Tantra massage for Couples

Tantra massage for Couples for deep loving and meaningful communication.

This is only for couples who want strong foundation for a lasting trusting relationships.Tantra massage for Couples

Remember as you read this.  Tantra massage for Couples is not for bored couples seeking to spice up a relationships. Not for people seeking tantric sex that’s currently cleverly marketed as a spiritual experience for vulnerable couples.

  • Sex cannot make a sexless relationship better.
  • A great relationship results in spiritual loving.

We begin with what drives couples apart and eliminate this division by providing you with most powerful tools specific to your relationship.

  • Create a powerful bond.
  • Define what each individual needs.
  • Define what your relationship lacks.
  • Fill the lack with providing your with tools that begin your dream life today.

Many couples are in the dreadful state. Miscommunication is the foundation of broken relationships and tremendous pain. It’s easy to lose sight of yourself when you become a couple.

Learn about your partner tools;

  • Be heard for the first time.Tantra massage for Couples
  • become aware of the message you are sending your partner.
  • learn how to support each other for success in every area of life.
  • build up each other’s energy.
  • Bring this energy into physical action.
  • Identify where you are broken in you relationship
  • Identify where you are broken in your life.
  • Identify the skills and requirements essential for healing that part of life.
  • Heal your pain.
  • Heal your relationship pain.
  • Identify what feeds great relationships especially yours.
  • While you overlook these aspects your relationship remains superficial on many levels.
  • Make your life count.

There’s nothing sexier in relationship when your partner is really hearing you.

It’s possible both you and your partner are disconnected from your spirit and soul. Mostly we are not aware of these elements being essential ingredients in your life. Until you feel the difference.

In this video you’ll hear me  speaking about the cells communicating with each other. Each cell has its own spirit & Soul. In this video comes from the women’s massage page  and it certainly is very applicable to the couples. The video for the man is being made very shortly that has obviously similar elements regarding the similar knowledge  within your body. Your soul actually can begin to heal your body as well if you have any body issues. We begin to heal the body and the communication between the two of you then move on to creating a better life. Usually dissatisfaction comes from unhappy home situation this is what will Tantra massage for Couplesfocus on.

What happens to people who are deeply disconnected and really lost? They are vulnerable and seek services that promise a quick fix.

Health check quality relationship check list would be a healthy beginning for any couple wishing to strengthen or save their relationship. And these days that were spiritual. Many couples are deeply disturbed deeply troubled. Financially stretched because of separations and children. And they are hoping to heal that relationship given another chance. We begin with how the relationship initially started and then what happens. As time goes on the couple get stuck in normality and ordinariness. Eventually they stopped hearing each other. Then they begin to realise they never actually heard each other they were just reacting into wanting a relationship.

In early stages exploring your partner is exciting. Typically very shortly you get beyond the excitement of being part of a couple and seek to go deeper. It is every human’s need to feel safe within the relationship. Unfortunately the relationship usually begins on the most acceptable social level. Before you know it you give into the pressures to integrate your partner into your social circle. You as a couple begins to disappear as you try to appear as a normal couple is supposed to be. The intimacy that you felt initially was far beyond the sexual attraction does not even get a chance to be explored. People get lost in the ordinariness of expectations. Resentment begins to build.

      • Identify the number one priority that makes your relationship work.
      • Identify what is creating distance between you and your significant relationships.
      • How you are sabotaging your life and your relationships.

    • How to share emotions that matter.
    • Developing emotional support and healthy relationship boundaries.
    • Take time to understand what you want and need and how to meet them.
    • How to validate feelings.
    • Regaining trust.
    • Building Healthy relationship.
    • Recovery from separation.
    • Healing emotional blocks.
    • Healing emotional shut down.
    • Dealing with past relationship issues that affect your current relationship.
    • Sexual satisfaction.
    • Fall in love with your partner all over again.

Introducing you to level of Tantra massage for Couples  here are a Series of videos from clients sharing their experiences of their Tantra massage for Couples therapy.

A couples story is taken to greater depths here.

Your Keys to Living Fully and Loving Openly and how Tantra massage for Couples works.

  • Meaningful relationship communication skills are the glue that keeps couples together. 
  • All relationships are under stress.
  • Often before they even begin.
  • Simply because we have not had role models who had role model.
  • Families mostly knew nothing about depths of relationships.
  • that is possible for everyone. 
  • Your relationship begins from within you as an individual.
  • You turn up as authentic total being to your partner. 
  • For video of couples therapy our page the Couples Story has powerful talks with couples.

In this video – this man shares his experience.

Privately you begin to want more out of your relationship but you do not know where to begin.

Our greatest challenge is where you know there is more. And how to bring this aspect up with your partner without him/her feeling threatened or insecure in the relationship. The more you search the  more of the same is offered under the label of Tantra massage for Couples. This begins a cycle of giving up or just conforming. While on the outside you may look and act as if you are finally getting what you want, deep inside there are doubts. You question yourself and ask “is this all there is?” Your life goes on. Now you are in your thirties, forties, fifties or even sixties. Nothing has changed. More of the same. You now see yourself fast forward to 70 years of age having lived the same year 70 times. And if you take on a Buddhist philosophy; then you are looking at 50,000 lifetimes of the same thing. Not much of a life is it.

When you know there is more, still it can be difficult to know what to ask for in your search.

  1. Here we uncover what really matters.
  2. Create a life to feel and explore what matters.Tantra massage for Couples
  3. Tantra massage for Couples here is designed to bring you to the right questions.
  4. We need to begin with consciously formed questions that lead to truthful answers.
  5. If you misinterpret the question you ask you can end up in a perpetual loop of frustrations.
  6. Your relationship is where your home is.
  7. Your relationships is where your soul needs to feel safe to come out and be authentic.
  8. Elite Tantra massage for Couples focuses on how you communicate in your daily life.
  9. You day shows how disconnected you really are.
  10. When you get together at home you seek to feel whole.
  11. This is why you search for Tantra massage for Couples.

For a couple to survive; you as an individual need to get clear on who you are and what you want to allow into your life.

  1. First of all, your relationship within yourself must be truthful.
  2. Relationship with self has rarely been part of upbringing.
  3. Focus on eternal relationships has been focus.
  4. Recognising trusting relationships begins by knowing more than your social status within your family and relationship unit.
  5. Deeply trusting relationships form from the inside out.
  6. Relationships need to feel Safe.
  7. You are the soul and body combined and you’ll be taken to the merging providing you want to know truth from within you.
  • And most of all, be available at all times.
  • It’s your Heart of personal Intimacy that makes relationship work.
  • Where there is no trust, sex is just an act or non-existent.
  • We begin by establishing trust first and foremost.
  • Remove obstacles that prevent you from being who you want to be.
  • Open up to your authentic self.