Take off your Blindfold the blinds you to your life. We have been conditioned to allow the blindfold to be placed on us in order to keep ugly parts of life out of our range of vision. Truth is right in front of you and all around you, but society does not want you to see. This is my consistent message to everyone who lands on my site. We must begin with that to bring awareness to the state of mind you are reading with. When we have a mind shift. these writings will resonate with your soul and spirit by bypassing the conditioned mind. We have been conditioned to accept anyone who claims to be an expert. But our education has failed to prepare us to research the validity of the claim.

We continue to live with the blindfold in place. Why? Because truth will challenge every thought you have ever had.

This will make you question quality of friendships and history. Remember history is written from the perspective of the writer. Their interpretation. History has been modified to suit the manipulative mind that wants to control your beliefs. All beliefs are manufactured by outside forces. When you take your blindfold off, the brilliant light of truth can be overwhelming. Taking the blindfold off is best done in the presence of a person who has his/her blindfold. Or you will be in danger of being forced into another narrow interpretation of truth. Truth must be seen for what it is without a label. For example, when you look at the sky, don’t say I see the sky. Don’t label it. Look at it as a baby who does not have a word for it, looks at it. Or you run the risk of seeing the sky according to someone else’s description of what the sky holds. First of all, the sky may be filled with clouds or rain. Or it can be filled with birds flying in formation. The sky may be black with just a sliver of a moon. Or it may have just one star or filled with stars. Each one of these moods of the sky will bring new awareness. Let your observation of life around you be as varied and as deep as your awareness of the sky.
Do this as a meditation to take your blindfold off in stages so you do not get overwhelmed with the beauty of life as you can have it. This life has been hidden from you by allowing authorities to put these blindfolds on you. Remember they need to control you to have you do their bidding.
Freedom to help you see what is real is our purpose for you.

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