Essential Knowledge

Essential Knowledge is self knowledge, when you know you; you know your personal universe.

  • Everyone of Essential Knowledge connects you to your Basic instincts have been locked within the deep reservoirs within youus wants to be blissful and aware to live this peace of life.
  • This is the most important piece of life.
  • Let’s not take it for granted.
  • Live within every moment.
  • You never know what tomorrow brings.
  • Explore deeper relationship with every element of life.
  • You were born to explore your relationship with planet earth environment.
  • Don’t wast you life away by putting up with poor environment.
  • Join people with deeper meaning.
  • They will ensure you are on track.

Essential knowledge arises from inside out in a beautiful nurturing way. 

Within the Temples of India lies the key to essential knowledge when we go around the temple in the order presented. The secret is here as you journey within. The wonders of the entire universe is hidden within your sexual energy. The jewel or the pleasure is found within you. Ultimate focused pleasure leads to wise decisions.

When we are focused on fulfilling life, satisfaction is guaranteed. The temple carvings represent your potential depending on which slot of the temple you choose to accept as you. Or you can grow and link to the frame next to you. You are in charge of your choices. Everyone of the carvings can represent you, or what you do not want. Purpose of the temple is for you to have a visual of possibilities. Or one you chose to create yourself. When your creation happens from inside of you, then it’s an explosion of energy that creates your private temple.

Connect to new dimensions using essential knowledge encoded within your cellular memory.

Within your very body is the entire spectrum of experiences. When we access these as deep feelings.

The quality of our life improves in every aspect of our being.

Basic instincts have been locked within the deep reservoirs within you.

My system unlocks these reservoirs  to living connected to universal laws.

Follow Loving energy.

Precise laws to creating loving relationships are encoded imprinted within your cellular memory. Have a listen to these people who accessed the laws of pleasure during their session.


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