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It takes decades to become real Tantra therapist. This is why you rarely find them. When you want substantial healing you want to avoid Fake Tantra Sex Schools. The links to the websites that tell you of the horrors of these trainings are below. These therapists have been abused in the name of some Tantric god. The person who themselves sets themselves up as god to their followers. I was curious just like you once and still am. But as I researched the teachers they did not walk their talk. They say love and compassion while they abuse and mislead. You just need to know what to look out for.

Self empowerment is result of knowing who you are and where you fit in life. Inner void Tantra Downloads divine creative pulsationand emptiness is at the core of the seeker. One of most informative books I’ve come across is Spandakarikas ” Divine Creative Pulsation. In this book .  One of the oldest and most reliable texts. When my clients began to have their deep experiences as I guided them to connect, I stated my search of source of this energy. Most tantra resources in my research did not provide any wisdom on what I and my clients were experiencing. That  was a sign that I was on the right track. My understanding is – that if you find in the mainstream it is most likely untrue. Famous spiritual quote “follow the sheep outside the flock” is powerful reminder not to do what everyone else is doing.

I was initiated into Tantra in Kashmir Saivism. This is about seeing absolute reality. Not someone’s version of what tantra is but the absolute truth that is available to every human being.

Within that is the knowledge of the throb of absolute knowledge. Expanding universe unfolds when you connect with the throb. Our own earth has it’s own throb that has been referred to as Schumann resonances. It is enhancement of knowledge that becomes wisdom once you apply it to your life. In the company of great beings is where you are able to access the truth.

“Let the humanity of the world benefit by the knowledge contained in this work.” Swami Muktananda.

It is said that only the active self that can rise to the status of his highest being. What this means is that only when you put what you believe you know into action you does it become wisdom. Your own truth will liberate you. It’s vital that you understand that this book did not influence how I worked. It is the work and the life that I and my clients personally experienced that led me to this book.

Because every embodied individual is composed of a body, a mind and a spirit, the ancient Rishis of India who developed the Science of Life organized their wisdom into three bodies of knowledge: Ayurveda’. Fake tantra vs Tantric wisdom.

Tantra Resources body of work so far. We want people to heal not be seduced by predatory marketing. You cannot learn from a book. You only discover through personal experiences. For  this reason we give you  links to misinformation your have been seduced into.

To make a significant difference we need to ensure that what is being sold as answer to all problems is marketed by people trained by the mindset you’ll find in these links. Teach your children and your friends and loved ones of the predators out there  cleverly marketed as relationship therapist. This supposed yogi first brought the occult to America. This was one of many mind control business men that established Tantra in the west. This level of sexual exploitation has nothing to do with Classic Tantra.

Here is one of the examples of self empowerment session.

Tantric Sexual Abuse https://www.extibetanbuddhist.com/category/chogyam-trungpa-and-sexual-abuse-of-tantra/thomas-rich/

This is an amazing true story of a woman seeking spiritual enlightenment and ended up being used by an “enlightened” guru. These spiritual predators take spiritual words and twist them convincingly to satisfy their own needs.

Here is her story; “I WAS A TANTRIC SEX SLAVE” Enter here.

In our commitment to end brain washing Tantra resources has uncovered this story. What goes on in many Lama teachings. An enlightening article here will prepare you for ways to protect yourself. When a respected high profile spiritual teacher uses his position to use people, life for those is devastating. When they wake up to what really happened and that this was not part of spiritual teachings.

Another spiritual institute caught up in exploitation. Many are gutless weak individuals who drain their followers from their energy. They are energy vampires who get their power from their followers.

Tantra Resources provides a doorway to entry level of freedom that’s possible for everyone.

You just need to want it. As you read these books and listen to the videos remember they are not your teaching tool. These books give you an insight into what is possible. My clients came for healing of deep pain. They came find connection within themselves. Tantra downloads help you to verify that these pulses exist. Most tantra seek to recruit people into the becoming part of the sex tantra industry. That is easy to teach because there is no enlightenment in that. What i offer is my expertise in guiding you to your pure expression of who you are. You are designed to be happy in your life and I give you the tools and the experience of using that  tool in the most effective manner.

Lama Truth is another story in our search for Tantra Resources uncovered.

This is so we can focus on healing the people who have been brain washed and used up by sex gurus. Here is the Lama truth link.

One of the most telling Tantra Resources uncovered is the practice of straight men participating in homosexuaity as a spiritual practice. Is there any limit to the level of brainwashing they would not employ to erode your sence of self. For full story go here.

“At the moment when one has perception or knowledge of two objects or ideas, one should simultaneously banish both perceptions or ideas and apprehending the gap or interval between the two, should mentally stick to it (i.e. the gap). In that gap will Reality flash forth suddenly” Tantra Resources “Vijnana Bhairava or Divine Consciousness A Treasury of 112 Types of Yoga “

 This is the experience my people are guided to.

We want to keep people safe from exploitation.

We want to really help sex addicts. The only option so far in tantra for a sex addict is to indulge in their addiction. This serves these teachers. They get to play with new bodies each day and each week. This further fuels their addiction. There is a never ending supply of sexually abused humans seeking to stop the pain.

“Man is
certainly stark mad;
he cannot make a worm,

and yet he will be
making gods by dozens.”

– –  Michel de Montaigne,
The Complete Essays

The craziest thing is that man even turns genitals into god.

Now man purchases such brainwashing through tantric training by sexuallly disturbed teacher. There is no mental stability testing for these teachers. They even call it crazy wisdom. A way to excuse their bad behavior. if you want to follow that path now you know the truth and what to look out for, the do so. But you don’t have to destroy you life. There is a way to love your life rather than follow the dark path. People are being dumbed down but they think they are being enlightened. Our Tantra Resources have brought you a lot of truth. It is up to you to stop being influenced by brainwashing techniques. You want to know how – listen to my clients and what they felt. Many express this in their first appointment.

Amazing that we allow so called gurus to demean us, yet if our partner does this; it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual abuse.

Here is this story of a guru abuse that is accepted by the followers and even rewarded. Tantric training is filled with violence. These people who have been trained by tantric gurus become healers in the real world. I personally have experienced this abuse both mentally and emotionally by the guru rallying their most dedicated followers. Imagine being surrounded by a dozen hardened followers who speak compassion and love. The hug each other and have free sex all over the ashram. No regard for boundaries because their boundaries have been eroded. Yes I have been to the ashram. I flew across the world only to meet the same level of abuse and disconnect that I was trying to heal.

Now there are very few real ashrams that do not exploit. You need a lot of know how to find them. This is the reason Tantra Resources page was set up for you.

Oh – you think now, but these people wear orange robes. Or they ware maroon robes. They teach meditation. They promise  nirvana. Yes they promise that. Because it please them to degrade people in order to be seen as all powerful. Make sure you are empowered. Ensure they intend to make you a master of your life.

Know you are being taken advantage of when someone tells you god is in your genitals.

All humans want is to stop the memories of the perpetrator. In our search to provide you with valuable Tantra Resources we uncovered a number of sites. Not many, because the fake stuff is easy to sell and to purchase. Everyone wants a quick fix. When you are stressed, it’s like when you are dying of thirst; all you want is water to stop the pain of thirst.

Remember when you are searching for Tantra Resources you’ll find first the people who want to give you something that masks that thirst. You will find people who promise to heal your pain by forcing release of what you have suppressed. They want to be your savior. Then you are enslaved by their techniques.


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Please note this is not medical advice. These are my personal experiences that I followed through as guided by my sources. Please do your own research and take personal responsibility for decisions you make.