gifts of pleasures

Gifts of pleasures show up when you trust your life. Trust is foundation to living life on your terms.

gifts of pleasures

Life Beyond Sameness

  • Welcome to the Tantra blog.
  • We are sensual beings.
  • Most people do not realise depths of sensuality that accompanies success.
  • While seeking whatever gifts of pleasures we can open people often get trapped in pursuing pleasure for pleasure sake.
  • The emotion of sex is an “irresistible force”,  against which there can be no such opposition as an “immovable body.”  
  • Resistance blocks need to be identified to access areas of resistance.

When you a flowing in your gifts of pleasure you begin to realise that the ultimate gift is about going beyond pleasure. We are born to explore and expand to, resistance disappears.

Gifts of pleasures gives us courage to life Life Beyond Sameness.

Gifts of pleasures reveal themselves as you moving towards new experiences. First we need to trust that the new experiences are safe places to access. Often people seek to repeat a  moment of past pleasures not realising that that past pleasure is a place to build from not a place to go back to. We are born to expand not retreat into a place we expanded to many years ago. Where that experience was no longer exists in this time line. You are not that person you were back then.

Repeating old patterns stunts our relationships.

Gifts of pleasure are a series of pleasures that continue to stack on top of previous good experiences must transform into physical changes in life. Great experiences open doorways to having the courage to create more and different experiences. Gifts of pleasure give us courage to explore life on our terms. To be really fulfilled – adventure fuels our passion. We get sucked by misinformation. Sexual energy being such a powerful force that social consciousness buried it the bedroom. Sexual energy when directed on purpose feeds our entire life. Indigenous cultures ensured their leaders the shaman and key personnel at the very least had the ability to tap into these powerful gifts of pleasure energies for the success of the tribe keeping them grounded and in loving connection to their land.When we get tapped in turned on to loving ourselves it is then the gifts of pleasure lead us to the love of our life. And courage to explore feelings greater than pleasures.

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