Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery

Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery can be very subtle or very intense. The secret is to not get stuck in either one of these feelings to support Soul awakening.

Thinking we have arrived at self mastery can be mistaken for soul awakening. Many people get Soul Awakening Journey to Self Masterytrapped in changing location or just changing beliefs. When in reality you have just jumped ship without being aware of what you jumped into. Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins when we recognise whole of life beyond just a physical manifestation. Where we are looking from; determines the steps we take. When Soul begins to stir intellectually, we may begin to resist. Your intellect may and most likely will want to restrain you. Intellect is not enough, yet intellect believes it is all power. We have been conditioned to value intellect above everything else. Reality is that intellect will not be annihilated. Intellect has purpose and without it we cannot function in this world. Soul awakening is not about destroying intellect. It’s about expanding and embracing. We have access to all tools beyond confines of intellect. In that, intellect also awakens to it’s inner wisdom.

Beautiful thing about intellect letting go of being the only power when Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins is that it function more powerfully because it is no longer alone.

Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins by liberating yourself from self delusion. And letting go of self imposed beliefs, emotions, judgements, conditioning and thinking that has bound us to limitations of life. Feelings of authentic self as delusion falls away seeks to express itself in life completely. Feel direct contact with authentic self results in change of perception. We begin to live in direct contact with alternate reality. Until now you could not see. Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery gives us power to merge the alternate reality. Merge with social truth so we can make new choices.

New life is not a passive wait for salvation. We rise above your limitations. It is not just one static path. It’s like normal life with many gifts to appreciate and use. Just like in real life we dance. Play a musical instrument. Sing, perhaps build a birdhouse or a yacht. But create something you’ve always wished you could do.

Become aware of where you are going when Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins.

When we don’t know where you are going we continue to go around in circles. Like one of my clients said “I get up everyday and get on the hamster wheel”. Intellectual mastery often places us on the hamster wheel. Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery enhances intellectual mastery. Self Master merges you with purpose to authentic gentle yet powerful heart. Now your life has purpose and direction. Now your path is self empowerment and self transcendence.

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