it to tell you that you don’t know how to have sex and that you need to be told how to do it. The most fundamental part of you is being degraded into believing that you do not know how to flow within natural instinct. This has been shut down by institutions manipulating it from the moment you were born. It’s not your fault. But it is your fault if you don’t follow through and stop believing those people who have been trained by institutions to make you subject to conforming to having sex according to what the institution of Time tells you. Your wisdom centre is activated when you take care of your pioneer will claim which is your lingam. Remember your lingam is pineal gland. Take care of it it’s the one that regulates your sleep and wake pattern your hormones you can’t live without it. If ever anyone mess around with you any children in you will become schizophrenic neurotic sexual defect. Many bipolar people have been inducted into tantric sex training. These bipolar people have become teachers of spiritual sex so they say. Now that you know that lingam is pineal gland take care of it. on the other area billing is the whole of it connects with the whole wisdom of the universe is bringing the inside out not just withdrawing inside of you. you notice not politically correct just agreeing with people who are going to mislead you is a way of degree you. I have way too much respect and regard for the humanity in the human being is possible.

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