Union of all universal Energy

Union of all universal Energy is foundation of Tantric Union.

Here I share with you the validity of tantra experiences.  Sexual exploitation is part of most tantric sex services. We want to heal the disconnect you have been exposed to. Every seeker goes through confusion. When you are seeking you are coming from the place of discontent. Therefore, anyone who offers a solution becomes god like, no matter how ridiculous the premise is. Don’t worry. Mistakes are a valuable part of developing. It’s recognising mistakes that is the progress. When we realise our mistakes; only then are we willing to learn new ways of thinking and living.

Union of all universal Energy brings wisdom of weaving every aspect of your life into one tapestry.

The foundation of tantra is the ability to integrate every aspect of Union of all universal Energyyour life simultaneously. The seen with the unseen. The known merging with the unknown. it is the ability to link your body, breath, movement, mind weaving deeper consciousness and understanding. Union of all universal Energy results in acceptance of inner being expressing life. Union of all universal energy brings cooperation and collaboration. There is knowing of all union, harmony and balance. It is the ending of all suffering. End spiritual suffering. This Union of all universal Energy bathes the suffering with universal love.

We calm your mind first. A disturbed mind is not capable of following any  path. Your mind is like a musical instrument. Musicians always tune their instrument because in play and transport it gets out of tune. Your body and mind get out of tune. Unfortunately people around you are mostly out of tune. Therefore you have no comparison. Musicians often use a tuning fork. Your genuine tantric teacher will be that tuning fork. You will be taught to recognise it.

“Everything that we need in order to be complete is within us right at this very moment. It is simply a matter of being able to recognize it. This is the tantric approach.” Lama Thubten Yeshe

These practices change insight. New insights have the power to heal. Power to blossom into the person you are meant to be. Integration practices are at the very core of Tantra. Only through integration can you experience oneness. Reaching your innermost chambers of consciousness and linking them with new outer realities.

Union of all universal Energy is non ritualistic practice. Compressing your energies into a well defined personal frame. Life scatters your vital energies. They have been dispersed throughout your life. It is a very gentle transition. Yet deep and powerful shift of consciousness.

Entering into your command center is the only way to reach Union of all universal Energy.

This is where you need focused guidance so you do not get lost in reaction. You need to collect your strengths and stamina to progress into healing mode. In these videos you hear the result of these energies coming together inside the body.


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