Massage for Women

Massage for Women. This work is unique and specific for each situation. When issues arise, often this is a sign that part of your soul is disengaged from your body.

Massage for Women works directly with your soul body and physical body. “I want to feel  whole” is what I hear from women every day. This first video is designed to present my intention to make sure you educated about depth of tantra that is possible.

Massage for Women

In the videos below; women share their breakthroughs. What is your biggest concern about your body and your emotional well-being? This work is unique and specific for each situation.

Many women throughout birthing process have experienced damage to their perineum This is major connector to your life force.

Massage for Women

Many women have had tears through birthing. Others have experienced sexual abuse. All this affects your central energy channels. some had cesarean section leaving them with a scar. All this I address through the energy system of your body that connects you to your physical body. This approach can begin by working with Chakra Kundalini Connection for Women. With that as your foundation your healing begins.

    • Heal sexual difficulties.
    • Address anxiety.
    • Heal relationship communication.
    • emotional fulfilment.
    • awakening of senses.
    • awakening feminine powerMassage for Women
    • connecting with sensual aliveness.
    • Stress; home or work issues. Address what is blocking you.
    • Transforming life through feminine behaviour.
    • Healing sexual abuse.
    • Healing trauma.
    • Emotional stress.
    • Improve self esteem in intimate relationships.
    • Improve self expression in workplace and family situations.
    • Transforming life through tantra path.
    • Dealing with hardships.
    • Let go of excess baggage.
    • Healing relationship issues.
    • Letting go of past relationship trauma.
    • Working with current relationship issues that are affecting your well-being.
    • If you are expecting promise of yoni massage and other manipulative techniques. We will not make these unsubstantiated promises of unproven therapies that serve to degrade women at their most vulnerable. All these promises were created to fool you into giving your sexual energy to the guru through their vulnerable followers acting as sexual healers. It is insane. People have become so vulnerable and under so much pressure to become goddesses for new age prostitution. There cannot be instant enlightenment through sexual manipulation. Nothing is instant. Everything is about progress and love for full life. The vulnerable are being targeted and exploited.

You are vulnerable when you are stressed and uninformed.

  • Letting go of survival mode.
  • Letting go of insecurities.
  • Healing chakras.
  • Understanding spiritual over-stimulation and how that keeps you stuck.
  • Learn how to harness your energy.
  • Develop awareness of soul consciousness connection to your spiritual nature.
  • Understand true meaning of Sacred Union.
  • Balance masculine and feminine energies.
  • Learn sacred communication skills to empower every area of your life.
  • Personal sacred women’s meditation for clarity and focus.
  • Love your body.
  • Breathing and grounding techniques to still the mind and heal emotions.
  • Reclaim your sense of self.

Massage for Women takes you to your inner dimension that connects and transforms life in every area.

Whether you feel empty or overwhelmed, both of these feelings are a sign of being disconnected from your source.

During a traumatic event, your soul actually leaves your body. When it returns, a part of it is left behind. This can be described as pain, or hard knot in the stomach. Or even loss of feeling in some part of your body. For some sex or emotional intimacy becomes an issue. In this video a woman describes that it feels like when her soul fragments re-entered her body. Cellular awakening massage for Women by a Woman is a journey of self exploration and self expression consciously.

Womb Healing.

In this video on healing birthing trauma this woman was not even aware of the trauma that was embedded in her body until we released it. This birthing trauma could be your own birth. Birthing energies of your lover or the birth of your baby could be affecting you. We all come from a womb. Have a listen to what she has to say about it.

This is at the core of Massage for Women therapy.

Body and Soul connection through massage for women brings together challenges and solutions in the moment.

Sexual health through exploring your soul connection within Massage for Women session one. 

What we’ll explore through Massage for Women.

  1. Discovering deeper level of your being.
  2. Improve relationship with yourself.
  3. To stop the mind chatter, the busyness that goes on and on.
  4. Address fatigue, aches and pain within their body.
  5. Re-connection therapies following a break up or traumatic experiences.
  6. Difficult birth or to regain her femininity and desire.
  7. Dealing with betrayal by their partner, co-worker, boss, friend or family member.
  8. To discover what they are unaware of within their bodies and emotions.
  9. Soulular issues (past life that seems to repeat itself).
  10. Spiritual connection.
  11. Sexual difficulties or victims of physical or emotional abuse.
  12. Victims and survivors of rape.
  13. Their partner no longer finds them desirable.
  14. difficulty in connecting with your partner.

Feelings of disconnect for some women can occur during her own birth or during birthing her own chilc, Massage for women

Inner Connection.

Creating and opening you to your availability to receive deeper meaning behind the intention of massage for women.

Stress management through massage for women.This awakens repressed energies that have been buried deep within by past and current relationships.

Massage for Women introduces you to your Resonance feelings. 

  • In majority of men and women, both the male and female energies have also been damaged. 
  • Healing the male and female energies is at the core of this level of massage for women and living. Massage for Women the Tantric way connects you to your inner being. Women and men seek to be as one with their chosen lover.

Healing repressed energies has become fashionable in generic Massage for Women therapies.

Participants are encouraged to take it out on some object. To express rage, anger, frustration.

This approach does little for healing the core. That part that needs new flows of energies to counteract the abuse that was perpetrated. Many counsellors engage in that behavior. When you consider this rage you are expressing relative to a stagnant pond. If you continue to stir this energy, Throw the pond around. make it beat itself up by creating waves; does this pond get clearer or merkier? Much of the healing profession is stuck in the old paradigm. Out of desperation, they are looking back thousands of years for inspiration. In the process forgetting that these people we all repressed by their guru or landlord or the king of the country. Many witch doctors struck fear into their hearts. This is what is coming back to our current times.

If it worked so well back then, why is the current population suffering. Clearly what they did -did not work.

All we need to do is look at the outcome. They were primitive people who without question followed their leader into battle or even into group sex. It was all about power over the people.

You do not want to seek to be overpowered by your own energy or by your gurus energy. It’s time to open to your deep wisdom that will never let you down. There is a danger of diving in on your own of with someone with their own agenda. There are many videos out with teachers manipulating orgasmic feelings on their female students. They get into sexual trance kicking and moaning. Reacting to having their energies stimulated. Drunk on sexual energy both the teacher and the student enter into this euphoric state that overtakes them.

Massage for Women was never intended to take over you energy. Massage for Women should empower you to draw on your deeper wisdom. Massage for Women will never have you go into reaction. Reaction is separation. Reaction is isolation from all your resources.

Your own resources are not that brutal. When you are caught up in reaction; your mind is clouded.

A place of reaction leaves you open to compliance and further manipulation of your emotions. As you continue exploring painful emotions, healing is halted. You can only receive what you focus on. When focussing on receiving painful emotions, you are in the mind. That position Massage for Womentotally defeats the purpose of Massage for Women.

When you let go of the mind, your body cannot find painful mental memories. Your body only seeks integration with the source energy. Your unique blend of source energy. If it is not your unique blend of energy vibrations, it is fake. Just like you have unique fingerprints out of the 7.4 billion people there in no one with your fingerprint, you have your oen frequency. That frequency cannot be manipulated when you are in your own power.

No therapist would be capable of infiltrating you strong defence system. This defence system is natural occurrence. It is normal result of connecting with your own frequencies.

These frequencies emit an energy field that no one can penetrate. They however embrace the right people who are there for you. You do not need to work out who to let in and who to keep out. The radar if your energy field is set for that specific function.

Never allow yourself to be manipulated into hypnotic trance induced by another person who may not even know that they are interfering with your energies.

Whenever someone opens your chakras during Massage for Women, they are tearing down your natural defence system. Never let anyone open your chakras in tMassage for Womenhe process of Massage for Women.

If they are well trained they would know that it’s vital to strengthen your chakras. Do not let them open to the distorted world energies. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable in your search for safety of massage for women. It is at that time you are most vulnerable.

There are different levels of vulnerability. In search for opening up to vulnerability we have lost the meaning of being safe. You need to practice the differences of feeling of being vulnerable with a trusted proven friend and being vulnerable because someone tells you so.

Just as you would not live in a house with wide open doors and windows so that anything and anybody can enter. You need to be mindful of your fragility when you receive your Massage for Women. Being sweetly compliant to authority is one of the weakness of women. Throughout history many have been subjected. Women have been perpetrated upon. Recently only in the last few decades women have raised their status only to be told they have become too tough.

Now women are told to become vulnerable. You are already vulnerable if someone has the audacity to tell you so.

If you were not already vulnerable to such ludicrous invasion upon your being, there would be no suggestion that you should surrender to someone else. When you know you -you have the capacity to let the right people in.

Here in your Massage for Women, you are supported in exploring your strengths and set them up as permanent structure.

When you come from your strength, energy is not spent on self protection. When you are in state of self protection, you are weakened. Because all your energy is set up for defence. That takes tremendous effort on your part.

Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is, so it is the same with the body, the more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantric Living Massage and Kahuna massage, as a consequence of life we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.