Lingam Energy Field

Lingam Energy Field needs to be understood beyond the primitive interpretation. Those, who say of Shiva Lingam as sexual symbol, are themselves primitive,because they cannot see anything else but sexuality. Dr P.V. Vartak says that no sensible person could possibly see Lingam and Yoni as a sex organ. Current thinking suggests to itself that risque sexual expressions are progressive and representation of modern thinking. In reality it is repressive thinking. The current world is more blind than it has been for thousands of years. Social media influences peoples minds in seconds. What it does is plunge the mind into limiting beliefs while believing they are engaging in progressive thinking. Shiva Lingam Energy Field begins as seed and evolves into very large energy. “In a single human germ-cell this filament of DNA is about one metre in length”, says Watson in his book ‘The Double Helix’. In his blog states that that the ancient sages Shiva Lingam depicts the DNA. In my work with my clients I found my clients cells began to rearrange themselves back to their rightful place. As the cells begin to move; this triggers new communications amongst the cells. Cells are breathed new life that brings connection to the wisdom within the cells. The body and mind respond at new levels of consciousness and connectedness. Natural interdependence and collaboration is re-established. This interaction is possibly brand new to this lifetime. Past lives often reveal themselves where the issues began. For some this may have been a curse placed on this person. The wonders of DNA are revealed when we connect Lingam Energy Field to your entire being. Secrets of the universal wisdom become accessible. Lingam energy is not confined to Indian philosophy. Ayathyray Rajasingam states that it is present throughout Europe. Lingam symbolises creative and destructive power. Lord Shiva is describes as having no form it seems ridiculous to continue to insist on relegating it to just the form of a phallus. Sage Vyasa, the author of MahaBharatha states that Lingam Energy Field is smaller than a proton while at the same time it’s greater than the greatest. There is no progress if we remain in the darkness of the most restrictive interpretation of Shiva lingam.