Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy can help clients suffering from trauma such as death of a loved one. Can be due to accidents or result of personal trauma.

For some this may go back to previous lives or early childhood. People who have suffered mentally physically and emotionally often suffer from hormonal imbalance. Can also manifest as digestive issues, sexual dysfunction and a wide range of personal relationship issues.

Our bodies hold on to past traumas that are reflected in our word patterns . Word patterns show up in brilliant or inappropriate life choices.

Somatic Therapy works in harmony with body and mind connection. The mind affects the body. The body influences how the mind functions. There are different approaches to somatic therapy. While many if not most of the therapists focus on taking the patient through traumatic experiences. We choose to direct the patient beyond the trauma. This lays the foundation of higher expectation. In this state the body sees through self-deception and no longer follows the path of pain.

What we aim for is authentic self expression free of past traumas that the may have been trapped within.

Our aim is to access “tacit Knowing” that is knowledge that is not initially definable. This is due to to brand new information and wisdom hidden within our own body. Best way to Somatic therapyaccess this is through shared experience between yourself and the therapist. An experienced therapist can walk the walk with you so you can begin to integrate your new knowing into your life. This is beyond intellectual knowledge. This knowledge comes through cellular intelligence.

For this knowledge to be expressed, there needs to be interaction between the known and the unknown. This way the unknown can be expressed physically. Therefore it becomes reality in our current life.

Programmed knowledge is what we receive at school and social interaction. That when relied upon become automatic and robotic leading to dissociation from true self.

There is the original self and the socially programmed self. The gap divides people because everyone receives it at the level of their own dissociation. Transforming inner knowledge into the known or the physical reality takes us beyond somatic therapy into living from inside out. Bringing the inner world into the outer reality.

This makes you more authentic and definitely unique. In that place we create new possibilities that may lead to better relationships and even financial success.



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