Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training is  advanced training in ability to Love & help others. You will participate in your personal lasting positive life enhancement actions that benefit you and those around you. Call +61430417039

Volunteer Training

Beyond Practice. We invite you who have deep desire to share your vision to bring this level of Tantra living to your life and share it effectively with others.
In this video you’ll see the healthy table we prepare in the morning followed by real stories of client experiences and a volunteer trainee preparing food as well as participating in stress management and much much more. Be sure to watch entire video for better understanding.

Volunteer Participants will be guided in building their skill set that translate into the real world living while participating in self healing and healthy habits.

Positions for Volunteer training opportunities for skilled and evolving humanitarian hearts.

Volunteer Training

1. Web design and development team. Call +61430417039

Work under the guidance of experts in life evolving principles that bring natural with the unnatural. Learn how to work while regenerating your body.

2. IT specialist to work along with the web design and marketing team.

Help us take it to the world in the most professional manner. You’ll learn new collaboration and integration techniques for smooth operation of our projects. Work as part of a team. Within our program; when you work as part of our team you also uncover your individuality.

3. Expert Social Network team – opportunity to work alongside with our IT specialist volunteers and content writers. Call +61430417039

Daily participation in collaborating and creating with the heads of specialised departments ensuring we bring great presence to the world.

4. Volunteer Training for Video Makers and Editors. Call +61430417039

You’ll work with current videos. These need to be remade ensuring presentation is as professional as some of the best on youtube. Have skills to improve our presence on you tube. Remake and remaster videos in progress. Knowledge of SEO is essential. If you don’t know you must be dedicated to learn and master video SEO.

5. Graphic Design volunteer Training.

You’ll be responsible for presentation- assisting in design and presentation of our message. You need to be highly organised with proven communication skills, flexible in your approach to our  guidance and high aptitude for learning. You’ll have proven knowledge of digital marketing. Most of all – have ability to meet deadlines. You will be guided with valuable time management skills.

6. Cooks and Creative Teams. Call +61430417039

We need you to be the backbone of our mission. To feed and care for the frontline workers. You will learn connection to food and your fellow volunteer training team. This is foundation of healthy mind and communication. While many people know how to prepare healthy meals, there is little understanding of energy of connection to produce and how unconscious handling of ingredients affects nutritional content.

7. Seeking to help in other ways. Call +61430417039

You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in full program while contributing your knowledge that is translated to definable skills. contact us.

8. These volunteer opportunities are on site opportunities. 

Volunteer Training

You will wish to participate with our tight team while physically interacting with each other. The world has become disassociated from human interaction due to digital communication and automatic processing. We need human community spirit that physically interacts in order to make a difference to current world conditions. Our planet needs humans to remember why they were born here.


  • working with people dedicated to personal progress along with project development.
  • Learn food preparation that connects your soul and body to the soul of the food.
  • Participate in excursions designed to connect you to your personal pulse with the earth pulse.
  • Track your personal progress with people dedicated to making a difference to the world.
  • Help deal with consequences of past actions.
  • Discover how your DNA is affected.
  • Be immersed in an environment where everyone has each others back. (You will be guided and supported in understanding how to live in grace of expanding your perceptions well beyond your current expectations.)
  • Where necessary, you will be part of client support team with on the spot experience and benefits of seeing transformations first hand.
  • Regular healing sessions are part of your team training.

Consistent support throughout your program ensures you maintain the integrity of our presentation. This grows your understanding of where you are and where you want to be. Knowing the value of your contribution to the world that lives well beyond your immediate world needs to be foundation of your application.

  • How Volunteer Training Works.

Here you get to pool your resources (your skills) for the good of every individual on same mission as you. Committed to growing in health, interpersonal support, wisdom and wealth. You will be totally committed to completing each task to qualify for volunteer training. This is where real breakthrough are experienced. One of the most difficulties people experience is doing it alone. Here you will all be dedicated in bringing your wisdom to each other while expanding your perceptions and knowledge.

  • Progressive Trainees – At the end of your Training you shall have the opportunity to stay on as part of the team.

This suits people who are beginning to realise that doing it alone is not possible. Alone leaves you deeply vulnerable to making decision that can leave you vulnerable to exploitation. Humans have been exploiting each other for centuries. The difference these days is that it is so much easier to do this these days due to internet access. In volunteer training you will learn the skills that keep you safe.

  • Above and Below are videos from a trainee talking about his experiences and outcomes.

First thing this man learned in his volunteer training is who to trust. How to take care of himself. We began his volunteer training by getting his health back. Mentally physically and emotionally his life was turned upside down. He realised how he was treating himself. In his volunteer training, realised how he was giving and taking generic advice. He realised how badly he was treating his own body. Like most people, he was intelligent, well spoken and caring. But deep down his life was  deeply painful.

    • In this video he shares his beginnings.
    • This is perfect way to bring what you have learned and experienced in your appointment to life.
    • You get to identify with the benefits as you make them your daily practice in relationship with what you are doing in every moment. More on Trainee opportunities enter here.

The purpose of Volunteer Training is to have experiences of giving and receiving.

Call +61430417039

Isolation have become normal way of living. Isolation breeds poverty of life and finances. Isolation brings poverty of emotions. Our volunteer training is designed to bring you closer to human interactions. During Volunteer Training you have opportunity to acquire new skills. But most of all learn to use these new skill till they become automatic in their action.  Build valuable career resources. Learn how to apply new procedures.

Volunteer Training focuses primarily on human interactions.

Our first priority is recognising how we interact with our own environment with ourselves. The Volunteer Trainingvalue we place on everything we do moment to moment. Success is deemed when people are able to appreciate what you have accomplished. When you can see immediate benefits your fellow volunteer trainees gain. But most of all, the sharing an making a real difference in the world.

You cannot grow and expand  in a  restricted environment. It’s vital that you have access to people with different set of skills and life experience. Being available for people with less life experience is a gift. To see the changes and appreciation from someone you have helped is the greatest gift of life. I’d love to have you on my team if you have definable skills that help impact people’s lives in a more positive and clear direction. giving and sharing is greatest gift that life gives us. We need to relearn how to be human. Many are trapped in the status quo. Whenever we step out of the status quo, our heart and our mind opens to new possibilities and we gain new energies that we never knew were possible.

Learn new information by putting that directly into practice in your Volunteer Training.

Call +61430417039

Then learn to adapt these unique strategies to your own life or family and friends life. Many of Volunteer Trainingthese skills you use would be ones you did not know you had until you had the opportunity to interact with physical application. Volunteer Training is focused on planning and deliberate action. Being aware of how these element fit in with the whole program. In life rarely do we have opportunity to see the whole concept. We are often just a cog in the wheel that does not even know where it fits in the wheel. Knowing where you fit and how valuable that position is breathes new life into purpose and position in this lifetime.

The most important aspect of this Volunteer Training is the collaborative aspect of applying and learning under supervision.

Taking care of yourself and each other is at the core or this volunteer training. Learn the meaning of desire.

  1. Identify core desire and what lies beneath that desire.
  2. The importance of having what you need as opposed to what you have been taught you should have.
  3. Recognise the purpose of getting what you really need and how that affects your life.Volunteer Training
  4. How identifying core desire affects you life.
  5. How this affects your relationships.

People tell me what they have been told they should want and desire. Mostly they discover them to empty words. Deep inside buried under conditioning, your own desire has it’s own voice.

Life is too short on this earth to be too busy for most important aspect of you to continue to remain unheard. Life is too precious to waste time just going along with the flow of what someone else has decided you should do. You will realise that you have been living by rules and regulations imposed by other. This realisation has been at the back of your mind looking for someone to actually share it with. To live it in it’s truth if only for one moment.

First, the deep overwhelming desire required a safe place to express itself in action of non action. You will experience the non action as the most powerful expression of who you really are. Then the action is free of all conditioning.

Interacting with each other not out of obligation but of genuine desire to be available.

Do you know in your heart, what you desire most?

Do you have a sense of who you really are? Do you have a sense of what it would take to realise Volunteer Trainingyou dream? Here you’ll be supported in putting into practice the dream with the process of what it take to become what you dream of becoming. In volunteer training you get to review your progress by the outcomes. You get to recognise yourself the satisfaction of discovering the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving the most fundamental of human needs.

Asking deeper questions of yourself that superficial questions have kept buried. The things you have just been sort of interested in have been influencing your life up until now. Stop living half hearted. Recognising why and how you got to that place of no passion. Begin by recognising the difference between the half hearted desire and core desire.

Know where you are stuck.

Most of all knowing the feeling of stuck and how to move beyond that. Move beyond the stress and guilt of taking the step beyond the status quo. Going beyond stress and  worry of sorting through your personal challenges alone. There is no greater satisfaction than looking back and finding how far you have grown in self assessment and generosity. A person who know who his is is the person he creates.

Learn to move from your heart.

The core of volunteer training focus is searching through investigation of truth. Your truth not Volunteer Trainingsomeone else’s truth that has gone down in history. Remember history is “his story”. You get to write your own history. Learn to relieve the tension of your soul. There is a huge gap between your soul, your mind, your emotions and your body. The thing is that, if we focus on the gap we will never see the merging. At the very core of every problem is the focus on the gap between te problem and the solution. It’s vital that the tension between the soul and the life you have been conditioned to live be resolved. Conditioning is someone else’s idea of who you should be.

Learn to do only what is useful. Discover the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when you only do what is useful. That is key to progress. Discovering that you have been conditioned to study other people’s minds before you take the time to be with your own mind has been at the core of all problems in life. Your mind and body know why you were born and how to live YOUR LIFE, not someone else’s life. This is when your ordinary life becomes extraordinary. Volunteer TrainingMove beyond oppression and arrogance of the set society.

When you know you, you can then help others to know themselves. At the very core of our volunteer training is creating a place of trust. When we trust, we create. When trust is lacking people either just go along or resist. Resistance undermines everything. By identifying resistance and the the core desires simultaneously, we make progress. While resistance remains there is no progress. It’s like holding back the tide. Resistance is exhausting for both the person resisting and the person supporting their friend or partner. It is energy that suck the life force out of you. That creates fatigue and mental instability. Resistance is a fight against oneself. In the process that resistance affects everyone around you. At the core of resistance is lack of trust. Volunteer training continues to work on trust by understanding what difference significant progress makes to our lives.

How going beyond resistance makes meaningful life changes.

We live on auto pilot. Stuck in repetitive behavior, repeating the same life patterns and thought Volunteer Trainingpatterns. The patterns of fear and doubt continue to play in the background. Overtaking every bit of  progress. To have an amazing life it’s vital we become aware of the internal dialogue that continues to run our life. Then we practice our response. Become aware of how our different response affects people around us. They begin to respond differently to you. This feedback alone influences our habitual resistance. Resistance constantly takes you of track back into self defence. Resistance is self sabotage. Collaborating as a group in volunteer training is fast track to meaningful trusting environment. You reap the reward of self awareness and personal self development through progress. When you have opportunity to remove yourself from people who constantly sabotage your progress by well meaning encouragements or interference, life begins to have faith in purpose. Over time as you continue to develop, even those who held you back will begin to see you as a source of inspiration.

Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning, no matter how fine it is. So it is the same with the body, the more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantric Living Massage and Kahuna massage – as a consequence of life we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships   Volunteer Training Gold Coast

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    To benefit from Volunteer Training you need at least four weeks for body/mind to adjust to connection to loving yourself.
    Kindly watch the video above read the pages required just a few that are at top of the list to ensure you are posting content relevant to this site because our training covers every area of life whereas in our research we find that all that is promoted is the sex side of life throughout all tantric therapy websites although majority of that information is a little hidden within the sites I have visited. What you have read within my site is designed to improve your intimate relationships through the process of awakening your soul connection. It is then that you absolutely do not need sex techniques because your inner knowing shall guide you since you are then free to feel and hear your inner god or goddess which is your personal power.
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