Tantra body

Tantra body when purposefully awakened has the potential to be a vehicle for a true merging with your own Soul and your own spirit. 

Ability to step out of your left brain that runs your reality and connecting with the right brain is the secret to living in your Tantra body. It is the left brain that demands techniques. It is the left brain that believes it’s superior that creates the illusion of separation.

Left brain concept of Tantra Body.

Left Brain activation in Tantra Body

When we step into our left brain our concept is linear, unable to flow. The left brain considers itself as individual or separate from the all. It is compartmentalised where the compartments do not really make sense in real life. It keeps records or files of data. What the left brain needs to function in reality is to merge or partner with the right brain.

We’ve resourced this video above of a remarkable story of a scientists journey through a stroke. What happens in the brain is amazing. She takes you on a journey of her aware experience of trying to reach out and communicate.

Right brain of Tantra Body is your connection to absolute knowledge of yourself. Your unique place in the world that is valued.

Right brain however has absolute knowledge of Tantra Body

Right brain however has absolute knowledge that we are the whole and part of the whole simultaneously. When right brain can entice the left brain to link, life takes on new meaning. Watch as one woman, a scientist, describes life in the right brain through her experience of having a stroke.

Power of Creativity of Tantra Body combination of Left and Right Brain interaction.

know what to expect in your Tantra Body.The right brain is the power of creativity that evolves, that makes us different and unique. We were born as individuals but as we grew up somewhere along the way we began to lose ourselves in the crowd. When we become antiquated with the undeniable qualities of different qualities of our brain and what we are capable of this is when we begin to connect in unity.

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