Tantra Reveals

Tantra Reveals Your life to you. Most people are disconnected, yet unaware of that till they feel how connection actually feels within the body/mind.

Most people tend to manipulate pleasure. When that pleasure comes they typically begin to hold on to it trying to squeeze more out of it. This is the trap. Your level of ecstasy shows up to the level of attention we give each another? If you control pleasure you run the risk of suffocating it. This is one of the reasons that some men go too long in love making. Turning loving into a struggle. The same for premature ejaculation. For women – they often freeze or try too hard. Some women have sex like a man (one of my clients was referring to his wife that way). She would just go for and it would be over in a few minutes.

Tantra reveals how to meet this energy. To get to know it by observing it without reaction.

The way we treat each other is reflection of how well connected you are to your own body. Over time as we get conditioned. Your focus is turned away from each other to the social influences that come from outside. The most powerful aspect of Tantra that has never been revealed is the ability to link inner being to the reality of the world around you.

Tantra reveals it’s Mystique.

We are All Capable of Feeling this energy physically as it awakens all our senses.

Remember your relationship is mostly experienced outside the bedroom. In regular interactions throughout the day you are capable of bringing the depths of tantra. Here we discuss what tantra reveals about you. For you to access this energy takes a highly adept Tantrica to take you there. The crucial factor is in you. Never blow off energy you are not aware of. You could be doing more damage. Your body has it’s own wisdom to take care of itself. When we stop interfering and manipulating it from perspective of ignorance then it provides for itself a perfect environment.

Tantra Reveals itself to us. It is not a ritual of technique. Techniques are just mechanics. 

Learn how to pay attention your energies as I guide you to what Tantra reveals to you. All we are is energy and Tantra Reveals this vibrational universe. In this video listen to this man as we take the next step after a series of sessions.

Your emotions and your thoughts are the most influential environment for your living body. Every word you say, think or express in your actions has an immediate reaction.Tantra reveals

Every thought is programming the health of every cell and organ of your body. Energy responds to how we treat one another. Our authenticity of touch stirs the Quickening from within connecting us with the spirit of our Land and its inhabitants. Collectively we are part of vibrational inter-relations awakening the tremor of interconnection.

Everything in nature consists of Vibration, and we all are born from it.

When Tantra Reveals itself to you there are definable feelings in your body. These feelings can lead to changes in hormonal system. But these feelings go unnoticed. When you ignore any change, that change reverts back to how you were before that change. 

For this reason you need to have a tantric master who is not there to take advantage of your vulnerability.

You need to ensure your friends are not involved unless they are actually participating with you. Your friends will be tempted to have an opinion without knowing what they are talking about. If you want to have a friend to confide in while you are in tantra training, make sure they are fully committed to the training for themselves. Only when they are working on what Tantra Reveals to them, are they are realistic with what is going on.

It’s essential we separate the sex tantra from healing tantra. Here is a true story please read. This beautiful about liberation is to degrade your own wisdom. As you begin to explore your deep truth tantra reveals true friendships and false promises.

In  this video a student discovers for himself as tantra reveals how he wasted friendships on people who were not there for him. They were not even there for themselves. Tantra reveals true intent of sexual healers. Tantra reveals the mindset of the tantric healers. Tantra reveals mindset of tantric sex schools.

By completely investigating your tantra master tantra reveals whether you will suffer spiritually by participating in dark cultic version of honoring.  Your tantric teacher is required to live in reality of the consequences of improper guidance of their students. Tantra reveals a corrupt tantric teacher who promotes lingam and yoni massage as a way to healing. When you go through thorough research with a clear mind,  you’ll see the attachments to mundane pleasures.

Unfortunately the uneducated, ignorant fools take the path of tantra sex service providers. That does not mean they do not possess degrees in some form of healing such as psychology, or natural therapies. Tantra reveals they approached tantric healing without thoroughly educating themselves. However some have consciously taken on that profession to satisfy their sexual cravings.

Most don’t know they are teaching the evil path.

Tantra reveals the dark side of tantra when the teacher provides accreditation for sexual healing. Even these teachers can be healed when they choose to see the world for how it really is. When they realise they are preventing their clients from seeing their true selves. Tantra reveals the truth of teachings and it’s source. There are the inferior tantrics who take on anyone just for the asking. They are violating tantric principals. The client needs to be prepared. The client must understand the harm they are doing not only o themselves but to their partner.

True tantra reveals that tantric training leads the individual to new mental dispositions.

You cannot assess tantra by conventional truths or that would not be tantra. Only when you have taken part of full life transformation can you possibly grasp the concept. This can occur in the first few hours of participation.

There are 16 aspects of reality. Five types of consciousness. Each level of consciousness is purified in order of importance subject to clients level of incarnation in this lifetime. A skilled tantric master navigates the session according to levels of consciousness of their client. What does not make sense to the client is clearly visible to accomplished tantric guide.

You are guided to access your intuitive knowledge of absolute reality. A clear view of the universe. Wisdom is attained by investigating and experiencing the visions in reality. You actually put the thoughts and words into action. Only then do you know what tantra reveals.

For any healing to be explored, your entire life is considered. It is not explored in compartments, but as the entire being. Humans rarely have explored this possibilities. That is the entire purpose of tantra. When you separate it into compartments and focus on just one or two; that ceases to be tantra. Tantra is all elements interacting simultaneously.

For example. If you separate a mountain from the earth, it ceases to be a mountain. It becomes a huge rock. If you separate part of a river and block that part; the river is no longer a river, it is now a dam. The dam will become stagnant and toxic unless it is treated with some chemical. Or if you release the boundaries and let that part return to the river. If you take a tree out of the earth; the tree dies.

So what is out there is the genetically modified form of tantra. In that form it is dead.

A story of former dakini. Shedding light the truth in many spiritual centers. Read article here.