About Katie

ABOUT KATIE – Katie is dedicated to making a difference in the world of relationships. Core of love and well-being is within DNA of personal relationships.

Every ancient culture has seers. These people have ability to identify with elements not normally accessed by ordinary thinking.

In this video I bring you into the depths of my life and that of people who continue to influence me. Some of the most challenging times continue to fuel my resolve to continue to bring the truth to you.

About Katie

Please don’t leave it till it’s too late to do anything about your life.

A family shares their experience of healing energies that remained in the room for weeks. It’s all here in this video.

If you prefer to hear this page please play the video below.

Message from Katie; “My intention is that we meet in a place of mutual respect. Therefore it’s essential that you know me so you are prepared to be received as a vital human being not just as an appointment”.

Critical to establishing a foundation of trust.

“Be certain you listen to my videos about me to establish a foundation of trust.”

In this video above she shares one of her mentors directly with you.

Katie was born with ability to feel the unseen within your body, mind spirit and soul. She can even tell how what is going on inside you is affecting your About Katiehealth, your family and your work. The remarkable aspect about Katie is that she was born with unique ability. She has explored her capacity connect to life beyond the physical realm.  This ability was further verified as she began working with her clients. This brought about it’s own challenges. Because this is not a mainstream ability. Therefore she needed a way of explaining to her clients how this worked. Since 1991 she expanded her knowledge beyond her own abilities. Her search for timeless secrets took he to ancient teaching and ancient texts. Mostly she has the ability to connect to the most powerful energy of all; the Schumann resonances.

When combined with science of the current decades your understanding of frequencies are upgraded.

The vibrational frequencies she has tested through her own personal healings from injuries. These injuries took her deeper into spiritual realms. She knows that the spiritual realm is connected simultaneously to your current physical realm.  Or it would not be spiritual. Not only did she heal her personal injuries but she is stronger than she was prior to the incidents.

These videos introduce you to Katie’s experiences and why she has significantly different outlook on life.

As you listen to videos and read the links especially this one on Divine Pulsation you get to know about Katie from the perspective that somehow she was born with connection to being able to bring these writings to physical reality with the people she works with.

She discovered art of connection to the vibrational frequencies that have been proven in scientific studies. She had access to these spiritual gifts even at a very young age. She has the ability to connect to other realms of rAbout Katieeality such as soul, spirit conscious and subconscious. These aspects affect your DNA imprint. DNA is not set, it is programmable as the Russian scientists have demonstratedYou are not a slave to your past or your family programming. You always suspected that you are free. Katie demonstrates that to her client. This wisdom is then transferred to her client. Tantra masters (‘real tantra’ masters who wanted to set humanity free know that) cultivated this ability over decades and even many lifetimes. Sex tantra enslaves humanity (you need to know the difference here).

She now works with people who want to explore their loving and healing abilities that influence every aspect of their lives. These loving relationships are not the primitive attitude applied by generic tantric schools. First you need to know lingam energy field properties before we continue. You don’t have to believe in this. Just allow yourself to trust that there is more. We are living in a technological age. When you apply this mindset to your DNA, life makes sense. Belief itself can limit you to the edge of your belief systems. It’s best to approach this from a place of a child exploring its environment. A child never stops being fascinated therefore the child knows he/she has no limits.

You are free and can remove the programming. Katie was born with this gift. Gregg Braden in About Katiehis book Walking between the worlds explains that in the YouTube video. Then she took the time to develop this ability backed by scientific evidence. What you need to know about Katie is that she can help you see the truth of who you are and where you are heading in life. Truth about your relationships and any blockages that may be sabotaging you in many aspects of your life. Having overcome personal injuries and relationship challenges she’s highly experienced in helping you move on.

People are disengaged from their soul completely.

It is impossible in a few days of training to acquire skills to open clients up to spirituality.

People with limited knowledge are flocking to spiritual fantasy.

Some clients have had tremendous amount of emotional turmoil. These people feel numb to life and to themselves due to emotional pain.  That requires different kind of therapy. 

Most credible quality about Katie is that she continued her search for undeniable truths. She sought life lessons from unconventional teachers. The second video introduces update about Katie.

Long contemplated update to our service. Mastery and empowerment at work.

We have updated the nature of levels of awareness that Tantra provides here. Please take the time to read it (for those who sincerely want more out of life than just fitting into the ordinary) before making any assumptions.

As you listen to videos and read the links especially this one on Divine Pulsation you get to know about Katie. As you know more about Katie you know more about how much more you can experience. To begin to know about you study about Katie from the perspective that somehow she was born with connection to being able to bring these writings to physical reality with the people she works with. The most defining aspect about Katie is that she has discovered that everyone has that capacity within them. That just needs to be recognised.

To know about Katie you need to know about you. The more you know about you the more you see the world for what it really is.

One really outstanding aspect about Katie is her ability to help you merge with what she can feel in your body. Merge with  what you feel now and the deeper levels that you are not aware of. We are recruiting a team so we can tell our story better check out this blog Page.

If you want to walk your own personal path;

Continue here for more about Katie and her search for her own personal pathExploring your own world bring life to your relationships. Makes you fascinating in your search for the best out of life. Most of all relieve stress. When you know you, life becomes your personal reality.