Website Designer Wanted

Website Designer Wanted highly skilled who wishes to expand their interpersonal relationships skills.

Website designers are everywhere and very affordable. To have a website redone is a simple matter. Having a website designer who can allow their smartness to take a back seat and collaborate with the entire project is rare. It’s all about attitude. Website design is no different.

There needs to be a mind shift.

We wish to showcase point of difference that set us apart from pure sex Tantra that’s marketed world wide. The only way we can do that is to have you as a client first. The appointment will determine your suitability. You will benefit by actually being involved in your mind-shift. For there to be a shift in the mind you must have a desire for a better life than you have now.

  • Take a look at the links below ask yourself “can I produce work ofWebsite Designer Wanted this quality.
  • Do I want to dedicate myself to this level of Tantra.
  • How much of me wishes to have mentoring on this level  of Life, Love and Relationships AS WELL AS in personal life and in business?”

Web Designer wantedWeb Designer wantedIf the answer is a resounding YES, then you are ready to apply to Website Designer Wanted opportunity!

After reading the foundational five pages (thoroughly, don’t skim I’ll know if you have) showcased above in the menu below the header.

Please present a draft of your proposal so we can be sure you can deliver.

Majority of this world just likes to get through the day while others aspire to higher levels.

Some have begun the project yet failed (due to inability to apply a new mind).

You must have knowledge of duplicating this website to work on it without affecting the current site. Then upon approval, switching it with the current one ensuring all pages remain in order. I have had the unfortunate experience of my website being upgraded without due consideration. This resulted my site loosing Google ranking for six months. This cannot happen again.

Inability to step outside the known is where most of the world remains stuck.

We are here to support you in understanding the message through taking you through your personal experience of our service first. 

  • For this reason you must be local or be available to relocate for the duration of fulfilling your post for Website Designer Wanted.
  • You would begin as a client who deeply appreciates and embraces new attitude and professionalism. (it’s a simple matter to just get a WordPress expert, they are all over the internet. This is strictly for a person who embraces basic understanding of deeper level of communication.)
  • Most people are information rich but low on personal experience of the insocial mediaformation they present.  
  • Applying the knowledge at the right time and perfect place is the art of living.
  • Together with your knowledge and experience of webdesign we’ll collaborate and explore/expand on a business plan for this project.
  • If you love the content of the links within this page, and our content within this site we could be a match for filling our current request for Website Designer Wanted.


Obviously the content of this site needs editing).

You must be local self responsible (and brilliant at your skill with at least three years experience in a very demanding environment that supported brilliant minds, abilities and concepts) as we need to have you on site.

Do you want to know how Anthony Robbins works? I’ve travelled with him and was privileged to spend personal time with him, as his personal therapist and as his guest.

It is essential we effectively bring our message to our readers.

By presenting it in such a way that when anyone has landed on this website know they arrived at a truly professional life coaching and lifestyle support services that enhances their personal relationships.

Note this is not a paid position so do not send quotes.

  • Your reward would to experience what is on offer to ensure you can truly represeWebsite Designer Wantednt Elite Tantra to the world at an exclusive level.
  • Your reward would be massive exposure on a project this challenging because this message has never been represented until now.
  • What is out there is a misrepresentation of what Tantra is appealing to only a small part of the brain.
  • This website ranks page 1 in England, Dubai, Many areas in USA,  also ranking well in Canada, Australia wide; Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Darwin, Cairns, Milan, Hong Kong prior to all sex services promoting their services as Tantra.
  • I need you to ensure I reach the world with my message to people seeking transformational Tantra, as it was always meant to be.

Here are the links

Web designer wanted to have website that’s as impressive as this one

  • Please be sure to call for discussion when you have considered that this is a well established site so all pages are ranking regard and respect for the content is essential.
  • We desire to bring respect and regard for Website Designer Wantedeach other that is lacking in this industry.
  • First you shall learn how to have regard for the project as if it is the most important aspect our your life.
  • No time wasters all the above conditions apply TO EVERYONE IRRESPECTIVE OF SKILL & EXPERIENCE.

We are now in the age of Revealing since 2012. To make sense of anything first we need to conquer our ignorance.

In other words, know that’s it’s very likely thaWebsite Designer Wanted; It is a sign of great wisdom when we acknowledge that we do not know that which we do not knowt you do not know what you do not now until you know. And where the many so called tantric teachers are coming from.

We do not know what we do not know until we know it. And it’s what you do with what you do not know that takes courage.

  • What this means to you and I – that the therapists, healers, dark oculists reveal their true intentions.
  • So believe it when a therapist is telling you that they shall teach you sex techniques from Tantra.
  • What they are really saying is; they are sex service providers or the dark occult. 
  • They are telling you straight out that they are only presenting the erotic part (the part that keeps you separate from you).
  • When you separate sexual energy from life that is the dark occult.
  • Is that what you truly want in your life right now?
  • Think about this and the long term consequences. Don’t turn that into a spiritual journey, it cannot be. True Tantra is the other 90% of the Tantric temples that represent other elements of life that feed your most powerful energy that is the sexual energy.