Who are you? Deep inside, beneath the misery and the seeing is creative constructive evolving nature.

Life on earth is path of becoming. Becoming is the ability to recognise the thousands of aspects of your aspects of you. Every movement that brings out a new feeling expands your consciousness. Consciousness is not the all or the be all of you. Levels of consciousness are as extensive as grains of sand or snow flakes. When you freeze a snow flake; each snow flake has it’s own unique shape. Each droplet for instance is different shape. When you put two droplets together they absorb each other to become one. Who would you become if you lived life as a droplet of water. “Be like the water” said Bruce Lee. He did not go too deep with it. Then he said ” the water can flow and the water can crash”.

Who we become is completely dependent on knowing when to crash and when to flow.

This has never been more significant in relationships personal, family, friendships and work relationships. Having the flexibility of character. The courage to be appropriate in action. Being fluid in mind body and speech. Who we have a tendency to associate ourselves with is the confines established in our formative years. In family and social dynamics each person seems to be expected to conform to a narrow set of self expression. family is a place where we first learn to survive despite the repression. In families where there is lot of love expressed, this can be even more confining. In that confined and restricted setting a child is terrified to show who they really are. If they express desires deemed to be unloving they are corrected and funnelled into an established form of expression within the family circle.


First we need to Develop ability to distinguish supportive relationships from destructive relationships. Get honest with the fact that we are living in constraints of the wall designed by a mind filled with judgement of right and wrong action. Develop your ability to discern your actions and the impact they have on every element around you.

Trusting Intuition.

Developing trusting your instincts. Instincts are as good as the range of options we are aware of. Often we continue to repeat the same patterns simply due to insufficient access to more information and services that reflect and support that information. When we have more options our instincts are powerful. We are less likely to make choices that suppress who we are and people around us.