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What is New – We now have a powerful Research Department. Bringing you the latest in Tantra News.

De-Armouring is latest buzz within Tantric community, call us for details for De-Armouring versus Empowering and how we can help.

Empowering is my preferred option. When you are self empowered – youResearch Department are well on your way to self mastery. Many people misunderstand how simple self mastery is so let’s take a good look at what this feels like and what it takes to be master of your own life. The only way to master your life is to include What is New into your life. 

Your wisdom is within your soul. It is written into your DNA that can only be extracted through passionate lifestyle.  Your soul came to experience more of life because in it’s past incarnations your soul’s life on earth either was cut short or your soul became separated from your body due to trauma. So here you are doing it again. The best thing to do is to ask this question “why am I here”.

I found this question served me well in stepping out from the expected normal life of going along with majority who just do as they are told. For me that was extremely boring because that way of living is by repeating each day. For me that was so bland. As I look around most people who are living that way are always finding fault with themselves or their partner or neighbour or the world. It is a constant flow of judgement of good or bad, like or dislike. Within these limited parameters I find that I’m locked out of amazing possibilities and people who are also seeking to express themselves uniquely in every aspect of life. You have no business being the same as your neighbour or your partner or even having to like the same things. It’s the appreciation of unique quality that makes life exciting and fulfilling.

One way to experience and express life differently is by having people who love to explore themselves completely while supporting each other with their skills and for you to be inspired to develop your unique skills that benefit the people around you. Hunger for what is new and fresh is stairway to heaven. Life takes on new meaning when you are open and identify with what is new in your life rather than remain in familiar feelings and actions.

Would you like to join our Research Department that is volunteer training, applications are now open please contact us for training.

  • Living Massage now has new information to support you in understanding your feelings and desires to research what is new for you and your team.
  • Tantra for women has been upgraded a must for both men and women to read if an effort to understand each others energies the content shall surprise you.
  • Reviews now has  many more client experiences that you  can actually listen to as they describe what they felt during the massage.
  • New Kahuna video has been created.
  • Watch the Hawaiian dance, Kahuna massage demonstration.
  • Hear the Hawaiian chant. Chanting is one of the powerful tools for transformation.
  • Then there is movement rhythm and breath. From that our consciousness grows.

What is New to watch.

  • There are many Tantra versions that have branched out from the original concept that was designed to heal but now is hurting people and separating couples.
  • You can check back regularly on updates on the versions here.
  • Most important video is here this is the definable difference here.
  • Due to misinformation on the subject this is a must watch prior to calling.

About volunteer training; this years volunteer training begins.

  • Truly committed people are encouraged to apply, read the five pages and all the videos to prepare you for tantra that works in your business as well as relationships.
  • People with diverse skills are encouraged to apply. Cooking tantra, beauty tantra, IT tantra, Healing Tantra, Daily living Tantra that connect you to the best of your life.
  • When you are ready to live what you have learned this is the time to consider this opportunity as support for your transformation.
  • Call for details, places are limited be sure to register so you do not miss out.

And make sure you watch the video within the form.


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