World of Value and Purpose

World of Value and Purpose. First we’ll take an honest look at the  mess in your life HONESTLY. Honesty moves consciousness. 

Honesty is a field of consciousness that acts as the key to the door of new world of value and purpose.World of Value And Purpose 2

New World of Value and Purpose STOPS the cycle of UN-empowering decisions. 

Knowledge is Power when put into action. Mastering the Law of Resistance starts when you choose a different way. When you take that step to new way of interacting with your environment. Knowledge begins by you identifying with your World of Value and Purpose. When you identify with  your core beliefs, then move on paying attention to your World of Value and Purpose. What is this world you seek to embrace. What it looks and feels like as you explore it and engage with it. When you identify with what you are creating in your world  consciously, then you can begin your expanded consciousness adventure. As you do; you begin to adjust your beliefs because you see how they affect nature around you. How your beliefs affect the human minds of people around you. In turn how that impacts your own life.

Lack of Knowledge is dis-empowerment. Ignorance is the root of resistance, stress and depression. 

Begin with foundation of your self empowerment by setting new standards. Begin by identifying with your personal World of Value and Purpose. This is crucial or you could potentially end up worse off than where you came from. Everywhere else you have looked and may be thinking this is another one that says it’s different.  In the end it still ends up the same as they all do, right?

By being taught a technique without addressing your World of Value disassociation is perpetuated.

My work is result of my personal struggles and search for answers. My deep love for the world and concern for vulnerable people who seek to find true love in their life. This is the foundation in eveWorld of Value and Purposery situation I find myself. Where we begin here at World of Value and Purpose.

  • First we’ll put you back together so you are empowered to make discerning decisions that have eluded you up till now. Identify how you have been influenced in making decisions. How that take you away from truth of who you are. Become aware of why you were born.
  • When you recognise why you were born, you begin to have more fun in your life.
  • Know that you are vulnerable to misinformation until you realise how you 
  • Let me introduce you to a remarkable scientist who blows everything you believed about genes out of the water here.
  • As scientific evidence is challenged so is your belief in what Tantra is here. 
  • Every Tantra school that I have seen according to my research works primarily with the Triune brain that is the base brain that’s associated with the darker element.

We all have the capacity (when we become aware of a new way of interpreting our senses) to connect to your authentic self.

Your World of Value and Purpose is the part of you that’s buried under everyone else’s idea of what you should be like. When we have experienced deep loss in our lives or have possibility of losing people we value. It is then we begin to seek profound experiences. When you go deep into your inner knowing you to trust your World of Value.

You begin to have unshakable trust in who you are. When this change occurs – this in spiritual realm is referred to as illumination. Like a lightbulb moment when you see things for what they really are. No more misdirected intentions. Pure connection and direction of what you love to do. Who you love to be.

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